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  1. going back into doing song covers. PM me if anyone would like to collab/duet.

  2. StormBlaze

    Movies/TV Saddest movie scene

    slightly obscure one unless you were a British 90s kid (this was on TV all the time and one of the most common videos school owned fro free time) The whole of Black Beauty - but mostly the part where Ginger dies =( Then the obvious ones; everything Disney touches some more to the list that get me: Grave of the Fireflies, When Marnie was there, Forrest Gump, My Girl, Pokemon the First Movie.
  3. StormBlaze

    Anyone find pony x pony shipping boring?

    well now youve just granted yourself access to the furry fandom with a question like that *shakes head* lol
  4. StormBlaze

    Movies/TV Best MCU character in your opinion? Why?

    gotta be all the Guardians plus Thor (and Loki, because we all love Loki). Thor has certainly risen up the ranks as my fave. hes so cool and easy going to (try) adapting to everything strange going on around him. "Just another day for the God of Thunder". He's pretty much become one of the Gurdians, fits in the group so naturally other than being a literal god, but then Quil was for a short time too. Its also very hard to sway or surprise him when he grew up with Loki as a brother LOL!
  5. StormBlaze

    Gaming Fallout 5 possibilities?

    as long as they use a new game engine or updated version then im fine with whatever they bring. Though I hope there's not as many settlements this time. Just a bit of a pain in the ass how many 4 has, i'd be happy with like half of them.
  6. staying closed for commissions on this site guys. Ive got a fair amount of catch up with elsewhere.

  7. StormBlaze

    What is the best compliment you have ever received?

    just last week - Elley Ray (voice of Mist Mane) was the guest at Griffish Isles con and I got to talk to her one on one the next morning in the hotel lobby. I got a tweet from her later that day saying "I love your light" - never had such a compliment before
  8. StormBlaze

    What Is Your Mission in Life?

    i think i just recently realised a potential "mission". its certainly always been to spread creativity, but it could eventually come to fruition that I open a shop and supply the sources for creativity (aka an Art shop). if that fails, then one mission of mine would be legacy/family heritage - again shop related, but restoring and saving my grandma's family shop from demolition.
  9. yikes, how long have i been gone from here? o.O (sorry, busy busy life)

    1. PathfinderCS


      I was wondering where you were at. :P

  10. StormBlaze

    Worst Relationships You've Been In

    tbh looking back I dont think mine were good things in the long run x.x - First one I was with for 7 years, somewhat toxic I guess. we were surrounded by the horrible people/bullies of the local furry communities and just became horrible people. His old school friends hated me and were proper bullies, plus he used to talk about me behind my back a lot but i just shrugged it all off until I just lost interest. My family wernet keen on him and he pretty much manipulated me and was unfair in places. Like I wasnt allowed to buy a comic but it was fine for him to blow money on airsoft kit or stupid things for his car. Felt rather trapped by the end. - the next one was more of a fling because i was miserbale with Boyfriend #1 at the time and we were on a break for a while. He was miserbale with his own life/relationship and so we just hung out a hell of a lot. Felt like he was the only person who actually understood me, shared interests etc. Very complex situation and hes quite the womaniser so I pushed him away. - next came a regret. I was with him for 2-3 years and I guess it felt more like an escape from Boyfriend #1. Hes gentlemanly and all but my god the temper and the reactions when things go wrong and the gaming..... we're both gamers and we had 2 sets of friends to talk to on voice calls, but he proper shouts when gaming so I had to keep muting myself so i couldnt talk to my friends so much or one of us had to leave the room. In the end, we were stuck in one room, treading on eachothers feet and just getting up in our faces. I didnt have a job so i was just stuck far away from my home. So the tension got too much and I ended it. its been like 10 years since i started off in the relationship game and I am now finally happy and somewhat settled with Denz.
  11. StormBlaze

    Looking for Voices

    well im more of a tomboy sounding voice anyway so I can just about do AJ, Dashie, Scoots, Vinyl Scratch (Nowacking voice). Im willing to give other voices a go too. Still unsure on my potential ^^;
  12. StormBlaze

    Looking for Voices

    Yeah what voices are you after? Id love to join.
  13. want/need to get back into singing covers or collabs. Not done so for months now and its made me quite sad. I also should get back into it because singing is rather good exercise and ive gotten fat again =/ so anyone looking for a female voice at all? even if its for fun EDM tracks/remixes. 

    1. Syndar


      good good, maybe soon i have something for you ;)

  14. StormBlaze

    Tea or Coffee?

    im a Brit and I choose to not drink tea. I just really dont like hot drinks in general. recently though Ive been somewhat addicted to iced coffee drinks. =3
  15. noice! lucky guy! ours is a 74 as well. Signal Red, Dads rebuilt it 3 times since getting it in the 80s. Ive not driven it myself ...yet. Not allowed to drive it lol plus my thick thighs dont quite fit very well, theyre certainly built for skinny people ^^;