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  1. Potential Saddest Ponyfic Ever: Granny Smith takes Grand Pear to visit his daughter's grave.

    1. The_Gobo


      Until they say it in the show, I'm still going to assume they're alive :V


    2. BlueStreak98


      Dream on, dude.

    3. The_Gobo


      Not a dream if neither way is officially stated :3


  2. I think it would be interesting to explore, and from several fanfics I've seen there's definitely enough basis for it. But you'd have to be careful not to just rehash episodes that have already happened, and with Brotherhooves and such I don't see an easy way to do it.
  3. General

    Big fat yes. It's not so much individual things as just a chronic onslaught of everything, but it still really wears me down.
  4. Had a dream the other night being stuck in a city during a wildfire... which was weird, because the city isn't in a forest...
  5. When I lived at home I usually left through the side door. My apartment doesn't have a back door, so that really isn't an option here.
  6. Ain't depression fun?

    1. PuddingPonyPal


      It's only fun when it happens to your worst enemy. 

  7. I think in order to be a "90s kid" you have to actually be old enough to remember things that happened in the decade prior to 1999. For example, if you remember when Disney Channel added commercials, you're a 90s kid.
  8. I'll wear the same pair of pants several days in a row, but not shirts. It'd be a little too obvious.
  9. "And I've got myself a rocking chair

    to see if I can lose

    these thin dime, hard time

    hell on Church Street blues..."



    1. SomeCoffee


      Not a country man myself, but been lookin' for some.

      Reccomond any songs?

      Have the closest thing to country (besides CCR's Midnight Special) I know as a trade, though Im pretty sure everyone and their mother who knows a thing about country has at least heard of this


    2. BlueStreak98


      Billy Joel isn't exactly what I'd call anything close to country, but sure, I'll help you out!

      When it comes to bluegrass, the Album Band is pretty much your primer of primers. Any of those albums are great choices:

      In more of a country vein, here's a few good starting places:



  10. Food

    I was craving a Filet O Fish, and I had one for lunch!
  11. "Well you got your dead cat, and your dead dog, and on a moonlit night you got your dead toad frog..."


  12. Bright sunshine, but kinda cold.
  13. His mane is partially blue. His coat is more gray.
  14. Mega Thread

    A little tired, and frustrated with shoddy internet service.
  15. Feeling chatty tonight. What's up?