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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely time :D

  3. I am noticing a trend with the newer seasons. While in season 1-4 the quality of the episodes was way more stable, it now seems that an episode is either great or terrible. The last three episodes from MLP were either pandering to the bronies so hard that I cringed a little bit or were cut and dry staples of episodes we have seen a hundred times before. This all happens while there are absolute gems like Gauntlet of Fire and Flutter Brutter. This was also the case with season 5: some absolutely great episodes followed by episodes that are the worst of the entire show and I think this is where the hate is coming from: if a show is turning out a reasonable episode every time, then people don't mind that much. It's when the absolute best is folloowed by the absolute worst that people are going to complain
  4. I think it has to do with with how the show changed. I mean, like or dislike the show as it is right now but there's no denying that it's completely different from what it once was. The down to earth lessons that were being taught in season 1 til 3 are now very far and between and it looks like the writers are trying to please the bronies more and more (a backstory for the background characters? Really?!) While I still enjoy the show, it's not hard to see why people get turned of from it
  5. I'd love to buy them, but there aren't that many options here in Holland. The only DVD boxes we get, is with like 3 episodes in them, for 10 euro (12 dollar) So that's a little too much for me. Then I try to buy them with Google play, but I can't download that here. And Itunes is like 3 euro for one episode (4-5 dollars) Really, the ways that I can buy them are way to overpriced. So I just watch them with Netflix, otherwise I just can't get them for a normal price.
  6. Well, I do believe that this is one of the best episodes of the whole show, but that's because it deals with themes that a standard childerens show never threads. Showing that an evil character sometimes isn't really that evil at all, just misunderstood and having a bad growing enviroment Also, I like that the CMC get their cutie marks, but it seems way to rushed when we consider that it took five seasons to get to this point and while I liked the themes of the episode, everything seemed way to rushed. That's why I think a season finale would work with this episode, if the writers made it a two part. It gives more room to tell the story and flesh out certain actions and eventual ending better.
  7. When looking at his videos from season 4, where he still had the old way of doing videos, no video about an episode got under the 30,000 views. Most even got above the 40,000 views. Then wehen we look at his videos about season 5, there is only one video going over the 30,000 views. All the other videos were far beneath that. I think it's fair to conclude that when you have a significant less amount of viewers, that your view time gets a lot lower Watch time dropped at the same time he used his new video mode. This is also the time that he introduced the ''skip the bad'' button. So no, it can't be concluded that those two are related. In fact, saying that his watch time has dropped with less viewers is not an opinion. It's a fact. With less viewers, you get less watch time. Saying the watch time has dropped because of the ''skip the bad'' button, is actually not factual, because you (and tommy, because youtube doesn't give that info) can't be sure if people used the skip the bad button. This that with less viewers you get less watch time, is a fact. You make it sound like the guy is god or something. That he 'tested' the bronies Good point Probably true Nope, I would believe it, if it was more then likely true. But the thing is: his views went down when he introduced his new way of doing video, which means his watch time also went down. This was around the same time he introduced the ''skip the bad'' button. And like I said earlier: it's a fact that with less viewers you get less watch time. We have no way to assume that people actually used the skip the bad button, while it's pretty much certain that when you get less viewers, you get less watch time. There's enough evidence. The videos with his new style except one, all got under the 30,000 views, while with the old style, most of his videos got over the 40,000 views. 100 : 40,000 x 30,000 = 75. 100-75 = 25% He got, in general, a decrease of 25% on his videos in terms of viewers. That has a VERY big effect on the watch time. Alright, I think it's fair to assume that the people who were bullying also disliked the video. I specifically talked about his Tanks For The Memory video, because Tommy was talking about that one in his video 1059 + 137 = 1196 people voted on the episode. This is 100% of the voters 100 : 1196 x 137 = 11,45% of people voted negative Now, I have to admit that this number is more then twice as high as the number I gave. This still is, however, around 1 out of 10 people. This number can even be lower, as people can also dislike for an completely different reason than that they were offended, but let's stick with 1 out of 10 people. This not a very big number, actually But Toyota is not going to complain when people drive their car around on120MPH, which is the main difference with Tommy. For me, this difference makes Tommy