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  2. I appreciate the intent in ships and how fans show their devotion and interest in the show through their personal pairings. For me personally, I really only support ships that could potentially become canon within the show. For instance, I see potential within the Spike and Rarity relationship given their official interaction on the show, and in some ways, I do actually see some evidence to support the Rainbow Dash- Fluttershy pairing. But those are just my personal shippings.
  3. Recently managed to get a Doctor Whooves Vinyl Collection figure!
  4. Of course. If nintendo was making it, then that's already some assurance of quality. A fighting game would be out of the question (as cool as it would be) as it would be contrary to the message of the show, but I think an adventure game would be brilliant. Each of the ponies would have different abilities that could make for good puzzle solving and platforming, and I'm sure a multiplayer option would be highly prominent knowing the message of friendship that the show promotes.
  5. I'd take a banana.......banana's are good.... ...they may not have much strength, but they have a spectacular element of surprise!
  6. Maybe this is for the best. It gives them a chance to surprise us and not make assumptions too quickly and try and spoil the plot for ourselves. I actually almost regret watching the storyboard sneak peeks that were revealed at bronycon because I'm already making predictions about what will happen in the opener. It could still surprise me, and I hope that it does, but in future, I think I'll avoid reading any information for the sake of being surprised and enjoying the episodes more. I remember how exciting it was just watching through every single MLP episode for the first time when I got int
  7. Spinelspike

    Movies/TV Cartoon physics

    The cartoon physics are just one of many reasons why the universe of mlp is such a fun sweet haven to watch and enjoy, and it's a quality that a lot of cartoons share, and a reason why a lot of them are very much endeared. I think that cartoonish slapstick works incredibly well with the physics of 2D animation, and that's exactly why I would hate mlp to go 3D, because then that cartoonish humour would lose its value, and it couldn't be replicated to the same degree. 3D humour just can't bend and stretch enough to the same degree that cartoonish humour demands. Not impossible I suppose, but v
  8. With any fandom, I think it's inevitable that it will continue to grow, but honestly, unless it is an organised Brony venue specifically for bronies, I don't think it's completely right for bronies to clog up cinema screenings where there are many young children who want to see the films as well. Bronies are entitled to see the films, but they can be organised to see them in different formats and different venues. I think it's only right that we give priority to the young fans who are unable to organise and pay cinema tickets themselves. The show is made for them after all, and there are other
  9. FiM is certainly one of my favourite shows, but I would certainly hold the likes of Doctor Who, Frasier, and shooting stars above it. But FiM would still certainly make it into my top 5 tv shows of all time, and it's one of the few shows that I have a strong dedication and loyalty towards, and also one of the few shows where I actively engage in the community.
  10. eh, so far, all of the promotional material has made me cringe in some way. But at the end of the day, it's still ponies (even though they are humans), so I'm sure they'll be something about it that I'll like.
  11. I doubt that it would ever die. Think about all the fandoms that are still going about films and shows that have been long gone like the likes of star trek, star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, firefly, and torchwood amongst many others. After seeing how much fan content was created in roughly two years since FiM's inception, I think it's safe to say that the community will find some way of keeping the show alive, whether it be comics, radio plays, fan made episodes and merchandise, I think the brony community and FiM has created an impact that will not easily dwindle. I doubt that it would
  12. Spinelspike

    Visual Art Duck Hunt: No Ridley for you

    Eh, I'm not really surprised that Ridley didn't make it. He was already established as a bigger character than others before in the smash universe, whereas someone like Olimar didn't have anyone to compare to in terms of size until he made his first playable appearance. I personally quite like the duck hunt dog. I think he's an iconic nintendo and gaming character, and he represents an iconic part of nintendo history, being the zapper. I always look forward to sakurai surprising me, and this time, he succeeded!
  13. I personally really admire the Spike x Rarity relationship, because I think that overall, when looking at the episodes focusing exclusively on that relationship, it is developed rather well. In terms of the future of the show itself, I don't think we will ever come to a point where both Spike and Rarity are declared to be in an official 'relationship' and I don't think they will become much more intimate on the show than what has already been shown, but given the direction that their relationship has taken, I think it's entirely possible that in the context of the show's story, I think Spike
  14. I agree that the community can sometimes be too demanding and not treat the makers of the show with the respect they deserve, especially given their attempts to please us even though the show is not made for us, but I think that's to be expected from any fandom. And besides, that's more to do with the community than the show itself, and I personally believe FiM to be the better show strictly because its writing and characters are both likeable and relatable, being able to communicate messages to any audience without having to talk down to them. The animation in G1 may have taken more effort, b
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