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  1. denzxavier

    Some music to share

    Long overdue music update
  2. denzxavier

    Some music to share

    Been a little while since I updated here.
  3. denzxavier

    Some music to share

    Cheers, glad you like it. And this one is an orchestral remake of my track 'Soarin Free' by MeetSouder.
  4. denzxavier

    Some music to share

    Couple of instrumental pieces
  5. denzxavier

    Some music to share

    Vocals aren't my strongest area, though I still think generally not that bad. That sound is indeed some effected pick scraping on the guitar. Don't think I agree about the vocals being cheesy however I'm afraid. I will continue as I am defiantly. And then there was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRdJE5Kza00
  6. Soooo........ keeping it nice and simple, I make musics which hopefully suits this section just fine to share. As tempted as I am to throw a whole array of tracks on here, have a couple of examples for the time being.
  7. Welcome to MLP Forums denzxavier. I hope you have a great time here /)

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