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  1. I really want to say that Celestia is a better ruler, but everything throughout (and especially at the end) of the series points to Twilight being a much better leader than Celestia, and that's why I don't like this whole thing about "student surpasses teacher", because in less than 5 years, Twilight did more than Celestia in 1000 years, and all she needed to do it was to have 5 friends...
  2. At least, that makes more sense than the theory that Luster is the daughter of Big Mac and Sugar Belle...
  3. I don't think they stop doing what their cutie marks say their talents are, Celestia's talent is controlling the sun, and Luna's talent is controlling the moon. Those are her own talents, in the case of Celestia, it is what she does in addition to being a ruler, in the case of Luna, as shown in A Royal Problem, she has no duty as a princess other than controlling the moon, walking in the dream world it was like a '' hobby '', it's not necessary at all, maybe Luna continues doing it or not, what I mean is that all that thing about ''princesses retire and give all their powers to Twilight '' It'
  4. I didn't want to watch it because the clips were getting boring, but now I'll just watch it to see what Starlight is doing here.
  5. I don't dislike the other races, but I dislike HOW these races were treated. Apparently, all races needed help from the ponies and to solve their problems, Dragons? Too greedy, they need someone approved by ponies, for the benefit of ponies, to lead them. Changelings? let a pony tell them what to do (sorry Glimmy, it's not your fault being part of a racist society) so they can prosper as a society. Yaks? They have been isolated for 1000 years, they are so primitive that all they need are ponies to share. Hippogriffs? Let them a few years underwater, until a pony princess comes to steal their m
  6. And that was exactly what happened in the first two episodes of season 9 and The Ending of The End, ReMane 5 became a magical battery for Twilight, after the elements of harmony were destroyed, only for Twilight to use that power. and get all the credit for it.
  7. I think Sunset should go back to Equestria, I just don't see her staying there after graduation. Being a principal is not something that fits her character, if we assume that she is 18 (obviously older in pony) it would take a long period of time for her to run a school (about 20 years or more) ), also Celestia and Luna retiring to leave their position to a student ?, That would be uncomfortable, generally the Principals of schools are teachers who have been teaching for decades (or at least where I live) and that simply does not fit with Sunset. She is also not interested in science like Sci-
  8. What is the reason for making a new generation if it takes place in the same world as the previous one?
  9. Young six are just alternative versions of Mane Six, I guess Sandbar's talent must be similar to Fluttershy's, he is good with animals, maybe with turtles or aquatic animals, or as someone else mentioned, it must be something related to ocean. A Cutie Mark is a mix between talent (or specialty) and personality, so it must be something related to the ocean and turtles represent his personality. Regarding The Last Problem, he is there only because he is Yona's husband (or whatever), that does not mean that he works in the boutique specifically, he could have his own work and he only goes th
  10. I'd say Starlight, but I think I'm being partial to my favorite pony, she learned identifiable lessons that you can apply in the real world, like when she learned that she shouldn't sell her friend's valuable and important things, when she learned to communicate better with her father, when she learned to establish rules and separate her work hours and free hours, when she learned that friends are not always the best option for a job, even if you want to be close to her, and most importantly, when she learned to respect other ponies. For me a good role model is not the perfect pony that r
  11. I was eager to talk about it. I'll be honest, as much as they look alike, Luster is not the daughter of Sunburst and Starlight, I prefer to say an embodiment of both, just as Twilight is an embodiment of Celestia and Luna, unrelated by blood. Luster seems too old to be their daughter, according to my calculations, Luster must be close to being the age of Flurry Heart, (maybe a little younger) since if we assume that the mural is from his coronation as ruler of the Crystal Empire and it's relatively recent, Flurry Heart must be the right age to take on that role, and it's been roughly 20 year
  12. This thread is very old, but I'll still say what I think. The Magic School for Gifted Unicorns is very exclusive, suppose they accept 10 to 20 students every year, but there are dozens of unicorns trying to enter every yearm, and only half pass the entrance exam, what happens here is that nothing it tells us if the dragon egg exam was the only entrance exam, so the other unicorns would have had to do other different exams but they require the same skill as the dragon egg exam, and few others would have had that exam Twilight included, now suppose 4 foals have that test, two fail, two pass, t
  13. I am, but I still don't know if the information of a new movie for September 2021 is true, although starting a generation with a movie is a good idea, I don't know if after that they will develop a series or the whole plot will be developed in films.
  14. I don't hate mane six, but I can't say I like them, because I'd be lying, I just don't like their relationship as a group, neither of them is close to being my 'favorite pony'. But that does not mean that there are no moments that I enjoy the show.
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