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  1. ShootingStar159

    Could the Storm King return?

    Any day now, it’ll happen, I’m just waiting on my lifetime supply of industrial-grade super glue and he’ll be good as new!
  2. ShootingStar159

    Season 8's writers are neglecting Starlight

    This season has been very good to Starlight so far, not just in quantity, but in quality too. She settled on a career path, reunited and made amends with her father, and continues to do her best to make Twilight proud of her. I don’t have any complaints with how the season has used her.
  3. ShootingStar159

    S08:E14 - A Matter of Principals

    So ignoring all the weird drama from this episode, anyone else disturbed Twilight has an observatory where she can spy on the whole school? She really is becoming Spy-light.
  4. The fan base might be older than the intended audience, but it’s still pretty young, and younger people tend to lean left. On the whole, politics isn’t really a part of the show (thank god), so the political leanings of the fan base doesn’t get dragged up much.
  5. ShootingStar159

    S08:E14 - A Matter of Principals

    Your entire arguments so far are based around baseless assumptions. You assume that all bugbears are as strong or as determined as the one in Slice of Life, so Starlight driving one away means she’s overpowered. You assume that Celestia and Luna couldn’t banish Discord the same way Starlight did, so she’s overpowered. You assume that Twilight’s failsafe spell failing (which, by the way is a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously) means that all unicorn magic is useless against him. And this isn’t even true, in part two, she disrupts his magic holding the other M6 with a bubble shield, which also seems to reverse the effects of his chaos magic as well. She also has a reformation spell she thinks would affect him in season three. All of these assumptions are easily countered by asking questions that challenge those assumptions. This assumption of “overpowered” doesn’t have any basis in facts, and is entirly a gut, first-instinct reaction to the scene without any thought given for the context of the scenes or the larger world the show takes place in.
  6. ShootingStar159

    S08:E14 - A Matter of Principals

    Probably took them all day because Fluttershy didn’t want to hurt the bugbear, while Starlight doesn’t care about that and just nailed it. Or maybe Twilight taught her where the weak point on a bug bear is, using her own experience to teach her. And how do you know Celestia and Luna never tried that? It obviously didn’t work, maybe they knew better than to try, or maybe banishing Discord from an entire nation is harder than banishing him from one school ground. You do realize there are tons of explanations that go beyond just Starlight being powerful, right?
  7. I always thought that was the timeline where the show ended after season three. Also, when did we get a Glimmy reaction emote!
  8. ShootingStar159

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    That was a fun episode, though I absolutely called people saying the moral was confused or muddy because the consequences of Pinkie’s playing were jammed up for comedic effect. Still, I thought it was a decent comedic episode, though I don’t think it will be too memorable in the long run.
  9. Wow. I don’t see any point in trying to debate this, it doesn’t seem like it would be well received. But I will say this; I didn’t like Trixie until TWaBA. There was nothing redeeming about her character, she was an arrogant stereotype that people liked because of how shameless she was in her arrogance. Even in NSP, she still wasn’t redeemed because the entire ordeal, and her friendship, was still all about her, and what she could get out of it. It wasn’t until she helped Starlight save a bunch of people she didn’t even like that there was even a hint that she had any further depth to her character, and it wasn’t until then that she truly began to grow as a character. Before, she was a small character with only a handful of emotions and plans that we as the audience always knew would fail. She’s become so much more than that now, and it bothers me that people would rebel against this just because she didn’t end up matching their idealized headcanons
  10. ShootingStar159

    Did the Main Six fail their first Friendship Mission?

    The problem wasn’t the town, the problem was Starlight. As soon as she was gone, the villagers figured things out for themselves. The real question I’m asking isn’t about that, it’s about whether the main six dealt with Starlight the way the map wanted them to. Because the way they dealt with Starlight was the same way they were going to deal with Stygian, and in both instances there were consequences for the actions. Starlight almost destroyed the world. The Elements would have been lost, and possibly more importantly, Starswirl wouldn’t have learned the magic of friendship. Do you think the map sent them there to beat Starlight, or to help her, and by helping her help the entire town? This is true from a writing perspective, but my question is from a narrative perspective, which would include all that we know now. And with what we know now, did they fail the mission?
  11. So, starting with the obvious first question, yes, I do believe it’s possible to fail a map mission, if for no other reason than narrative tension is lost if it’s impossible for the main characters to fail. For the sake of this question, let’s just assume it is possible. This is something I’ve been considering since Shadow Play first aired. Looking back at The Cutie Map, especially after Shadow Play, it’s very clear to me that Starlight wasn’t just causing the Friendship problem, she was the Friendship problem. She needed the Main Six’s help more than anyone in the village, but instead of trying to understand her, they tried to beat her. Starlight acted like a villain, so the main six treated her like one. But... is that really what the map called them there to do? The result of how they treated Starlight, and the best argument that the mission was a failure, is that there were consequences for what they did. Starlight almost destroyed the world, and the only reason she stopped is because Twilight stopped trying to beat her, and started trying to understand her. Just like there would have been consequences if they had banished Stygian instead of rescuing him. The map didn’t send the main six to beat Stygian, it sent them to help him. Did it really send them to beat Starlight, or did they fail the mission by never even trying to help her?
  12. ShootingStar159

    If Starlight has never camped and hates the outdoors...

    I’m pretty sure that’s called “being homeless,” not “going camping.”
  13. ShootingStar159

    Pick Fillydelphia's Captain

    Ohhhh, that’s a tough vote... Roseluck.
  14. Well, I finally had the brilliant idea to follow this entire board, hopefully that means I won’t miss anymore votes!
  15. Considering how protective Firelight seemed of her, even if she could be accepted into the school, I don’t think he would send his little pumpky-wumpkins halfway across Equestria.