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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely time :D

  3. I am noticing a trend with the newer seasons. While in season 1-4 the quality of the episodes was way more stable, it now seems that an episode is either great or terrible. The last three episodes from MLP were either pandering to the bronies so hard that I cringed a little bit or were cut and dry staples of episodes we have seen a hundred times before. This all happens while there are absolute gems like Gauntlet of Fire and Flutter Brutter. This was also the case with season 5: some absolutely great episodes followed by episodes that are the worst of the entire show and I think this is wh
  4. I think it has to do with with how the show changed. I mean, like or dislike the show as it is right now but there's no denying that it's completely different from what it once was. The down to earth lessons that were being taught in season 1 til 3 are now very far and between and it looks like the writers are trying to please the bronies more and more (a backstory for the background characters? Really?!) While I still enjoy the show, it's not hard to see why people get turned of from it
  5. I'd love to buy them, but there aren't that many options here in Holland. The only DVD boxes we get, is with like 3 episodes in them, for 10 euro (12 dollar) So that's a little too much for me. Then I try to buy them with Google play, but I can't download that here. And Itunes is like 3 euro for one episode (4-5 dollars) Really, the ways that I can buy them are way to overpriced. So I just watch them with Netflix, otherwise I just can't get them for a normal price.
  6. Well, I do believe that this is one of the best episodes of the whole show, but that's because it deals with themes that a standard childerens show never threads. Showing that an evil character sometimes isn't really that evil at all, just misunderstood and having a bad growing enviroment Also, I like that the CMC get their cutie marks, but it seems way to rushed when we consider that it took five seasons to get to this point and while I liked the themes of the episode, everything seemed way to rushed. That's why I think a season finale would work with this episode, if the writers made it
  7. When looking at his videos from season 4, where he still had the old way of doing videos, no video about an episode got under the 30,000 views. Most even got above the 40,000 views. Then wehen we look at his videos about season 5, there is only one video going over the 30,000 views. All the other videos were far beneath that. I think it's fair to conclude that when you have a significant less amount of viewers, that your view time gets a lot lower Watch time dropped at the same time he used his new video mode. This is also the time that he introduced the ''skip the bad'' but
  8. Your misunderstanding what I meant. I'm not saying that a person should be 100% right all the time, or otherwise the points that are valid are dicredited. The original intent of the comment, was to say that when someone starts to insult people, I can't take his the things he says about the topic serious Your only foccusing on point A: that the viewer can do what he pleases. But like I said in point B: I don't believe that there was a problem. The reason his watch time is low, isn't because people are skipping the bad, but because he had gotten less viewers in general because of
  9. First, I really appreciate that you, Key Sharks, took the time to look at a few videos before giving your opinion on this. There are many people who are just like: ''f*ck that guy,'' or ''he was right,'' without watching his content, so I can really respect that Yeah, it does work like that. I admit that Tommy did make some valid points in the video, and if he had just stick with those points, I would support him trough the end. But it's the fact that he goes on to insult people who I believe have done nothing wrong. Like when he was declaring the people who are only interested in
  10. I'm not saying I can't sympathise either. On some level, I can. I just don't think that what he did was in any way justified . I also don't agree on the hindsight 20/20 part. It wasn't really a hindsight situation. If you get bombarded with hate mail, like he claimed, the the logical thing would be to block comments And yeah, I do agree that hate comments are much more visible then ''normal'' comments, so on that level I understand where you are coming from. I also agree agree that he shouldn't be shunned forever for what he did. It was respectless and just plain stupid, but it has been a
  11. Uhm, what constant belittling and ranting? I looked at the comment section of the videos he was talking about, and he blew it out of proportion. 9 out of 10 people agreed with what he said. Most people liked the videos he is talking about. And even if this doesn't happen, you can always, turn of the comments You're missing the point. It's not the fact that the dude left which made people lose their shit. It's the fact that he took it out on people who he should consider his ''co-workers'' so to say, and that he basically shat on all the people who watched his videos, also the people w
  12. Why are there so many people who hate Princess Spike? I mean, I wouldn't say it's a 'great' episode, just an average Spike episode
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