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  1. i have a head canon where they were ambushed by a pack of timber wolves when they were coming back from selling apples in another town. Granny Smith was baby sitting the 3 foals. Which is why AJ feared Timber wolves so much in "spike at your service".
  2. lol well my hometown kinda has its own climate from the rest of the country. So if everyone is getting thunderstorms, we don't. Its very rare for us to have massive storms. Maybe we'll get one tonight though. I hate the heat, even if its not very hot in general I still sweat and melt. Give me snow any day. Umm I'd guess I've just been sat in front of a fan and eating ice pops. OH and having a cold shower actually really helped after I came home from work. Cools your body down.
  4. Movies/TV

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =3
  5. i dont really like any tea of sorts. Im a terrible British person for saying that. I just dont like hot drinks in general or anything cold with "tea" tagged onto it. I cant stand bubble tea, bleh. Same with fizzy drinks. I pretty much only drink various fruit juices, milkshakes and water lol Anything dairy based, then I'll go to town on it.
  6. Mint! My fave flavour. hmm *thinks* I come across as crazy in some of my years but I actually cant think of anything crazy that I've actually done....... dipped macdonalds fries in the shakes? maybe? LOL ugh thinking about it my life has been pretty boring for thrills. I take the odd risk in life to get to better places, but seriously cant think of a crazy thing.....
  7. cant say, but I reckon it was a horse drawing. everything older than 2014 is now in storage, but my old art is still available to view on my original DA gallery.
  8. Bit of an odd one today, but do any of you have wildlife you watch at work or school/college/uni? Pretty much real life/your own Springwatch (BBC TV show) I have 2 species I watch out of my office window this season. First and my main entertainment is my Seagull family. My window looks out onto a flat roof and I've been watching this seagull couple since...*ahem* the mating season >.> and now they have 2 chicks. The chicks run about all over the roof and Im worried one will fall off (now he can jump onto the ledge) or end up down a gutter. Apprently they fledge in August. The second family of birds I watch are a large family of Peregrine Falcons. They nest on the Church next to our street. Really fascinating to watch and hear, all they do is shriek a lot lol. But amazingly theres about 5 or 6 of them in this one family! So do you guys have any distraction wildlife stories? Could be as small as a spider that lives on your PC
  9. here in the UK we have Counties not states. I'm from and live in Somerset. In the County town of Taunton. I love it here, but the town is in such a poor state from our current council's cock ups in the last 5 years =( I love its history and my fave thing to do is just chill in the park.
  10. God Save the King/Queen is VERY outdated and very drole and im one of the many who still doesnt know the words in full x.x shameful I know, but its so UGH. 2 I would love to have as our Anthems and always consider them unofficial ones. I Vow to thee my country and Jerusalem - Even though I guess its rather non PC to have it as an anthem, because Jerusalem is in the middle east blah blah terrorists etc, dunno if it would ever be accepted these days. But we Brits love it because its a powerful Hymn and raises morale when we sing it. Plus EVERYONE knows it.
  11. the UK is not used to being above 30C!!!!! HELP!
  12. *pokes you with my snaketail* :3

  13. "A week of Hell's fire." this heatwave is ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH
  14. to the idiots responsible for early airing on weekdays - BUCK YOU! Not fair for us in class or at work when spoilers are posted already. Havent had a chance to watch either of the new eps yet. Especially since Apple Parents is one of the episodes!!!1 ARGH

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      I have to go to work in a couple of minutes and I have to wait until I get home to see the new episode. So, I know exactly how you feel. 

    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      I feel ya there. This season has been all over the place schedule wise. =/

    3. Vocal Analyst

      Vocal Analyst

      I'm avoiding most social media for the next few days until the spoiler hype dies down. More than happy to wait until the US schedule catches up.

  15. apparently its over 9000? I really struggle on normal sunny days, so this is a living hell for me x.x This year only one pony con for me which is UK Ponycon - I cannot afford to go overseas right now =(