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  1. mrrrmmmm >.< wisdom tooth has finally broken through the gum, so Im not a happy pegasus right now >.< owowowowow

    1. Syndar


      Look at the bright side, now you're a little wiser, and aching, but above all wise ... and aching. I hope to heal you soon. ^_^

  2. righty ho, so first off I just want to note that 2 of the tracks are out of my control on mixing fully - Thinking about Soarin and My Past is not today. My Past is not today is actually a case of singing from someone's kareoke track (credited in the video descrip), Denz mixed my vocals for it, but because its not really a track you can easily pull apart, its probably stands out as my vocals being laid on top of it. For the other tracks mentioned, he has assured me that he does do everything youve mentioned and suggested, but its a case of different kit settings and each to their own on hearing it. Same goes for previous comments in this thread. He's aware of whats been pointed out, but please be aware he is no amateur, contrary to what you guys think, Ive never seen anyone so obsessed with getting his tracks on point before. What im a little disappointed in is that I kinda wanted feedback on my singing as opposed to how the tracks are done. I want to work with more musicians in this fandom, but im still a nobody.
  3. Mega Thread

    crying at work, thank god no one else is in yet. My mum had to go into a&e at the weekend, and ive only just been told, so im a pretty sad pegasus today. v.v
  4. General

    we like a few (me and bf), Denz is set on trying to perfect his own Raspberry white chocolate martini - had some in Portsmouth on a night out and since we cant find it near home, he's making it himself. He also really loves the esspresso martinis and Mohitos only if its made with lemonade. My faves are Purple Rain and Blue Lagoon. Not many places seem to do Purple Rain though.
  5. Web

    Game Grumps - Mostly watch for Danny. Justin Scarred/LiveFastDiePoor/Randomland - Disney vlogs Cory Williams/SMPFilms/TheMeanKitty/Dudelikehella/LiveEachDay - Been watching this guy since 2008, my longest subbed creator. Special Shout out for my little brother - TomatoGhost (his vids are really awesome)
  6. if you read the title I did state that this is not a fimfic at all =/ I just had a really crap day irl
  7. Seems today is just a really bad and unlucky feeling day for me, so I'll just list the things that have happened so far this 24hours. Last night I guess, Couldnt find an english dub stream for Princess Kaguga movie and the online stores also lacked this DVD from the Ghibli sales so ive been unable to get a copy of it. Then the whole night I spent sweating fighting a headache and just being overheated and dehydrated. Woke up in a pool of sweat near enough, with the same headache. Got into the shower, my Dad uses the kitchen taps and causes my shower to loose pressure then go cold for longer than it should have =( I accidently take Denz's lunch snacks because I forgot I bought another flavour. As soon as we walk out the door, it starts raining a small monsoon on us walking to work. This morning I find it hard to make myself draw today's Inktober drawing, got there eventually, but even my fursona's expression isnt a happy one like I wanted. The PC at work is suffering, think the fan is on its way out and its just not happy with me. I tried to suggest that bronies going to see the movie in cinemas be mature about it and courteous to parents and kids going too, then that blows up in my face and apprently Ive taken some rights away from my friends because im trying to be the voice of reason. So Ive got my brony friends having a go at me because I just advise them on being, well, normal. We dont get the chance to hire out showings for group meets like the bigger international groups can. So to calm myself down a bit, I wanted to get some Milky Way bars, but the shop I go to is out of stock of the packs I want, so I attempt to buy something else. The card machine is broken, so I have to go find a cash point instead of have the attendant move to the next empty till to use that machine, causing me to hold up the queue behind me as well as cut in front to come back to pay in cash. *sigh* It's only 12.30... what else is to come? ;_;
  8. I have never seen Hocus Pocus!!!!
  9. We don't get the Movie in the UK until the 20th - and no I dont want to watch the rip.Please be considerate with spoilers in statuses thanks!

    1. meme


      spoiler: has ponies

    2. pegapony


      Same here in Sweden -  20th

  10. ive never been to the states, all my knowledge kinda comes from vloggers. Though I seem very drawn to seeing the North West coast, Oregon, Washington and even Alaska.
  11. like my avatar. hehe

    1. StormBlaze


      always a like for Soarin avatars

    2. Captain Whirlwind
  12. Can you guys point out which need mixing more? Its a number of different people doing the mixes
  13. my laptop has to use it, because Chrome just freezes it >.> only use it for streaming catch up TV, because netflix dosent do that...yet
  14. just got into work, feeling very meh. dealing with a cold that's turned into a gum/jaw infection, very swollen up with a sore throat. not fun, but hey its finally Friday. I can go home tonight and draw
  15. there is no all of the above option! Its a generic term I use for anything spindley with a tiny body and annoying. cellar spiders are bloody gross to look at x.x almost always find dead ones *shivers* dead curled up spiders are worse than live ones imo. ew