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  1. I think there are many people who hope to see the same characters again, with the same personality and in the same story in the same world, I think it is necessary to clarify that the next generation will not be located in the same world, so they will practically not exist the same characters, we can only hope that the concepts that these characters represent and / or their designs appear. For my part, I would like to have Luna, a pony that is related to dreams, Sunset Shimmer, because that name is too beautiful to discard. From what I can see, they will bring back at least part of Mane Six, Twilight, Rainbow and Pinkie, they are the three most popular so it is quite certain that they will be the protagonists or at least secondary characters, I can also Spike, a dragon that He lives with ponies, although I don't like the idea too much. But in reality all this depends on the world that will be created for this generation.
  2. I don't wanna assume political positions here, but Equestria has a serious problem of authoritarianism, they try to spread their ideology everywhere and those who do not think the same way as them are seen as wrong.
  3. Hello! For weeks I have been working on a story about ponies, I am still creating the characters and this led me to wonder what makes the personalities of each of the Mane Six different? For example I know that the characters are usually classified by 'extroverts' and 'introverts', Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are the first, and Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack (although I'm not sure about her) are the second, but still within those groups, personalities are different, for example Rarity is what society considers as feminine, and Rainbow what is considered masculine, Pinkie is also feminine but not in the same way that Rarity, in introverts, Fluttershy is considered as femenine, Twilight and Applejack as masculine. What do you think? What makes their personalities different?
  4. I wanna create an oc, but I need a base, does anyone have one to give me? I'll give credits.

  5. Hello! Can someone tell me where can I find good quality pony bases?

  6. I really hate saying the things I want with my soul because I feel it takes away the motivation and wanting to fulfill them, but I think that in the next 5 years I would like to (1) study something related to humanism (psychology or sociology / history) and (2 ) dedicate to volunteering, (3) take a trip of a few months (4) write a book (5) be free.
  7. no, but many times I had to go to my grandmother's house to help her, because she had forgotten the key inside and I I had to enter through a very small window.
  8. /DELETED/ I shouldn't have made this post today.
  9. She is a seapony, for now her name is Aurora, I haven't finished designing her yet.
  10. That was too cruel to me, it seemed they were enjoying that.


    1. Antagonist
    2. CypherHoof


      It's fair enough though. We know from Discord they can reverse it later if they want to,  It's poor flufflepuff I feel sorry for.


  11. I was listening to heavy metal all my life thanks to my dad, although I didn't know it, until at 11 he told me about it and I started listening to it on my own, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Guns n 'Roses, AC DC, Nirvana, Green Day, etc ... But I always had the need to listen to a band that identified me and that they are of my generation, so my favorite band is Greta Van Fleet and they sound pretty good and unlike all the others bands that I had been listening to (Twenty One Pilots, SWMRS) my dad likes it too, so I listen to everything that is rock (heavy metal and hard rock mainly) but I also wanted to hear something from the 60-70.
  12. I don't think I should like certain things / or behave in such a way just because I'm a girl, so I just behave the way I want, fuck gender stereotypes.
  13. I just finished this, this is what Twilight would look like if the two lines of her mane were bigger, what do you think? 

    twilight png.png

  14. I definitely think it's a loss of potential not to resume the series in a season 10 located in the future and Luster as the protagonist with her new friends, you have Twilight and ReMane 5 as recurring characters, and Starlight, Trixie and Sunburts as secondary characters being mentors for Luster in Ponyville and at the same time they host her in the castle, the CMC could also be important here.
  15. I just realized that he has eyebrows. Now seriously, I don't like her, I think she is boring and has no singularity, however, iher history is compensable and realistic, but I don't like the way their problems were solved. Besides that, I am not interested in her character, don't take it so seriously or say 'she is a realistic character and blah blah blah. Simply, characters like her and Twilight don't go with me.