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    WIN the CROWN -> STEAL the PEARL -> Achieve Princess Power!
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    Drawing. Programming video games. Composing music. Long walks on the beach. Playing Tetris at max speed until eyes fall out. Powerlines, transformers, trusses... Yes TRUSSES! Collecting old telephones and repairing them. Collecting ponies. Collecting street lights (mostly lanterns from the 60-70's). Taking care of my pet ducks. Animating Anime style. DBZ, Mario (only the 2D stuff). Computer technical stuff. Font design -> with complex grid fitting (basically pixel art that can be resized, so crazy cool concept, and impossible at the same time).

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I'm Splashee! G4 earth pony. I love drawing, creating animations, programming video games for old and new consoles and PC. Friendship is Magic caught my eye because it just had the quality and design that fits me. Then it started doing things that made it one of the greatest shows of all time!