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  1. Will somepony join my roleplay?

  2. It's just like Friday! Except. ...not.

  3. My cousin is coming over today. Yay:)

  4. I just ran a mile today, yep-still wearin my running cloths. :P

    1. Halfblood


      Nice. I need to get back into running myself. I've gotten lazy D:

  5. (from lolsotrue) That momment when the internet is down and you don't kniw what to do with your life anymore.

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    2. Emerald Heart
    3. StingeMuffin


      That static coming from the tv? It can sound like anything you want it to.. anything...

    4. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      That was me at work today, I almost cried. The tears were in my eyes.

  6. My cousin is learning how to drive. Just one more year when she gets her license.

    1. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Thanks for the heads up!


      Just kidding. I'm sure that she'll do fine.



    2. Gemstone


      Lol. Thanks for the support. She is really scared though.

  7. Let ther be ponies! seriously, how long 'till season 4?

  8. My friend is staring at my page...

    1. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      I will now stare at your page as well.

  9. The mines were husteling and bustling with action, the clink-clank of pix-axes was the only sound Gemstone could hear. He liked his peace and quiet, the mines made that happen-most of the time. One of his friends, and secret crush, Dimond Heart, traded places with a nearby minor and smiled at Gemstone. “Hey Heart.” His nickname for his friend, and always will be friend. Dimond Heart liked a different guy, and when she told him Gemstone was devistated. He had been planning to ask her out on Hearts and Hoofs day, which was just 6 days away from now. He has circled the date on his calendar with red marker and wrote H&H Day in it. Diamond Heart looked at Gemstone concerned, “Ok, what’s wrong gems? You’ve been acting weird since Monday.” He smiled, “I’m fine, well emotionally. I’m not feeling to well, I’m going to stamp out, can you handle on your own?” Dimond Heart smiled at him, and gave him a hug. A zing of electrisity whizzed between them, It's just me, she likes somepony else. Gemstone thought to himself shedding a few tears. (So basically this rp is about the goods and bads of your OC's life. So for instance, Gemstone likes his Best friend but she doesn't like him back-bad, but they are still close friends-good. )
  10. May I join as well, Myself? I am my OC. I will major in Magic. I just wanted to check with you in case there were any problems with me joining.
  11. Time to get back to work! I have some video editing to do, why is this taking me so long....

  12. (Finally have some time to respond. Sorry.) "It was just after I got my cutie mark, actually. Nova pointed to her cutie mark, which was a orange lightning bolt outlined in red, the bolt has golden angel wings and it was striking a cloud of grey dust. "I decided if I wanted to become a famous flyer, I would have to go to Dashbolts academy. I told my parents, they willfully decided to start a fund for the Acadamy. Eventually we had enough, so I packed my bags and came here!" Nova flicked some mane away from her face, "I'm 18, by the way." Nova began to walk towards the front doors to the academy. "I'm not really a huge shopper, are you?" (Assuming she isn't, correct me if I'm wrong.) "No, not really." Quickblade said. "I rather prefer flying." Lightning Nova's smile automatically got bigger. "Cool! So I guess we can hang out in the food court or maybe Hottopic? That's not a bad store, I always get cool T-shirts from there. Oh, ehem, how about you what's your favorite store Bolt?" Lightning Nova braced herself for a good yelling at, but instead, Quickblade puffed an enoumous sigh and began to answer her question. (BTW, this is Sellybelly. This is just my other account that...I forgot to log out of.)
  13. Wow, this episode was fantastic. Though I have to say, the opening.. <_< -Is this brodway?! The songs were catchy, but I noticed that there was way more singing then actual talking in the episode. I love that Twilight turned into an alicorn though, you go mare!