in the wrong, and Toyota not. I refuse to belief that everybody who skips certain parts of Tommy's, is not a true fan. To use the example with me again: there are people who have good reasons not to watch it, outside of ''I'm looking for validation.'' And to me, what Tommy all says, sounds like he's talking to the people who skip certain parts of his videos. Then I like to ask how being angry is going to help? You said yourself that these people cannot take criticism, then how is insulting them the way of convincing them? i will answer it: it isn't. The same way that calmly talking it over isn't the solution with these people. Truth is, these people have such a big ego, that nothing will break trough their thick skulls, either nice or angry Condsider that problem solved, with the looks at the the views before and after his new style You seem to have the idea that things like this can be solved, while these people are beyond any help Fair point Again, you're acting like these problems HAVE a solution, while in reality, this kind of behavior will not stop. Assholes are going to be assholes. In fact, screaming at a camera might be even less effective, because now these people see that what they are doing is getting to you, which is excactly what they want! Simply not giving them the attention they so desperatly need, in many cases is the best solution. But anyway, I don't think you and I are going to get to an agreement. Feel free to counter the points I made here. In fact, please do that. It's interesting trying to see the things from another perspective. I'm proabably not gonna react to that again though. Not a native English speaker, so writing these things costs like an hour or so for me, and I feel that I have said anything that I wanted to say. Great discussion
  8. Your misunderstanding what I meant. I'm not saying that a person should be 100% right all the time, or otherwise the points that are valid are dicredited. The original intent of the comment, was to say that when someone starts to insult people, I can't take his the things he says about the topic serious Your only foccusing on point A: that the viewer can do what he pleases. But like I said in point B: I don't believe that there was a problem. The reason his watch time is low, isn't because people are skipping the bad, but because he had gotten less viewers in general because of his new way of doing videos. Another thing: Tommy can't even know if people are skipping the bad. Youtube doesn't give that specific information at your videos. All that youtube gives you, is the total watch time on your videos. So there is no real for Tommy to know if the majority skipped the bad What problem? According to Tommy himself, the trouble only started AFTER he put the skip the bad button in his videos. He even says that the skip the bad button was an experiment to see if the videos he would make would change in quality. So he got the problems after the skip the bad button. And this leads me to believe that he was totally in the wrong here. I don't care for what reason he decided to make the skip the bad button. Thing is, if the problems start after you do the skip the bad button, that you put in place, then you are the only one at fault when people use that said button I would not make a skip the bad button that created the problems Simply skipping the bad, doesn't mean people are to sensitive. take me for an example. I'm a pretty analytical guy myself so because of that, I can make up my mind if I find an episode good or bad. The problem with me lies in the fact that when I find an episode bad, I can't see why people would find it good. So that's the part that I look up. Why would people find this a good episode? I don't need to hear why it's bad, because I know for myself why it's bad, I already established that beforehand But in the words of Tommy, I'm not a true fan. I'm to sensitive and should watch his entire video, or otherwise I'm not a true fan. In short, he doesn't even know WHY people are skipping the bad (In fact, he doesn't even know for sure if people skip the bad, because youtube doesn't give that kind of information) and goes of on all these people. I call entitlement where it doesn't belong I'm not trash talking him. I'm talking about his actions Again, most people were doing normal. Just a small minority of around 5% were being assholes. Again, Tommy's own fault by adding the 'skip the bad button' Saying that it doesn't apply to all your viewers, yet putting them all down as 'too sensitive' and a 'hive mind' for skipping his bad opinions (that he can't even know for sure if it happens) doesn't really match up together. Yeah, because I skipped the bad, as well as the good from time to time, because I didn't need to hear if an episode was good, when I already think the episode is good. I then want to hear the bad, so that I can see why people might dislike an episode. But that doesn't make a real fan, apperantly If some people are a 'hive mind' then it's his own fans who are perfectly fine that he is insulting other content creators online. Not the people who get to choose not to see Tommy's videos yeah, true However, like I said, Tommy isn't entitled to views. People can choose: today I want to see the bad, but not the good or vise versa. The coming out of school example was just not the best example to use. True, but this is not the way to adress those problems. All that he is doing now, is