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  1. @flurry Feel free to enable your status updates (first option) after birth date in "Edit Profile". That way your friends and yourself can post in your profile :Rara:

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      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      @flurry be sure to activate the block Splashee option tooo :P


      Just kidding xD


  2. But the question remains, can you sing like Zac Efron? Also, it seems to be a conflict of looks: You might look like his hairdo in 2006?
  3. As long as your partner is okay with flirting or talking about others in a context that can seem slightly odd, then it is not cheating. If you are in a strict relationship, with no room for looking at others at all, then it is cheating to just breathe! The rules are specific and unique for each unique and specific relationship!
  4. You work so fast @Mediocre Mare, I cannot keep up with my usual ! This is the first time I am experiencing you true color! I mean, how good you are with colors! Woa
  5. I think fluid has a loose ring to it. Watery.
  6. We're soarin flyin! Now I just have to imagine that and emo.... And I will have a complete picture of how you look like!
  7. As long as a personality has good hygiene, that's really all that matters about their soul. Sorry @Booker for borrowing your sentence with modifications
  8. Is that an innuendo? Or are you talking about a game actually having 6m long swords? I am bad at this
  9. It would help if we actually saw the gear box in action while working the clutch. It seems like you have to guess how gently you are to the gears otherwise.
  10. Interestingly, if we were back in 2011, there were people defending FIM with their lives, to be the best show ever and that you must not make the mistake of mixing FIM with MLP and older Generations. It was the law back then. Because if people found out you were a boy that liked MLP, you were doomed! Even if you had a good reputation as being a bada*s at 4chan.
  11. @Fluttershyfan94 Show a picture of classic surfer! I wanna see that! (any image is fine!)
  12. I have a smart phone now. It has Android on it. It does all the cool things like trying to connect you to a gmail account (every second) even when I already had an email account from 1994. I feel like older generations like myself are being phased out.
  13. Dragon Ball Super was such a odd show. Most of it was just the moves told over again. A lot of wasted potential. Not really a reboot. But as you said, it was a way to continue the story. However, G5 will be in a different style. They ended Season 9 for a reason, because there were no more interesting stories to be told. So much Toei Animation wanting to cash in on all the DBZ fans there were still active after 20 whatever years. Hasbro doesn't seem to value their fans.... It was DHX and the show's staff that did most of the nods to the fans.
  14. Waking up a Saturday morning, in a hot summer. Yea, I do feel like a kid again! Only it is Monday...... Nooooooooooooooooooo!