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  1. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Unicorns, by quizia I hope we see Moondancer come back sometime.
  2. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Nope, it’s been moved to the 22nd. Group 30 is going first for some reason.
  3. world cup MLPF World Cup 2018 - Group 30 - Yakyakistan

    Yay, Scootaloo wins! I knew she could!
  4. So, round three follow-up. Even more enjoyable the next two times, I’m bumping my score from 8.5 to a 9, for one very important reason: Nick Confalone fixes Sunset Shimmer. I sure there’s some fans who would disagree with me, but hear me out. Everyone’s heard the criticisms, that she’s “brainwashed” by the EoH and becomes another person overnight. Well... they’re true, there’s no possible way to deny that. It’s always been a minor gripe for me though, because they were trying to cram an entire reformation and redemption story, something that is still a multi-season ongoing arc for characters like Starlight or Discord, into one movie so that she could take over Twilight’s role moving forward. I don’t really like it, but I get why they did it that way, so I overlook it for the most part. But there’s no excuse to continue that way in Friendship Games, Legends of Everfree, or Magical Movie Night (the three 20mn specials). That was the time to start bringing back her old self, to have her work on her old character flaws that were skipped over for the sake of RR, but they weren’t. Instead of character flaws, she was given a series of character struggles to overcome each movie. New movie, new struggle to be overcome and then never seen again. Good enough for the purpose of each movie, but it left her more and more bland as time went on, culminating in her awful performance in MMN. Seriously, go back and watch her in Dance Magic and Movie Magic. It’s painfully obvious the writers don’t know what to do with her when she’s not being a hero, every other character has their ‘thing’ they do while someone else is being the center of attention, but being the center of attention is all Sunset has had up until this point, and it shows. So, how does Nick Confalone fix her? Well, for starters, he brings back her old personality. We see her ego and ambition in her speech on how the student body trusted her to be yearbook editor. Also nice to see she learned to focus on something other than the threat of magic, he calls back the struggles from FG and Mirror Magic by showing her moving on to accept different responsibilities and passions. We got pieces of this during the recent shorts, but nothing long enough or meaty enough to be substantial measurements of growth. We see her anger and temper brought back, but in meaningful ways. Until now, her temper has only been used in short bursts as a plot device, and it never felt like much of a flaw when she’s always right to be angry. It’s hard to look down on her temper when she’s justified each and every time, but in Forgotten Friendship? She yells at Microchips because hes scared of her, she gets really aggressive with Trixie, she even threatens Wallflower with violence. She’s never done anything like that, until now her temper has always been a quick burst of anger that she immediately feels guilty over. Here, it’s pervasive throughout the special, and it only gets stronger as it goes on. Nick took the old Sunset from EQG1, and wrote Sunset in FF around her, instead of basing her off the character replacement we got in RR, and she’s a hundred times better for it. In a nice twist, we see Sunset attempt a physical resolution against Wallflower at first. Before this we’ve always seen her go the Twilight clone route, where she gives a friendship speech to try and talk the villain down, usually without success. It was nice to see her do something not only different, but also more like herself, instead of Twilight. We even have Nick try and retroactively make Sunset less perfect. I know some people aren’t happy with how the special tries to make it sound like Sunset was responsible for Wallflower, but I kinda like it. It highlights Sunset’s passive nature, that while she’s not actively being mean, neither is she going out her way to show kindness to others. It reminds me of my biggest gripe with Sunset’s role in RR, her passive attitude towards her fellow students. She very clearly feels bad, and she definitely wants others to know that she’s changed, but she never does anything about it. She sits on the sidelines and never tries to make any practical attempt at amends or an apology. It makes her struggle feel shallow, and her big moment of redemption unearned. If we saw her try and make small efforts to help others, something as simple as helping someone clean up a mess they dropped or offer to help someone with their homework, something more meaningful than offering to color with the CMC’s, and to have them constantly reject her, it makes the final moment of her redemption more powerful, and the result of hard work instead of dumb luck. Nick takes her passive nature and turns it into a more serious character lesson, and I wonder if that was on purpose. (As an aside, I’ve never like Sunset’s offer to help the CMC’s paint, obviously. But with what we’ve learned about Sunset’s artistic skills, it gives this scene a bit more relevance. It isn’t a simple, shallow attempt, it’s Sunset trying to offer to help with something she’s good at, and it means more for that help to be rejected. This makes what I initially viewed as a superficial gesture more meaningful, even if it does so retroactively. This only occurred to me as I was writing this. I don’t know if this makes her redemption feel more ‘earned’ to me, she still only made one attempt, but at least the attempt was serious. I’ll have to give it some more thought.) Bottomline, this is the Sunset Shimmer we should have gotten after RR, and I hope it’s what we’re going to get from now on.
  5. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Element of Cockyness, by Artiks
  6. world cup MLPF World Cup 2018 - Group 30 - Yakyakistan

    Alright, let’s go Scootaloo and Rumble! Best pegasus foals! Little story, back when I started watching the show and following the fandom, I was very much drawn to Scootaloo and the fanon theories that she was an orphan. I myself had just recently lost my parents (Mom in Jan.2010, and Dad in Oct.2011) so I was naturally drawn to her character. I even made an attempt at a fanfic about her. Sleepless in Ponyville is still one of my favorite episodes, and it’s been really fulfilling to see her growing up (though not taller). As for Rumble, well, I’ve always been a big fan of his design, and he had a really good episode last season.
  7. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Starlight Glimmer, by rustyartist
  8. world cup MLPF World Cup 2018 - Group 30 - Yakyakistan

    TJPones is one of my favorite fandom artists, his comics are simple, but always good for a laugh.
  9. Except the one thing that set Sunset apart from the rest of the school is that she was a horrible person that everyone hated and feared. Then, next thing you know, she’s ‘changed’ and everyone loves her. But for Wallflower, nothing really changed about her, Sunset ignores her as much now as she used to. So she resents the idea that people love Sunset and give her all sorts of positive attention because she’s such a better person, when Wallflower doesn’t believe the change is real. Wallflower is very similar to Luna and Starlight, all three bottled up their hate and resentment and projected it onto something else. For Luna, it was her sister, for Starlight, it was Cutie marks, and for Wallflower it was Sunset.
  10. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Book Overdose is a Serious Health Concern Seriously, Twilight was amazing in this.
  11. Season 8 Trailer

    Rarity’s schoolteacher outfit is...just... I love it, there’s no other words for it.
  12. Finally getting to watch it, only half-way through, but I had to jump in to say that Twilight has been amazing so far. Okay, finished! That was just as good as I thought it would be, maybe even better when I rewatch it. Some thoughts: Sunset was back in form here, pretty much cementing for me that she really is best within these types of stories. She’s a hero character, not a Slice-of-life character, so these kinds of stories are where she’s going to truly shine. Seeing her reunite with Celestia has been a long time coming, and their interactions were very sweet. Even in spite of their shared screen time, she and Twilight didn’t really have any meaningful interactions, which is somewhat disappointing. The rest of the “main cast” were reduced to cheerleaders/batteries/damsels once again, but at this point it’s a tradition for the series. Why change it now, I guess? At least they added a little humor at the beginning, but after that they really didn’t appear much, and they did almost nothing until the end. Pretty disappointing, I have to wonder if their roles were part of the cut 6mins that’ll be part of the YouTube version. I'm pretty conflicted on Trixie’s role for a couple reasons, but I want to rewatch a few times before I make any judgements there. And finally, we have Wallflower Blush. She continues the line of lonely villains for the franchise, following in the footsteps of Luna and Starlight, though I don’t think she comes close to either of them. Honestly, when you go around erasing all of your interactions with others, do you really have any right to get angry when people have no idea who you are? Still, she had a cute design and VA, and while she’s not topping any villain lists, I don’t think there was anything awful about her. Better than Juniper, at least. Overall, a solid 8.5 out of 10, it had the usual shortcomings of an EQG story, but it’s strengths definitely puts it near the top of the series for me. Look forward to rewatching it later today.
  13. Cuddle War!!!!!

    *cuddles @ChB back* Thanks, I really needed this.
  14. One Hour Holiday Special Coming This Holiday Season

    I’m sure everyone is stunned by this, but I’m hoping it’s about Starlight’s childhood growing up, and why she grew up jaded about the holiday. If it’s not that, than I want it to be about Rainbow Dash trying to get Tank the perfect gift.
  15. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    New Hairstyle, by zouyugi