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  1. Very nice banner

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      thanks, it's a still from the show

  2. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    MLP-MSP Returning in 2019

    A Convention In Minnesota Is Returning In June Called MLP-MSP it was announced at PonyVille CiderFest 2018. Oh and PonyVille Ciderfest Grew Attendance This Year which is proof the fandom is not dying thank you.
  3. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    Fandom is shrinking ?

    Hello there i am starting to feel really depressed about the fandom and conventions ending and i mean deep depression i got into this fandom a while ago and it is really hurting me i dont like seeing ive come to love and became really envolved with fading can someone reassure me that everything is fine because without this fandom i am having a hard time continuing to function in society. thank you.
  4. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    Pony Balloon Collections?

    Did you guys know they made mlp balloons in fact some of their are actually very show accurate? Does anyone else have any mlp balloons or ever had ?
  5. And yet blade runner 2049 failed at the box office and they are still airiing it.
  6. Did my little pony fail at the box office no one can give me a straight answer ponies keep saying it did well but does anypony know the truth thanks?
  7. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    Sad their pulling my little pony the movie from theaters

    I didnt say all theaters just certain ones arent showing it after Thursday
  8. What does this mean my theaters 2 of them are pulling my little pony from their theater tommorow its kinda sad actually idk why they are they wont really tell me much it just crushes me inside any ideas?
  9. Ok get this so the fandango show times are showing limited theaters for each area showing the movie and its very confusing to me the movie accoridng to hasbro is supposed to be a normal release just like every other film what the hay is going on here why is it limited when hasbro said its full its really starting to tick me off
  10. Here is sias new song rainbow enjoy everpony!!!
  11. Daniel Ingram Its Time To Be Awesome Featuring Rainbow Dash And Captain Celaeno With Lyrcis From SDCC 2017
  12. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    Has anypony seen the MLP movie trailer in theaters???

    i saw dispicable me 3 it was not it but some of my friends said it was for their theaters weird right???
  13. I have a question has anyone seen the My Little Pony Movie Trailer in theaters ive heard some have seen it during despicable me 3 i went to go watch it and no trailer its weird i hear people say they saw it during theat movie but i didnt. Then a friend told me he saw it at imax theaters does this mean the movie will be in Imax only idk im just asking have any of you seen the trailer in your theater thanks.????