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  1. Commission done for @Dynamo Pad im working on the new price sheet this afternoon, so look out for that on the first post soon
  2. heads up! the store will be getting a revamp soon with new art style, options and a tweak to the prices. Kinda a bit of a spring clean! Same thing will be happening with my DA and FA pages.
  3. two new commissions finished for @Dynamo Pad and @Malcontent
  4. huzzah more Brits. and its only sunny because this is our allowance of sun for the year. Summer might be a washout again.
  5. Episode 1...... Denz and I were both rather let down by this episode. For starters it should not have been a premiere episode, made worse by being only 1 parter. It would have been better received if it was placed early in the series but not starting. Yes ok so Starlight is now at Twilight's near princess level, but this episode just did nothing. Twilight's paranoia didnt feel very entertaining, apart from maybe the study of arcane arts part, but it was tiny. The episode had no pacing, nothing really funny and no excitment to it at all. I only really liked Celestia's laugh towards the end, because, hey we've not seen Celestia in ages! The changelings though......UGH hate them so. Thorax's voice should have been matured a slight touch, its just stupid to have him be this majestic prince creature with a wussy squeaky teen voice. My problem mainly with this being a premiere episode is that all of them have had some form of conflict or world affecting problem (Flurry Heart) and the mane 6 were involved in some way. The finales are the same formula. After feeling like Season 6 was lacking in excitment too and just dragged, Im quite disheartened with what s7 has started off with. I think Denz has decided to call it quits because of that. I will still watch them, but unless they bring back the literal magic of the older seasons, I just dont think I can enjoy this one. We've been watching S1 and S2 episodes just on and off whilst we were waiting for s7 to start and it reminded us how much and why we loved MLP in the first place. The older ones were so well written, had some great refs and jokes, felt very colourful and actually lift the spirits to watch. We were both smiling through these episodes even though we knew what was coming. The finales and premieres too, they're so well done. The Tirek fight is still the one that tops them all for me. I just love watching that scene. Maybe that is what these new writers need to do. We need another well written villian. There needs to be another threat looming over the whole season or an event like S1 Gala that the episodes work up to a grand finale.......not like the Equestria Games, where that was hyped the whole way and then just stuck into an awful Spike episode. They did this right in S5 with Starlight just popping up through the series until she made her big move, but now she's reformed.... theres no threat and no conflict and well no reason to have Friendship or the Elements of Harmony. Theyre obsolete because there is nothing to fight!
  6. black gryphon, mando, tombstone, kinda some of the bigger old Brony music artists because I dont like their personalities more. Gaming channels though, not unsubscribed from them, but I really dont watch their stuff anymore is Markiplier and JonTron. Jontron going very downhill after he moved imo. He was great before Game Grumps, wasnt much of a fan during GG as it was too much ECK and screaming for my likes, (Im a Danny fan) but his current vids are not as funny I found. The main reason I started watching him was because of Jaques, but he's not been in them much either. Im looking at unsubscribing from DangerDolan as its now Planet Dolan and I dont watch them anymore, unless its an interesting list read by HellBent, but thats it. I dont watch their life stories vids or the animations, just some top lists and thats it. edit: on the topic of GameTheory, Ive not unsubbed, but my god I had a rage at one video because MatPat is slipping in his research, the Luigis Mansion one just made me annoyed because, I think its more an American thing in general, the lack of knowledge of what is classified as Victorian - being in a line of work where I deal with historic buildings, this just hit a nerve with me and just proved that he did feck all with the historical research, meaning that he doesnt do as much as he claims. sorry for ranting, but argh!
  7. well not a woodland critter, but i was attacked by an animal. We had a large ginger cat come into our garden a few times, (i was 7) but none of our own cats seemed to fight him off their patch, so just asumed he was alright to go pet. He let me pet him for a while then I reached for the chest fluff and he freaking went savage and sunk his teeth into my hand and scratched me at the same time, but he was locked onto my hand until my Dad came running at him and he ran off. First and only time I think i'd ever had to go to A&E. It was my right hand too so I was off school because I couldnt use my hand, it got slightly infected at one point and I just remember being in horrendous pain and I remember the smell of whatever antiseptic treatment they put on my hand and the mix of pus with it. But it healed in the end and i never lost the use of my hand from it at all, its 100%, just got some puncture mark scars on either side. actually looking at the underside scar, he very nearly got a vein *shivers* I have a slight wary to ginger cats now from it.
  8. zzzzzzzz catching up with messages and internet today. mad weekend with family

    1. Captain Whirlwind

      Captain Whirlwind

      hopefully your week improves

  9. I hadn't realized the art of Soarin chasing away Zephyr and Quibble had been yours! Made me chuckle, for sure.

    1. StormBlaze


      Ahh yeah lots of love and hate for drawing it though. 

    2. BlueStreak98


      I'm sure, but the hate is unwarranted. It might be a little polarizing, but it's well done!

  10. spoiler

    ehhh personally I think your menu is far too ott fancy for a Prep School. This isnt Royalty only. No prep school eats that well. The school (and parents) would not be able to afford it. A couple of Roast dinners would surrfice, none of the CP cast come off as food snobs anyway, some may be better at cookinga nd baking than others, but the school is pretty average with food taste. i think people need to stop looking at Crystal Prep and think "eeew snobbery horrible people" because its just not true. Look at Indego Zap, she is NOT a high class snob... and neither am I.
  11. friendship games

    i was so disappointed that she wasnt some kind of mythical monster driving to win everything, like it powered her or something. She was just a competitive old School Mistress. =/
  12. i am still waiting on the Wonderbolts to appear.... THE SCHOOL TEAM IS CALLED THE WONDERCOLTS FFS!!!! they also completely blew their chance on putting Zecora into Legend of the Everfree.
  13. spoiler

    i can field this one with IRL example, because I went to a (english) prep/private school and I can vouch that it is not at all like Hogwarts, Crystal Prep is pretty similar though just without the big glassy purple buildings. It would be simple, but look a touch fancier than how I imagine a state school would look (never went to one so sorry if close minded on this). so our school had 2 dining halls, one up stairs mainly for the younger school and the main downstairs one for the senior school and boarders most of the time. this is the downstairs one and here is the upstairs one. The upstairs one is much nicer, with its decorative ceiling cornices and stained glass windows - they use this one more for formal events and weddings... if the event is held in the "Old Library" otherwise dinner would be served in there. So I guess Crystal Prep's would look like the upstairs dining hall, but with more purple and blue crystal architecture around. Edit: foodwise, we ate chips, roast meat, sausages, potatoes, steamed or boiled veg or just soup some days. every now and then we were treated to pizza and beef burgers. So quite nice stuff, but ugh it was never this way when I was small. I switched to packed lunch because they forced us to eat shredded carrots, awful slimy grated cheese and cold baked beans. I freaking hate baked beans anyway, but cold on a pile of grated string veg? ick.
  14. usually when im bored these come about.... in the office on a slow day mostly. I will bend paperclips until they snap, or shape them in different ways, sometimes around my finger. fiddle with an elastic band on my hand. make my fingers "run like a horse".... usually my 2nd and 3rd finger (thumb is 1st) and match pace like a horses forelegs if that makes sense.... since i noticed when I was a kid that horse legs are jointed the same as our fingers. So it went from playing to a bored quirk.