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  1. BlueStreak98

    Mega Thread The General Video Masterthread

    Band I'm fond of in a bar in upstate New York in 1992.
  2. BlueStreak98

    Gaming Games you have NEVER finished

    Skyrim. For all the hours I've played it, I've never actually made it all the way through.
  3. BlueStreak98

    Can you ride a bicycle?

    Technically, yes I can. I'm just not very good at it.
  4. BlueStreak98

    Most petty thing you done

    I took great joy in getting a new apartment before my ex did, even though she had a one month head start. Most petty I've ever done? No, but it's recent so it's fresh in my mind.
  5. BlueStreak98

    Vacationing with a Pony

    I'd love to take Twilight to a place with a lot of museums. Washington DC, perhaps. I love museums, and the historical artifacts of a foreign culture seems like just the sort of thing she'd adore.
  6. Love the tribute to Weird Al on his big day!

  7. BlueStreak98

    Safety during Pony cons?

    I'm certain that the organizers of the con (and most cons, for that matter) have taken the recent waves of violence into account and are taking necessary precautions to keep congoers as safe as they've been up to this point.
  8. BlueStreak98

    Which of the Mane 6 would you date?

    Rainbow Dash. Don't know if it'd work out, but I'd try!
  9. BlueStreak98

    Health Do you struggle with mental illness?

    Yup! Can't afford treatment, either, since it all goes to my insurance deductible.
  10. "One of these days letters are gonna fall

    from the sky telling us all to go free,

    But until that day I'll find a way to let everybody know

    that you're coming back, you're coming back for me..."


  11. BlueStreak98

    General Media Thoughts on 4Chan

    This reference might go past some of you, but if the early days of internet message boards were Woodstock, then 4Chan is Altamont. I'm not even really sure how to characterize it beyond that, but it feels like it's managed to capture most if not all of the bad elements of the internet in one place.
  12. BlueStreak98

    Do things like raiders/bandits exist in Equestria?

    I suspect there are some, yes, though how many and how dangerous they may be would certainly be up for debate.
  13. BlueStreak98

    Anyone else ever been to a mental hospital?

    I have, though not in quite the same way as some folks here. I worked for a while in a former mental hospital that has been closed and partially converted into a museum. Besides the building looking like a stereotypical "insane asylum" the museum has a number of artifacts from the old hospital in their possession, including the device that was once used to perform lobotomies. Pretty wild stuff.
  14. It goes in waves. I'll eat fast food regularly for a while, then not at all for a month or more. I'm on one of the droughts right now.
  15. BlueStreak98

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    The fandom may shrink, and it may change in scope. But the end of new Star Wars films (before either of the new trilogies) didn't kill the fandom surrounding it. I suspect brony will be much the same way.