looking like an entitled fool. I'm not saying he is insulting the whole fandom, I'm saying that he insults people on the basis of pure assumptions and wrong conclusions The problem is, that there aren't many viewers left on his videos and so his watch time is at an all time low. Which makes sence, seeing his new setup. He caused the problem, yet is unable to see it, and goes to insult other content creators. I call that being a dick I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with what I said? I'm explaining why, to me, Tommy is acting entitled, and you go on about that it's difficult not to be insulting. True, and I understand that. But tommy made it look in his video, that the majority of the people were leaving hate comments, while that simply wasn't the case by a long shot. And even if it was so bad, then I don't undertand why Tommy doesn't block these people. It's very easy to get mad, but that doesn't solve everything. The only thing someobody has to do to stop the harrasement on some level, is to block comments and people. There is no other way of stopping harrasement, instead of completely deeting the youtube channel. Problem is, these assholes were probably already turning people against you. Blocking them doesn't change anything about that For the new account, yeah, they can still continue to do that. However, in this instance, you can at least do SOMETHING against these people. By not doing anything against it and just being mad on a camera, to people who probably didn't had anything to do with the harrasement, certainly doesn't help anyone It's simple to say that, but you as youtuber must know that there will always be THOSE guys. You can't stop it by screaming at a camera. That only makes the situation worse. The only two things you can do as an content creator, is to either ignore it or to block these people. You can't reason with these idiots who bully people online
  9. First, I really appreciate that you, Key Sharks, took the time to look at a few videos before giving your opinion on this. There are many people who are just like: ''f*ck that guy,'' or ''he was right,'' without watching his content, so I can really respect that Yeah, it does work like that. I admit that Tommy did make some valid points in the video, and if he had just stick with those points, I would support him trough the end. But it's the fact that he goes on to insult people who I believe have done nothing wrong. Like when he was declaring the people who are only interested in in his positive opinion as ''too sensitive'' completely regarding the fact that A: The viewers can do what they damn well please. B: There is a big chance that his watch time is not lower then ever, because people are skipping the good, but because viewers on his videos has been down in general (which I believe is because he stopped caring about the MLP videos he created a long while ago) and C: He has no right to complain about people skipping the bad, because he provide them the option to skip the bad! I don't care that it was an ''expriment'', if you don't want people to skip the bad, then don't make skipping the bad so damn easy to do The thing I'm trying to say, is that when you change the discussion from rational to emotional by insulting people who have done nothing wrong, the points you made cannot be talked over very calmly anymore, because the people who were insulted, will now always be more angry when the same discussion comes around, because the brain makes the connetion between this topic and being insulted at. It's psychology 101. He basically took a problem, that could have been rational discussed, and made it a much bigger problem Yup, I agree. That is rediculous. However, there were not that many people who did this. Most people agreed with the things that he said. The only reason it seems more now, is because his views are so low. Let me explain His old model, was much more enjoyable to watch. It had more things going on in it, had clips from the show, and was way more easier to watch then his new formula. What he created with his new formula, was that the casual viewers of his videos were turned off, because they are not THAT dedicated to watch his videos in the first place. Now that the videos have become much more boring then the first, they stop watching. This means that the only people who watch his new videos, are the truly dedicated fan base and the people who are just there to be annoying because they don't like you. Those people were there before, but there were so many casual watcher who left comments, that the negativity doesn't really show itself so much, because there are way more 'normal' comments. THAT is the reason Tommy believed there were much more hate comments now then earlier. But what really gets me, is that he doesn't even entertain the possibility that this could be the cause. I mean, you must be able to see that there are way less comments and people watching your videos, how did you not figure this out? Or at least don't insult your whole fanbase that still IS there for you. Uhh, look the like/dislike bar. He has a new video with the highest dislikes But there we have it again: There were a lot of people who watched his videos that also agreed or challanged his negative opinion. And even if they did skip his negative opinion and they are just validating their own opinion, then what? Like I said before, they have all the right to skip the bad. Are they doing