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  1. ShootingStar159

    Nicole Dubuc To Receive WGA West Animation Writing Award

    That’s very cool, she certainly deserves it.
  2. ShootingStar159

    Vote for the Best and Worst Episodes of Season 8!

    That pretty much sums up my feelings, there were very few duds, and nothing I found truly bad, but at the same time, very little really truly stood out to me either, despite how much I enjoyed the season as a whole.
  3. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler Finale Speculation: The Student 6 and the auras...

    Well, the Tree said it itself, it is growing and gaining new abilities. It could just be that it can now channel it’s power through people other than just the Elements now.
  4. ShootingStar159

    Am I the only one who quite liked Season 6?

    First, there’s a difference between, “I think Season six is the worst,” and “I don’t like Season six.” I do believe season sixis the worst season, but there are still many things that I like about season six. I just don’t think it’s high’s are better than it’s lows. But that’s just me, I’ve seen many people say they like Season six, even a few who rank it among the best.
  5. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    A pretty enjoyable finale, but was held back by two pretty big flaws: Cozy Glow is the worst villain in the show, and the needless focus on the main six in Tartarus (which actually makes Cozy even worse as a villain since they managed to escape on their own.) Cozy Glow was so terrible, I could make an entire rant post about her, and I probably will, but in short she was was delusional, idiotic, and incompetent. Not only was her plan doomed to failure, it wouldn’t have even worked if it wasn’t since the M6 escaped on their own. Her plan would have destroyed Equestria, and even if the main six hadn’t escaped, it still relied on the entire, now devastated, nation listening to and taking seriously, a (indeterminate age) filly. And the worst, the absolute worst part is, it was entirely unnecessary. There was no time limit or rush, Cozy could have grown up as Twilight’s student and “right hoof filly”, gaining knowledge not just about friendship, but leadership, earning the trust of everyone around her, until she had gained enough friends and “power” to make a realistic grab for power. Seriously, her plan involved having the most friends in Equestria, but how many friends had she really made? What exactly made her think that she was ready for this plan? Look at this, I even said I would rant somewhere else... There’s a few other flaws, like the “Oh no, the school’s going to be destroyed... oh wait never mind” moment, or the CMC’s flaccid involvement, but they don’t really effect the story like the big fails. Other than that though... The students were good, I liked the Main Six’s interactions in Tartarus, especially Pinkie with Tirek and Rainbow’s escape attempt. I liked Starlight’s role here, even if it’s pretty absurd that magically knowledgeable Starlight would get close enough to get trapped in an unknown magical swirling vortex. It was fun to see Cozy manipulate the school like she did in her speech. The end with the “graduation” scene was a nice touch. On the whole, an enjoyable episode, but it lacked the cohesiveness and high’s of other season finales. 7.5/10, certainly not the best, but still pretty enjoyable.
  6. ShootingStar159

    Season 8

    Sympathy and relatability are overrated. You can’t write a dynamic and vibrant character while also have them be relatable and sympathetic to everybody, that’s not how people, and in turn characters, work. It’s far more important to write characters with realistic and consistent personalities. If you do that, then you have a unique character that people who find them relatable will be drawn to them.
  7. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler What's left for Equestria Girls as of late 2018

    That was a part of the big 2017 leaks. Not only has nothing in there been confirmed by Hasbro, it’s all still subject to change. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  8. ShootingStar159

    Did Canterlot exist before Luna was exiled?

    Yes, it did. Rockhoof mentions that ‘even Canterlot looks different,’ in Raockhoof and a Hard Place. So it existed before he was trapped in limbo, which happened before Luna was banished.
  9. ShootingStar159

    Sunsets home life

    She does have a job, even if she did bring bits with her. She works at a Sushi place.
  10. ShootingStar159

    I feel like I'm over MLP's animated series

    I’ve grown very tired of the “repeated morals” complaint, as it often seems to miss the point of characterization. The main characters have very rarely actually repeated moral lessons, the lessons are just similar to ones they’ve faced before. And that’s because the lessons are driven by their characterizations. When people complain about characters not “learning their lesson,” it’s really them complaining that the characters aren’t becoming completely different people. Rainbow will always be egotistical, Rarity will always be obsessed with dramatic, and Starlight will always be impulsive. The idea that if they do anything wrong along these it means they aren’t growing or changing is both narrow minded and short sighted.
  11. We’ve now had the chance to see both Hippogrifs and Sea Ponies several times, as well as see Terramar and Silverstream as both. Which design do you think is cuter?
  12. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Cutest family photo ever!
  13. ShootingStar159

    Season 8

    I enjoyed it very much. I did have some problems with some episodes, especially the finale, but it was still good enough to be my third favorite season of the show. That’s pretty impressive with all the chances that the season took.
  14. ShootingStar159

    Episode 200. Whaddya wanna see?

    I’d like to see an answer to an oft asked question rather than another tribute episode. How about see8ng Scootaloo’s parents? Or seeing Starlight’s Cutie mark story/childhood? You know, things fans have wanted answers to for years, without having to actively address the fandom.
  15. ShootingStar159

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Man... this is going to be one of those episodes that people gush over while I just sit here and think, It was fine... I guess. There’s nothing really wrong with the episode, but nothing in it really stood out to me, or won me over. Applejack served no personal purpose, you could have replaced her with anyone else and the story would have remained the same. That goes against the very idea of what a Map mission is supposed to be about, the Tree is supposed to send the people best suited for the problem. And what was the problem? The Kirin are hurting themselves by taking an extreme solution to avoid the possibility of future pain. Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar? Starlight should have been sent instead of Applejack, not only would that have been a great chance for her to interact with a main six member other than Twilight, it would have made the solution less contrived and rushed. Fluttershy is once again used for her talents alone instead of for her personality or experiences. It’s getting old, it seems like it’s the only reason she’s ever sent on these missions, to pull a clue or resolution of of thin air so the writers can save time. And that”s not even going into all the little ways she annoyed me in this episode. Autumn Blaze was... fine? There was nothing offensive or terrible about her, but the episode focused on her so strongly, and she didn’t do anything for me. Her rambling way of speaking could have been a good joke about her having to get used to talking again, but it just went on and on. It wasn’t that funny to begin with and it completely wore out it’s welcome by the end. The song...ugh. The song was fine, I enjoyed it. It had a good beat, fun lyrics and such, but it took what should have been a 30 second explanation and turned into a 3 minute song. And to make it worse, Fluttershy goes ahead and gives the 30 second explanation anyways. The song actively damages the storytelling by making the conclusion rushed, which has Autumn solve the problem completely on her own, which makes the reasoning for Applejack and Fluttershy even needing to go there just hopelessly irrelevant. There’s nothing really that wrong with this episode, it just... doesn’t do anything for me. And that’s really disappointing, especially as an Applejack fan. I want more from her than to simply be a part of good episodes, I want her to be the good part of good episodes.