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  1. Hey, you live in Utah?

  2. It's been years since I posted on this site, man!... Is Kyronea still around? I'm gonna try messaging him directly, too, but if not, then that won't do much good, lol. What's Rarity's MBTI type? I've seen different charts put her down as different things. Two charts put her as ENFJ Source Source And another put her as ENFP: Source For me, the first one seems pretty terrible for putting Twi at ISTJ and Luna at INTJ. The INTJ archetype is "The Scientist", and examples are Moriarty or Gandalf. And the second one still doesn't put Twilight on INTJ. But I dunno all those different types all too well, the only ones I really know are INTJ and INTP. Thoughts? I thought Kyronea might have some good insight as to the mane 6's MBTIs with all that analysis done on them.
  3. Well, with Veon's permission, perhaps you could poke around and find out how to put a pony model in the game? Does Unity allow you to put skeletons onto different meshes? If so, you could develop things for the SFM pony models without a spacesuit model, then once someone makes us some good models, we could just use those. I've actually poked into modelling quite a bit in the past. I've only touched on experimenting with biological forms, though. Mostly I just need to learn how to use extrude properly... That, and maybe get something better than gmax. Problem is I don't like to pirate and I don't like to spend freakishly huge sums of money on a hobby, either, and Blender is the devil to try to learn after being familiar with gmax. What other options are there? Is milkshape any better than gmax? Not spacesuit, but my one attempt at 3d stuff: Actually, if there's collar-thingies on the joints or something so they don't need to be smoothed then this wouldn't be an issue...
  4. I would've checked back more often if I didn't think Octavia had stopped. Now I know he actually did, though Yes. All of them, iirc...
  5. Go ahead and write it. Night Lance is probably going to be stuck in a (relatively nice) holding cell until Luna heads back So I'd really rather not miss an update opportunity on this. Heck, if Octavia's Bow is fine with it, we might could even update at extra speed just to not keep Night Lance waiting too long.
  6. In response to her silence, I pause, deeply regretting what I'd said about the bear. My mind starts racing over things I could say, should say, what else could I say? I've already given something of a small speech on this. I'd carefully built a house of cards, then in the blink of an eye, knocked it all down. I absolutely can't let this go unredeemed. I absolutely have to do something! But what? "Welp, bed time! No sense in prolonging it, big day tomorrow!" She heads to bed. I bite my lip - something - something - what? - whhaaat? "Twilight!" I call, almost a full three seconds after her declaration. I hope it wasn't too much of a bark - though it sounded kinda snappy. But there certainly wasn't any anger in it, just, yelled in the sort of way you'd yell if you were suddenly surprised by something, or scared by something suddenly popping up. - If she keeps going, - If she stops,
  7. Didn't you mention somewhere some surprise at how obvious the Dazzlings were being? I don't know if I ever fully responded, but, lol, yeah, they kinda were, canonically, too: Kinda makes sense since they've always relied on their magic to manipulate people, not actual social skill. So it's probably been kinda like a crutch that's kept them from really developing social skills at manipulation. Also may be why they're so bitey at eachother and kinda awkward, lol. EDIT: Drat! Someone beat me by mere seconds I'm picky and spend way too long editing. To try to keep it realistic, I try to think of how I'd respond in just about as much time as I'd have to respond. Anyways, funny thought: I didn't intend to yell like that, but the semi-panicked sort of calling someone typically has the effect of getting them to freeze, so that might inadvertently work to my advantage, lol.
  8. In response to your comment on the peppers, AJ replies: "Ah, well, these here peppers were a gift from my second uncle. Then Rainbow decided to raise me a challenge with'em, so ya know what? I planted'em! And grew a lot more! So now we're finally havin' this challenge." When you take AJ's hoof you're met with a strong, hearty shake that makes you feel like you'd be flung right into the air if you locked your forehoof. "Pleased to meet'ya, Starblast!" There's a big sigh from the counter as Rainbow finishes her enormous chug of milkshake before she addresses you, "So, you think you're really tough stuff, huh? Well, if - eek!" She quickly takes another swig from the milkshake. Applejack brings her hoof to her mouth to cover another chuckle. RD continues, "Okay, okay," she admits, "Yeah, they're hot. But if you're really so tough - take two!" Applejack and Pinkie Pie's expressions both go to fear. AJ starts, "Look sugarcube, I got a lotta' heat an' puckered up just from grabbin' a stem in my teeth an puttin' it on the table. You don't gotta impress nopony, here." "You know - " Pinkie Pie chimes in, "If you're gonna eat two, tell me first, 'cause then I gotta make some crescent rolls, fast!" The second guard opens his mouth to say something - then pauses, and gently huffs as he finds he doesn't have anything to say. "You can be creative," the commander says, "but knocking on palace windows in the middle of the night is not the way to do it." They lead you quite a ways, before entering one of the buildings and taking you to a room. To your surprise, the room isn't really a jail cell. It's more, in fact, like the cheapest inn room you've ever seen. The bed has sheets, the walls are sheetrock, the roof and floor are a strong oaken wood, there's even a small, decent bathroom attached, and even a glass window - it doesn't open, but it doesn't even have bars. And to top it all off, there's even a small desk. The place seems more akin to a locked room in a mental hospital. "This is for more civil, less dangerous suspects. Just don't do anything stupid or you'll get the real cells. And this place is under constant survaillence, so we'll know." Adagio tenses slightly, "Well that's great, isn't that just great, you two?" She asks back to her friends without turning. "Mhm" "Yeah... No?" Aria and Sonata respond simultaneously. Aria gives a glare that shoots daggers at Sonata. "W-What?" Sonata asks. "Hel-lo? Don't