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  1. Oops the amount of notifs i have. Lol.

  2. But don't tell my heart My achy breaky heart I just don't think he'd understand And if you tell my heart My achy breaky heart He might blow up and kill this man.
  3. This would be funnier if most people knew the references.
  4. Why must the one i love not love me? Thick thighs save lives.
  5. I think it was recently revealed she has parents, they are just really busy.
  6. Don't think about the joke to hard, it can hurt your brain.
  7. It would be weird if they didn't, it's like the perfect time to now.
  8. Think about how starswirl will react to finding twilight went to where he banished the sirens.
  9. Tirek almost had all of equestria in his hands before lunchtime so i'm voting tirek.