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  1. SoarDash best ship!
  2. Rainbow Rocks

    from a deisgn point of view, there are 4 evil colours to choose from; Red, Green, Orange and Purple. So there only so many combos you can have. But even I think it was too close to similar designs here. also noting haven drawn starlight a few times, she has 2 shades of purple in her mane, not the one main one.
  3. movies/tv

    oooh its a toughie, i like all cartoons equally and dont have a fave. MLP is pretty high up there. hmmmm do Disney movies count? lol
  4. im 26 and theres nothing wrong with being an adult and loving cartoons. Im a pretty big SU fan too, i love the theories if anything. Jasper and Amethyst are my fave characters... oh and Lion too.
  5. As Dash sings in the latest song, this is the reason people love and hate her. Its a very split discussion. Some people love in your face characters like her, others really hate it because of the egomania. Me? I freaking love her because she has reflected a lot of my old personality - I've been trying to change and make myself a better person because of her attitudes in her episodes and seeing how people can hate her. I don'y like being hated, I've had a lot of drama in my past because of the way I acted. I'm a wannabe extrovert, I just want to be sucessful and show off what I can do, but I'm learning to curb my egotism. Of all the ponies, I relate to her the most (yes I know a lot of people say that), but I already mentioned personality, the other thing I am is a tomboy. =3 I'm also not a fan of quiet shy "pathetic" characters. Sorry
  6. sometimes i guess? but if anything i'd be happy to be able to slim down to cosplay as her again without worrying about my body size. I just want to get rid of my middle part, maybe get a few more muscles back in my arms.
  7. LOL I went to a prep school and omfg Sports is the biggest thing - especially girls hockey and all the boys' main sports. Prep schools are bloody competitive. We really are on the levels of seeing rival schools as bitchy glory hounds like in EQG. One of our big rivals was a very sports obsessed school and very difficult to beat - so having a match against them does very much feel like the tensions seen in the Friendship Games. Not sure if its the school driven to be the best or if its actually the pupils who really fight for it. It was really hard to tell and I think this mind set is what we see in Equestria Girls. The reason Twilight got glowered on a lot is because she is not sporty. In our school, you were kinda a nobody if you were not into sports at all. I guess that Canterlot High is just a very chilled out school - I've no idea what a non prep school over here is like, I never went to one and we only had sports matches against other private schools. I also have no idea if its just different in the States anyway.
  8. we've also had the power ponies cameo from the shorts, but thats mearly fan service. I expect theres going to be a massive threat from the Equestria side of the portal to come through - pretty much the Sirens but more on the scale of Tirek I'd think. So maybe it'll be a big old Thanos army coming through the portal. Like the first Avengers movie kidna scale of threat and fighting.
  9. Spoiler

    It was ok... my partner (big AJ fan) didnt like it. - Has AJ got 2 jobs now? Working at this stand as well as farm work at home? - Its a very Adele style song, personally not a fan of Adele much. Didnt seem like AJ's style to me. But always nice to hear Ashley get her solo songs. - This juice bar is not apples only!
  10. Spoiler

    Sunset why you so talented?! Super smart, ace at guitar and singing, and now art! Girl of many talents. I only tick 2 of those boxes LOL
  11. eek! any of the mods around? commission store related query please!

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    2. StormBlaze


      I just need the last commission payment sent through urgently. Lady K hasnt been on for a while and Im going away this week so i need the order payment to be finalised. I will have no internet access until september. Not even on my phone. 

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      @StormBlaze I've passed it on to the techs. Hopefully they can get it sorted for you asap. :)

    4. StormBlaze
  12. Last commissions for August just finished for @Yoshi89
  13. i simply love this one have had the song in my head since I heard it aired. I love Sunset Shimmer, keep seeing more of myself in her as the EQ episodes go on. I love her "screw it" moment with her hair ^^ I'm also glad to see she has an apartment. Its certainly the kind of apartment I would love to have if I lived in London. open air bedroom area and open plan living space. Those places cost a fair bit here in the UK. Not sure what the standard building regs are like over the pond, but copper piping, as youve all pointed out, is a standard feature in any kind of home. Heck the wealthier houses have exposed brass and copper piping on the walls in bathrooms as a feature not because of a cost issue to upgrade. If anything points out the condition/age of the place, its the awful old wallpaper in the bathroom. though it does appear that her kitchen consists of a fridge and microwave. also pssssst double bed anyone? Usually in film/TV/cartoons that hints she hasn't/does'nt live alone. Maybe Flash hung out a few nights? *wink wink*
  14. out of box and tagless for my fave plushies. Just looks better on my shelves if its not just a block of boxes. I keep some boxes - Wonderbolt themed ones or SDCC type buys. Theres a few figures still in boxes atm because I'm still working out where to put them.
  15. im assuming we will see each character get a blind bag figure - there's been an increase on variations recently with them. I think they are also done on popularity. I still have no clue as to why there's merch of Hoity Toity. The fandom didnt like him THAT much. Auhizotal, Ember and Sunburst should be on the list for merch though. The creatures may just be future accessories in guardians of harmony packs. The Cockatrice came with the Shadowbolt after all. Let Hasbro get the movie out of their system first then we can see what will come next.