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  1. i do so every year for a week. My family has always done a a week in the summer in the English Lake Distrcit on a self catering type holiday. But this one is more like we have a house in a village in the middle of nowhere. The house has no phone line, no TV and no internet. If you wnat to call someone you either have to stand on the roof and hope you can get a signal or go to the pub up the road and use their old pay phone. We've been doing this trip annually for the last 25 years (im 27) and its bloody wonderful. We have made exceptions in recent years - DVD players and laptops have been allowed for Film viewings when the weather is bad (it can be monsoons all week some years), leeching off lcola wifi has been used for personal family contact - ie an elderly member is ill at home and we need constant updates and of course hand held games have bene allowed, because 16 of the group out of 20 is normally the "kids". (us "kids" are all over 21 now though, but its been the "kids" group so long we still call it that) The lack of technology means we sit by the river, talk, play board games and table tennis, fish, go on long walks and just appreciate the simple life. The only downsides is the increase in tourists each year. More people seem to come to the Lakes more and more each year and its starting to become hard to find a quiet spot when out on walks. I would so recomend doing these kind of breaks, even if its just camping near home for a night or 2. If anything I feel sorry for all those modern day kids who grew up with internet 24/7.
  2. *horse snort noise*

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      *Curious deer noise*

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      *whinnies at deer*

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      *Ear twitch, looks with caution to strange creature*

  3. Female Singer available

    hi guys. just bumping this up as my partner hasnt had much time for music tracks recently, but I do wanna lend my voice out. Anyone looking for a female vocalist at all? Hit me up. I just want to get back into singing. Cheers.
  4. welp i was expecting you to post a clip/pic of Stocking (from Panty & Stocking) since her hair is Twilight's hair, but shes a goth chick who loved cakes. lol
  5. Ask StormBlaze Anything

    just the boyfriend trying to annoy me. its a normal thing that happens. just ignore him and he'll stop.....eventually
  6. Your Pony OC's body type

    Anyone else ever get into epic detail when designing your OC? Or do you just leave the body size default to the show? I'm only askin because I get Stormy drawn as a horse quite often and I have this set horse breed/body type in my head of her. If Stormy was in the show then she would be a bog standard pegasus mare. But when I drew her in a more real perspective i imagne her to be like me as a horse, so she is tall and bulky like that of a shire horse (but not AS big), she's chunky but strong. She also has feathered hooves - like that of Big Mac. Seeing as larger more sturdy horse breeds have more feathering and wooly fur in places. (they're the best). Stormy is not really that graceful or atheletic for a pegasus. She enjoys her food and snoozing, but is capable of knocking you over or moving heavy objects. Anyone else get this in depth with their OC or is it something you never thought of before? I'm very interested to hear what you guys come up with. Horses/ponies come in all shapes and sizes, just like humans.
  7. Ask StormBlaze Anything

    argh i let the thread get buried again. *digs it out*
  8. it saddens me to hear of your passing. Equestria has another star in the sky.

  9. o hey my fellow pony

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      hey i look cute when i sleep bucause im a pony for onec

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      :confused: well i have a coltfriend.

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  10. Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    3 from me! one from the freak snow storm from last week and 2 from my 27th Birthday last month. Oh yeah, i got short hair. (yes i love trains)
  11. Does anyone like to watch the news?

    i dont have access to live TV anymore, but im always on BBC news and local news just to read whats been going on. What else are you gonna do when BBC isnt blocked by work?
  12. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    we just got a PS4 this week with 3 games. Until I get a copy fo Last Guardian, we have been playing Final Fantasy 15 and LOVING IT! This is by far, my fave FF game that ive played. I actually enjoy it more than 7....YES I SAID IT.
  13. i dont know the details (Denz' department) but i do know we have one of the best fibreoptic packages that BT offers and we pay £50-55 a month for it. We decided before moving here that we have to have one of the best net connections we could get as we are avid PC gamers.
  14. Movies/TV Looking For Anime Reccomendations

    ive been watching anime for years but still feel noobish on terms of how much ive seen x.x I also have a partner who is somewhat new to anime bingding, so here's my recomendations from what he's enjoyed so far. TO NOTE - We watch the dubs because we tend to multitask when watching anime; I cant read subs and draw at the same time. Cowboy Bebop Panty & Stocking (very nsfw though) Ghost in the Shell Digimon Tri (and the 2 original series of course) Pokemon Origins (mini series) Ace Attourney (might annoy you if you play the games though, otherwise its fine) Dangenrompa (another one not to watch if you know the games well) The Seven Deadly Sins - our current fave series. Hellsing Ultimate Wolf's Rain Miss Kobaiashi's Dragon maid Ouran High School Host Club
  15. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    can agree with it being a flop. The other half has been saying it since they copyright change over from MLP to new characters. From what i played of it so far, the AI is still overpowered as heck from the original AJ demos and the controls are too basic. There arent really any combos that are special to the characters. They all play the same. We spent some time in the training room just to know how to play and see what the characters offered. It looks pretty dont get me wrong, I like the dragon a lot. We diiiid notice a few unfinished spots.... I think the deer is missing some finished animation frames as she transforms inot 3 frames of sketches on one attack ^^; Honestly its just been too long in development I just lost all interest in it and its not wowed me either. Sorry Mane6. If you had got it out 2 or 3 years ago, it wouldve been massive.