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    Drawing. Programming video games. Composing music. Long walks on the beach. Playing Tetris at max speed until eyes fall out. Powerlines, transformers, trusses... Yes TRUSSES! Collecting old telephones and repairing them. Collecting ponies. Collecting street lights (mostly lanterns from the 60-70's). Taking care of my pet ducks. Animating Anime style. DBZ, Mario (only the 2D stuff). Computer technical stuff. Font design, and complex grid fitting.

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  1. *Hug* :yay:

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    2. Xeltor
    3. Splashee


      Just strolling. Helps me to keep fit, and get some some fresh air. I really enjoy it.

    4. Xeltor


      Looks nice

  2. Splashee: ROFL! I can't help it, Kermit's body is just perfect when hitting the pavement, perfect size and weight! Jeffrey: He likes green frog, yes! You are too good with this game @Maya-san 🦄, you are keeping Jeffrey but also myself entertained! Another win for you! You probably get to hug Jeffrey IRL if you can get a winning streak of 5! (Maybe not IRL, but)
  3. Spoiler

    I don't remember the part Sunset went through Ultra Instinct



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    2. Xeltor


      I'll watch it later; I gotta sleep now

    3. Splashee


      Ok, night!

    4. Xeltor


      Oh yeahhhh that scene! I had it as my desktop picture for a long time

  4. It depends on the source. I want to make sure it is not made by people supporting certain political parties. So basically I stay away from it until the 80's hype dies down, I guess. Maybe I can enjoy it in a distant future.
  5. @Emerald<3 Sure, does that mean the RP ends at that moment? Or is it 3-4 weeks in the story itself?
  6. I did try it out as a kid once. I borrowed my moms stuff, dressed up, showed off to my family for fun. It was an experience for sure. I don't feel like I need any make-up, as a guy with no interest to be visible.
  7. Splashee: LOL! I love this, even though I probably shouldn't. Also the accents are awesome!! Heffrey: ... ... Sorry, he's very picky.
  8. Splashee: That was painful to watch! I like public pranks, if they are executed well. I was hoping they would actually do something really impressive, but they were just slightly doing something uncomfortable... Jeffrey: He did like the colorful outfits, but he was mostly playing with his own toes the entire time being sad. You can do it @MistyMuffins, I believe in you, find that incredibly video that no one can't stop laughing at.
  9. If your avatar is SSJ; what’s his normal form?

  10. Jeffrey: You seem to be out of luck. Splashee: I don't think he understands Sheldon's personality. I really can't understand his personality either
  11. Jeffrey: He was entertained the entire video clip! Splashee: I have not seen that movie, but I've heard of it. I was trying not to laugh myself, but too stupid and silly. Gah, I hate myself now! You are on a winning streak @Maya-san 🦄! You know Jeffrey better than myself
  12. My friend Jeffrey has deep problem. You can help! Make him happy for me. Game is simple: 1. Reply with a joke, a meme (funny one?), anything that you think is deeply funny. 2. I'll reply with your "funny" quote, and Jeffrey's reaction. 3. If you made Jeffrey happy, you win! (yay!) 4. If you didn't, don't beat yourself up too much. I appreciate your effort. Try again! I will of course also respond to your "funny" quote, to tell you if I thought it was funny. So let's all welcome Jeffrey! This is him after seeing the meme "Nyan Cat": Remember, Jeffrey hasn't been around the internet at all (as can be seen by his choice of location), so old memes or "last week" jokes are in fact welcome!