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  1. You betchya! Will get to it as soon as I can. You want it as a horse, right? Or EQG?
  2. @applesjck Sounds good! Would you like her drawn as a pony or an EQG?
  3. These drawings are turning out surprisingly well. I hope everything ends up going well. 

  4. Hey @Lucky Bells do you have a picture of your OC handy?

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    2. Frosted Heart

      Frosted Heart

      @Lucky Bells

      Just wait until Christmas. You'll see. 

    3. Lucky Bells

      Lucky Bells

      Ooooooooh!!! :ticking:

    4. Frosted Heart

      Frosted Heart

      @Lucky Bells

      I just hope you like it...

  5. Hi hi! Since I finally have more free time on my hooves, I decided to give this another try. So, before we start I would like to clarify that I will not be taking requests for anything other than ponies & Equestria Girls. Please make sure to include an image of your pony, and cutie mark if able. Descriptions are accepted, but I prefer pictures. Please tell me what their personality is like, so I know what pose to put them in! I can also do "ponied up" EQG and group photos for both horses & EQG. For those, I'm not accepting more than six people/ponies in it. Those can take a while. Thanks! Here are a few examples of my art, in case you've never seen it before: Horses Equestria Girls So please, go ahead and request something! I don't bite :3
  6. Hi Emmy, here’s my OC.

  7. *hugs* Oh and @applesjck I added your drawing into my "About Me" page fyi
  8. This is TOO CUTE! You're making so much progress, I absolutely love it! (She's my simplest-looking horse, so I thought this one would be easier for you to draw). I love it! Thanks again!
  9. @applesjck You're getting better at drawing eyes!
  10. Drawing a couple of things that will be released on Christmas...

  11. I'm hella cold someone come hug me

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    2. Tacodidra


      *hugs* :rarity:


      Hugs from the cutest griffon and pony. :catface:

    3. Frosted Heart
    4. Toshigami Equine

      Toshigami Equine

      *Hugs* I've also got warm, fuzzy blankets if you want. :catface: