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  1. Somehow, I'm sad because I couldn't see the end in Spanish, but at the same time, I'm happy because the end was crap.



    +I can't stop listening to Greta Van Fleet

  3. I don't think it's related to Sunset Shimmer at all, it was an exclusive Our Town festival created by Starlight, which they celebrated for a week to have fun and celebrate.
  4. There are only four episodes left until the end of the season (Latin America) and I am just realizing that they're not really going to air 'The Last Crusade'

  5. today is a good day to do a marathon of episodes :)

  6. Unless we are referring to Silver Shoals as a subtle metaphor about death, I don't see why everyone would move there, in our world not all the elderly people go to a retirement center, I don't think The Cakes are currently so old as it was Granny Smith, they sure are still working there, maybe Pinkie and Cheese don't even really live there.
  7. I grew up in a strange family, they believe in God, but they have never gone to a church or think of going to one, since they do not trust any church for the crimes committed by the Catholic Church during the dictatorship in my country. They simply believe that there is a very good god who had good intentions and takes care of them wherever they go. They are very good people. Anyway, they are very open-minded and agree that I am currently interested in learning about Buddhism.
  8. Does anyone else think that the forum is too inactive?

    1. PiratePony


      Who are you? This is a haunted ghost town!! Beewarrrrreeee.

  9. stop believing that women are inferior beings, created by the god every creator for male consumption, (and also stop using religion as an argument)
  10. Equestria would be the same, I don't think any timeline of The Cutie Re-Mark happened. I mean, it was terribly exaggerated, almost at the level of Mary Sue; Without her, there is no world, nor would anyone's life be the same, everyone would suffer as they are not smart enough or strong enough to survive without Mary Sue.
  11. 1. Differentiate them 2. Giving wings to a creature from another world would be dangerous, since it would turn her into a princess automatically. 3. Represent Twilight before being an alicorn.
  12. Metaphorical Twilight Journey Then, when the day ends (Celestia), during sunset (Sunset), the twilight makes its brief appearance (Twilight) that unites day and night, but also divides them, brings the night back (Luna at the season premiere 1) next to the stars (Starlight in The Cutie Re-Mark), the entire night would be Twilight's journey (from whens she arrived in Ponyville until she left). The twilight would be from when she moved to Canterlot until the appearance of Luster Dawn. Again twilight appears and welcomes dawn, which means a new beginning, leaving behind the night and the previous day, beginning a new cycle of harmony. Celestia (day); Sunset; ---- Twilight (Night; Luna (moon) and (Star)light) Twilight ---- Luster (Dawn). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- So what do you think? Makes sense? Does it fit the story?
  13. I think I really love the Starlight's design, her hair makes her look elegant, and she is too, her voice is too sweet and she is a very good pony.
  14. Her brother was a captain of the royal guard and her babysitter was a princess ... So actually, she wasn't a regularl pony.