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  1. StormBlaze

    Art Contest Begins

  2. StormBlaze

    Is there rare gen 4 merch that you have?

    i was on about the figurines. they still make tshirts and stuff:
  3. StormBlaze

    Is there rare gen 4 merch that you have?

    sorry to burst bubbles, but the OlyFactory/chinese knock off plushies dont count as rare merch. You can buy them online everywhere and often in comic/nerd shops around the world. WeLoveFine items would be considered rare now. I own the Vinyl Scratch and Nightmare Moon figures that they did for a short time. (the first wave detailed ones not the chibis) I would also consider any pre Sunset Shimmer brushies rare as they dont have the "tattoos" and QR codes all over them. Of those, I only have my original Rainbow Dash left.
  4. I recognize that OC. Is that your OC because she is really adorable. :fluttershy:

    1. StormBlaze


      Yep. Stormy has been my oc since 2011


  5. StormBlaze

    My Hot Take on Why Brony Cons on Ending

    please also factor that its costs a lot of money, time and effort on the staff front. A lot of it is out of their pocket and personal time. So i assume the staff are tired now and want to "retire". It's what happened to us in the UK with BUCK. What you might find is that the remaining brony cons actually become the bigger ones because bronies will never stop "conning". But I dont think the fandom is quite wanning yet. Theres a lot of communitiy celebs still, a lot of artists, the VA guests want to keep coming along and if someone is willing to take the reins, new cons will appear. I dont think we should take BronyCon's exit as an end of the world type thing.
  6. StormBlaze

    Show Me your Wonderbolts

    I thought i'd ask and see if anyone can match my Wonderbolts shrine at all or show me things I don't own etc. Wonderbolts only please! I'll get some photos of my collection when I get home, but I really wnat to see if I've missed anything ;p
  7. StormBlaze

    What common US female names suit the characters?

    why US names? We have them in the UK too. Ive also spotted that my irl name has come up in this thread >.> Anyway AJ: Jessie/ Sally Rainbow Dash: Sam Fluttershy: Annie/Holly Rarity: Madison/Vanessa/Victoria Pinkie: Danni/ Lisa/ Zoe Twilight: Lucy/ Chloe/ Mandy
  8. StormBlaze

    Pinkie Pie invites you to a party. Do you go?

    heck yeah i would. Id own that dance floor or be part of the musical entertainment some how.
  9. StormBlaze

    Music What's your "go to" device for music?

    currently phone and PC. my PC's sound system is awesome. I have the bass turned up a lot when alone. I used to use my ipod nano mk2, but i have since removed itunes. Before that it was the old CD walkman.
  10. StormBlaze

    Gaming Anyone else enjoy killing civilians in video games?

    i think i do it for novelty value. Sounds really bad, but i always see if I can kill kids first time i play a game just to see what level of destrcution and evil I can play on. Or its normally for a laugh - for exmaple an NPC insults you as random passing dialogue. Or they are actually horrible people, stitch you up on quest rewards etc. Its all in fun and games, im not a mentalist lol.
  11. StormBlaze

    Do you ever call somebody by their Last name?

    Tis a very British thing imo to call someone by their last name. Thats normally how nicknames are formed. I gues sit comes from school since you could have like 3/4 James' in the class or year group, you just know them from their surnames. Its certainly more of a boys thing at school to be called surnames. As a girl, at my school, we were called our full freaking names unles syou said otherwise. I despise being called Jessica. I'm a Jess.
  12. StormBlaze

    General Accents: Best & Worst?

    Oi luv me ol fashand Wes Countray accant. Propar fermer's lan talk. AKA that accent you hear all through Hot Fuzz. I love it, the proper West Country countryside accent. Not so much the city/town folk ones as they just butcher it into their own ones. I suggest you avoid hearing the Bristol and Plymouth accents. They're the worst. I kinda like the Auusie and New Zeland Accents too.
  13. fear of failure, being forgotten and wasps and ants. The wasps one does actually ruin my day =( i will have a full on screaming panic if i see one. Ants just set off anxiety. i once accidently lay on a nest in our lawn when i was younger and got covered/bitten and since then ive had a fear of them. Failure affects me pretty much everyday as does the fear of being forgotten. I just break down and cry, scream, get angry when these take effect. A lot of it is triggered by envy I must admit. =( i know its really bad. Im one of those who cry when I get angry as a defence.
  14. StormBlaze

    General How bad is the crime where you live?

    Im in a little town called Taunton (UK) and other crime has just shot through the roof =/ but i think its the whole UK rigth now since the stupid idiot government are currently doing POLICE CUT!!!! "oh no the crime rate has risen, why and what can we do about it?" *cut more officers* the biggest crime in my town is drugs offences and anti social behaviour. We have a LOT of aggressive homeless druggie types round here but the po po do nothing about it so theyre left free to cause havoc and scare people. Theyre a loss cause im 100% theyve refused all help to feed their addictions. its totally understandable why we had Sanatoriums in the first place, to put people like these away.
  15. StormBlaze

    Your Opinion on the British Culture?

    dude, what even is this thread?! Im British and i just dont know what im reading. I guess I could do a similar thread for Americans? Them crazy cowboy hat wearing yanks with their pick up trucks, moonshine, denim and check shirts eatin hamburgers. You talk about us as if we're alien. We're not too disimilar to you lot.