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  1. ShootingStar159

    What you hope to see before the end of this season

    Starlight’s mother and cutie mark story are the only things I really truly want from the show at this point. Anything else is just icing on the cake.
  2. ShootingStar159

    E06: Street Chic

    The birds are flying North for the winter? Uh... either Fluttershy doesn’t know anything about bird migratory patterns, or Canterlot in the human world is in the Southern Hemisphere for some reason. Or the writers made a rookie mistake.
  3. ShootingStar159

    Best writer in each season

    Same, but if they returned for G5, I’d be much more optimistic about it as well.
  4. Absolutely, we should always -Always- remember Applejacks greatest lesson. ”I didn’t learn anything!”
  5. ShootingStar159

    Worried about Season 9.

    Nope, not worried in the slightest. I don’t have the weirdly perpetual hate boner that others seem to have for a show they are still watching for some reason.
  6. ShootingStar159

    sunset shimmer: like or dislike, and why?

    I like Sunset... but I also acknowledge that’s an easy thing to do. There is not a single thing about her (the character, not the writing) to dislike. Borderline perfect, and the few flaws she does have are never used in a way that creates conflict or makes her look bad. She’s EQG’s golden goose, and Hasbro and the writers are extremely careful not to do anything to ruffle the feathers of their money making character. I like her, but I want it to be harder to like her. I want her to be a more human character, not a superhero. I don’t think she fits in with the rest of the girls with all their flaws and insanity.
  7. ShootingStar159

    Best aspects of each Season?

    Season One: Simple storytelling with relatable characters. It sets up the building block for future character growth nicely. Season Two: Comedy and Villains. With hilarious episodes like Lesson Zero as well as a greater emphasis on humor overall, and the introductions of Discord and Chrysalis, Season two is where the show truly came into its own. Even then, it still had great moments of emotional storytelling and character growth. Season Three: Rainbow Dash’s best season. Wonderbolt Academy and Sleepless in Ponyville are two of the greatest Dash episodes ever. Other than that... Season Four: First take at a Season long story arc, and maybe the best one so far. Season Five: Emotional, Character driven storytelling. Amending Fences, Brotherhooves Social, CotLM, Mane Attraction, I could go on and on. Also the first bit of character goal achievement with Carosel Boutique and in my opinion, still the best one. Season Six: Starlight Glimmer. Actually taking a chance on a serious reformation arc that keeps and highlights a former villains flaws and doesn’t try and make a character perfect to earn forgiveness was a chance that has paid off for the show. Season Seven: Emotional, Character driven Storytelling and Worldbuilding. Season 5&7 are pretty similar, but the worldbuilding with the pillars sets it apart. Season Eight: The School and Student Six. Honestly, I like Season eight. I do. But outside of one or two episodes that stand out for personal reasons, the school is the only thing going to stand out about this season when I look back at it.
  8. ShootingStar159

    What if Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie argued?

    It would finally be Andrea Libmans turn to argue with herself.
  9. What a lovely glimmery!

  10. ShootingStar159

    The S9 MUST be focused on the Mane 6

    No, they really must focus on quality storytelling, regardless of which characters those stories are about.
  11. ShootingStar159

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    I’ve never understood the arguments surrounding this example. She gave Sunburst the spell to read, he expressed interest in it, and the moment he made it clear he wasn’t comfortable, she undid the spell. At no point did she cross any lines or boundaries. In fact, considering it’s Sunburst, I don’t know how he didn’t know what the spell would do after reading it. Maybe he couldn’t understand it because if Starlight’s horrible horn writing but acted like he could anyways?
  12. ShootingStar159

    End it in season 10 instead of 9?

    I would like it to last ten seasons, just because of the ten years of pony thing. It’s a nice milestone for the show. That said, the quality of storytelling for the main six has been steadily, though slowly, slipping. The biggest downside for season ten I see is that Hasbro won’t allow the main six to slide into a slightly more secondary role, and would force the writers to give focus on character Without a good premise for a story.
  13. ShootingStar159

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    My reaction would be something like this.
  14. Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer here. Good and bad are a highly subjective, I’m just curious of people’s thought’s. Probably the most interesting thing about Starlight to me, is that she is often portrayed as the bad person trying to be good. She wants to be a good person, she wants people to like and respect her, she wants friends who won’t leave her, but so often her base personality, her anxiety, her narcissism, her impulsiveness, all combine to create trouble for other people, in many ways that could be considered bad if not outright evil. But does that make her bad, or do you think that her desire to do and be good are more important? And if you think she is bad, do you think that’s a bad thing, or does it only make her more interesting/relatable/ etc? Do you think she should change enough that she could be considered good?
  15. ShootingStar159

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    Gauntlet of Fire. It was the first time a Spike episode really blew me away and started a new chapter in Spike’s storytelling.