you remember what happened in Seattle? That was a disaster! It's, like, totally a bad thing because that interferes with-" Panic fleetingly shoots across both Aria and Adagio's faces. Aria reaches forward and covers Sonata's mouth with her hand. Adagio whips around and growls at Sonata, before quickly turning back and continuing, "Well, sorry about that, she says the stupidest made-up things sometimes, and so rude, too. Take my apology, she uh... Probably has something." Adagio actually offers her hand this time with a forced smile. Aria just nods, and Sonata does as well - though it's hard to tell whether Sonata is actually nodding or if it's Aria's hand nodding her head. Aria then harshly whispers something to Sonata. - - - assuming nothing too major happens that would stop this - - - "Hi!" A girl with fiery red-and-yellow hair approaches. "I'm Sunset Shimmer, Are you the new students I'm supposed to show around?" - - - simple confirmations and introductions - - - "Good to meet all of you! Canterlot High School is a great place, you're really going to love it..." Sunset continues. She leads your group on a fairly nondescript tour of the school, showing you various classrooms and important places. To your first question, she simply grins and nods, and puts her copy of the music on her stand in front of her keyboard rig. To your question about the piano, she shrugs and turns to Octavia, only now noticing Octavia's waving. Vinyl shrugs at her roommate with a confused, perked eyebrow. Octavia smiles, shaking her head in a small gesture of teasing. She mouths, 'Would you like to come with me and Paradox to play lazer tag later?' Scratch shrugs and nods, then gestures towards HackTune and the piano again. Octavia gets up and slowly rubs her piano, thinking. With a slow nod, she turns to HackTune, "Not a scratch, spill, oopsies, or otherwise. This may be a baby grand, but it's worth more than a fancy cart. Understand?"
  9. Noone dating Spitfire off the top of my head. I'd highly recommend reading over all the other dates to get info on how to go about it successfully. I particularly like how Octavia's Bow responded to one player trying to take Octavia to a concert.
  10. Lordav's already dating Sunset, but feel free to compete
  11. I don't think once in two months is annoyingly insistent, especially when it was supposed to be weekly Yeah, I'm workin'.
  12. Read my older post on dating villains - in this case, Chrysalis specifically, even: Villains aren't sweeties. They're total jerks, otherwise they wouldn't be villains. The one time Chysalis had a real reason to be nice - when she was pretending to be Cadence - she was still a complete jerk then, even though her disguise depended on being nice. Now that she's no longer in disguise - and probably more bitter towards Equestria than ever due to her losing her siege on Canterlot - she's the sort of pony you want to keep a good 1,000-mile berth away from. So, I mean, you can date Chrysalis, but if you do, then expect to never be heard from again after you approach the changeling hive (While she probably wouldn't kill you, I doubt she would ever let you leave, lest you let the world know where her hive is). She's not just a jerk, she's also a psychopath towards ponies, since she believes herself to be some far greater being and they're a different species - so she probably cares about ponies about as well as a butcher cares for cows. Tasty steaks... So, in short: Fanon Chrysalis: Canon chrysalis - the one that'll be in the RP ever since hard mode: EDIT: Also, Bow's been wrapped up in school, but I've really got no excuse. So to kinda make it up a little I'm thinking of doing illustrations for everyone like I have for Skylord. Also, @Night Lance I've kinda let it slip but now it's going to be a bit important - the GM's supposed to do the world-building. I wasn't sure how Equestria might handle an over-enthusiastic fan trespassing on palace grounds, but I'm sure it's not as tough as the U.S. prosecutes trespassers on White House property - so I did some research on that. Of a sampling of trespassers - it seems that the go-to charge is "unlawful entry," which goes from "we'll ignore the charges as long as you stay out of trouble for six months," or "we'll drop charges in four months if you do 32 hours community service in that time," to, for repeat cases and probably rarely ever this intense: $1,000 fine and 180 days imprisonment. Considering you weren't armed and had no ill intent except to praise one of the princesses, you'd probably just get the charge dropped entirely. I think what you'd get upon being arrested, though, is a jail cell, not a prison with shared spaces. We've seen this with Troubleshoes.
  13. I was terrified that perhaps I just wasn't getting notifications, but I had missed an update. Now I see... I'm really glad to see I didn't miss anything. I'm kind of upset that it's been so long since I checked and I didn't miss anything... Normally Dawnpath is poking me for updates. Now I guess it's my turn to poke him?
  14. I was thinking maybe she's seen you around a bit, but doesn't really know you - hence her fear at answering the door. But then you saw her kinda shrug it off. Fortunately for you, she's a very chill pony that just kinda rolls with things.
  15. (I just had the funny realization that the sooner I finish everyone else's replies, the sooner I get my own reply! ) I'm amazed at the clockwork feat, everything moving with such extreme precision. I blink twice, taking it all in. "Woah. You know, typically, adventures have some brave stallion rescuing a damsel in distress. But I get the feeling that if we go on some kind of adventure on the moon, you'll probably be the one saving me," I chuckle. Looking at the teddy bear and its impaled injury, I look back at her and comment with a smirk; "Well, you've saved me from missing the stop at the station and lots of heavy baggage, but I'm a little concerned seeing as you didn't save this teddy bear from a possibly mortal injury." Fortunately, I catch the implication rather quickly before I let it go; "But like I just said - it's what happens now that matters, and you did save me from the baggage and missing the stop, so even if you let Teddy get impaled in the past -" I glance at the bear, then back at her, "You've proven tonight that you wouldn't let that happen now." I shoot her an understanding, close-eyed smile as I levitate the stuffed animal over to her in an offering gesture.