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  1. I like your avatar, My Friend! :squee:

  2. ShootingStar159

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    I’d like to share something I saw years ago. This was back when I was super into Stargate SG-1, so into it I begged until my parents bought me the full ten seasons on dvd (lol), along with all the cool behind the scenes stuff. And in one of the interviews of the directors and writers, they said something that will always stick with me. They said (paraphrased), “We’ve put so much time, effort, and energy into building this world, but we will never care about it as much as the fans do. When we finish writing or directing an episode, that’s it, we have to go and put what we have into the next episode. And there’s times when the fans will come up and ask questions about an episode or character, and we have to be reminded because it was something we wrote years ago. And while fans will consume what we’ve written over and over and over again, to the point where they will remember small bits of lore, we haven’t, we’ve been trying to work on what comes next. Some fans who catch us with a small discrepancy or mistake will accuse us of not caring, but that’s not the case, it’s just the nature of TV and working on someone else’s schedule.” Do I believe new writers have seen every episode? Yes. That doesn’t mean they remember every little detail of the show, especially since it’s likely they only watched each episode once. It’s important as fans to remember that the people working on the show are doing just that... working. They will never have the exact level of passion and fanaticism that we do, and some mistakes are going to happen.
  3. ShootingStar159

    About Cozy Glow...

    What? No... ugh, listen. Cozy’s plan wasn’t to drain the magic from Equestria. That was just one of the steps to her plan, which was to become the “Empress of Friendship,” whatever the heck that means. It doesn’t matter how long it would take Celestia and Luna to get to the school, or how long it would take the main six to walk back. What matters is that we have three groups of people who all know the truth about Cozy and what she did. And all of them were working to stop/apprehend her. It doesn’t matter that. Cozy would have permenantly damaged Equestria, her plan is still a failure. She would never be the Empress of Friendship. She’d be forever on the run or locked in a cell.
  4. ShootingStar159

    About Cozy Glow...

    What does it matter that they don’t have magic? Cozy didn’t know they were coming and her plan was to take over the school and use it to make more friends than anyone. That plan is a total failure. She lost.
  5. ShootingStar159

    Will we ever get to see Starswirl teach Twilight?

    What exactly is Starswirl going to teach her? Not only does she know more about friendship, but she also improved his own spells twice now. She doesn’t need him.
  6. ShootingStar159

    About Cozy Glow...

    Cozy didn’t win at all. Even if the Tree hadn’t saved everyone, Celestia and Luna were on their way to arrest her. The main six escaped from Tartarus. She didn’t outsmart everyone, not even close. She was just smart enough to be dangerous, but too stupid and arrogant to ever have a chance at success.
  7. ShootingStar159

    Coco Pommel Fan club

    Filly Coco Is Trying Her Best, by luciferamon
  8. ShootingStar159

    StarTrix: Trixie & Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    It’s Still Pocky Day, by Raikoh
  9. ShootingStar159

    “Rewrite” an Early Episode for S9

    It’s not a secret that the show has gone through some serious changes over the years, like an expanded world, expanded cast of characters, major character developement, improved animation, and a shift in overall tone. Are there any early episodes or premises (season 1-4) that you think would be improved if it was told in season nine instead, with all of the changes, new characters, and better animation available now?
  10. ShootingStar159

    Opinion: Most of the show's worst episodes are in the first half (S1-4)

    Hmmm... I’m not sure I would agree with this, and that’s coming from someone who thinks the 2nd half of the show is a huge improvement over the first. Seriously, I don’t know if even one episode of the first half would break my top ten, not becuase the early episodes are worse, but because I find much greater resonance and relatability from later episodes. Truthfully, the show became more complex, more drama and emotional driven in the second half, whereas the first half was much more simple Slice of life with much less continuity and significantly more self contained. And while the show was taking greater risks, with more drama and emotion, it was also having to deal with a shrinking pool of stories to draw from. Riskier storytelling and less material to work with leads to more duds.
  11. ShootingStar159

    StarTrix: Trixie & Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    A cozy place, by JumbleHorse
  12. ShootingStar159

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    By Sugar Morning A really cute pic of my favorite show relationship.
  13. ShootingStar159

    Which episode(s) of FiM are the most mature?

    Off the top of my head, Uncommon Bond and Forever Filly are two episodes that deal with issues you’re more likely to face as you grow older.
  14. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler Characters not in Best Gift Ever

    If a screen shot from the website is supposed to be proof, than Sunset Shimmer isn’t a main character. Welp, you heard it here folks, Sunset Shimmer is just another character, not a main one, like it or not.
  15. I couldn’t really speak to Applejack, but I know the Spike x Starlight ship gets attention becuase they both treat each other as equals, instead of Starlight treating Spike like Twilight’s pet baby dragon.