it to validate their opinion? Probably. But that doesn't mean they are 'less' fans of his content. And by the way, not everyone who skips the bad is validating. Maybe they have a long day at school or job, and are not in the mood to hear more negative stuff at the moment. And there lies the hearth of the problem. If he was honest, and just said: ''I'm done with MLP, I don't find it interesting anymore,'' BOOM. I and many fans would think he was absolutely right, and nothing would have happened. Not what he did now, trying to shame a lot of people, including other content creators, for something that's his own fault I'm being as objective as possible. The only one who isn't objective is Tommy himself No, he isn't illustrating how he feels. He is acting like a child who doesn't get what they want. He acts if he is entitled that people watch his entire video, because reasons. While it's his fault that A: less people are watching his videos and B: that people stop watching his negative opinion, by adding an option to skip the nagative opinion. Then he tries to hide after the fact, and I use the term ''fact'' loosely, that people are disliking his videos and being angry at his opinions, while the overlarge majority of his viewers that were still there, were positive on all his opions or challanged them in a normal way. And he could have also blocked the people who were really angry and aggressive against him. Butt the fact that he didn't do that, seems to suggest that what Tommy says isn't REALLY the reason to stop doing pony videos. And to top it all of, he insults the people who have done nothing wrong and his 'co-workers' so to speak. So the whole problem Tommy was speaking of doesn't excist, and if it excists, it's his fault, and then he blames people who have no doing in it. That's what I call 'trowing a tantrum' Again, that's not his place to decide who is watching his content. And if his content is watched by people who harass you, then block them. So all by all, I think his actions were in no way justified
  10. I'm not saying I can't sympathise either. On some level, I can. I just don't think that what he did was in any way justified . I also don't agree on the hindsight 20/20 part. It wasn't really a hindsight situation. If you get bombarded with hate mail, like he claimed, the the logical thing would be to block comments And yeah, I do agree that hate comments are much more visible then ''normal'' comments, so on that level I understand where you are coming from. I also agree agree that he shouldn't be shunned forever for what he did. It was respectless and just plain stupid, but it has been a while now, so yeah
  11. Uhm, what constant belittling and ranting? I looked at the comment section of the videos he was talking about, and he blew it out of proportion. 9 out of 10 people agreed with what he said. Most people liked the videos he is talking about. And even if this doesn't happen, you can always, turn of the comments You're missing the point. It's not the fact that the dude left which made people lose their shit. It's the fact that he took it out on people who he should consider his ''co-workers'' so to say, and that he basically shat on all the people who watched his videos, also the people who just want to watch his positive opinions. He acts like it's the viewers fault for not watching his negative opinions, and starts to insult them for being to sensitive, while it's their right to not watch those opinions. Tommy isn't entitled to fans, but he's acting like he is. To rub even more salt in the wounds, he is whining that he gets way less views since season 5, because people are to sensitive, but that's not the reason he gets less views. When you look at the videos where Tommy put clips from the show with his ponysona having different expressions, you see that the views are high. Probably because he actually put efford in his videos back then. Now with his new stuff, he just stands for the camera and talks for 8-12 minutes. Do you find it weird that the majority of your fans don't want to see that? He blew it out of proportion There was hardly any bullying or belittling going on. On top of that, Tommy could have blocked the people who did those things, but for some reason didn't. But to answer your question: I have never lashed out to people who didn't have anything to do with what was bothering me. That's not true, because I don't believe that a certain group of people fueled Tommy's departure. Tommy tells a whole lot, but none of it adds up with the facts that lie in front of us. A lot of people still supported him in the videos, yet Tommy is acting like his entire fan base is mad at him. Also adding the fact that he doesn't put any efford in his videos with the start of season 5, it's not surprising he doesn't have many viewers anymore. No, the real reason Tommy decided to stop, was because he just doesn't like making videos about ponies anymore, something I can really understand. But instead of admitting that, and admitting that the quality of his videos has dropped of, he blames people that have done nothing wrong and drags other content creators down for no reason. If he had just said: ''I don't want to make pony videos anymore,'' this whole affair didn't happen or at least not on the scale it has happened now
  12. Why are there so many people who hate Princess Spike? I mean, I wouldn't say it's a 'great' episode, just an average Spike episode