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  1. You know, with Discord finally joining in on the Pony Life fun, I wonder who else will make it in as well? My fingers are crossed for Derpy Hooves, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie.
  2. I have a feeling that, thanks to CoVid-19, the MLP Movie may be delayed to 2022.
  3. If they ever do a Grand Finale for Pony Life, they should do a Multiverse crossover with Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls AND Generation 1, all just for the sake of an Epic Crossover.
  4. You know, I think it would have been better if Hasbro made Pony Life available on a streaming service instead of Discovery Family in this day and age. Be it Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or HBO Max. On the other hand, if Hasbro chooses to release the episodes on Youtube, then I have no problems with that.
  5. With Star Wars: The Clone Wars now officially over, I did a little shout out drawing involving my OC Wanda Young as Captain Rex and Filly Sunset Shimmer as Ahsoka Tano.
  6. My 5 favorite Star Wars characters Ahsoka Tano Captain Rex Darth Revan Bastilla Shan Emperor Palpatine
  7. There are a good load of Bronies who want to make their OCs OP just to make them look good.


    Me?  I want to traumatize my own OC just because it's great storytelling.

    1. Deerie


      not much interesting about op oc's imo

    2. SaburoDaimando


      But what about a point where you feel sorry for the OC?  Makes it far more interesting if the OC is more vulnerable.  

  8. Even though Wondercon was cancelled this year(And at the same time, so is Comic-Con), I did get my hands on the Convention-style cover of My Little Pony 88, featuring Bumblebee from Transformers G1.
  9. What's this about Pony Life debuting this June?

  10. You know, with all this criticism towards Discord since his reform in Season 3, I'm surprised that alot of you haven't criticized Princess Celestia for wanting to reform him in the first place. Back when Celestia chose to visit Twilight and her friends to help reform Discord, believing in her student and her companions, and yes even getting an earful from Twilight over this idea. And the funny thing is, had Discord not been released from stone for his reform, alot of what he did wouldn't happen. But at the same time, things could have been worse. But then again, there is rumors that Celestia may have been responsible for freeing her sister from the moon. So there's more to that than meets the eye.
  11. Recently, thanks to a certain outbreak, word has it that E3 this year will be cancelled. Given the last few years for E3, it feels like a convention that's on its last legs. And this cancellation could finally seal the fate of this long time expo...for good. This is in comparison to another convention I've been going to for a long time: The San Diego Comic-Con. Right now, that convention will be going on despite the outbreak. But with E3 going down for good, what are your thoughts on the sad end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo?
  12. Since acknowledging My Little Pony: Pony Life as the next chapter in the legacy of My Little Pony, I thought to myself "What if Pony Life crossed over with Friendship is Magic?" But then, I thought bigger and wondered if there will ever be the idea of a Pony Multiverse? With the recent successes of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans, there is always a thought in me about a Ponyverse that exists within Hasbro's own ideas. Many universes with different takes on our favorite characters, along with some universes with a different set of heroes. Fanfiction already opened up an idea that a Multiverse exists(Ex: The Fallout Equestria Fanfic series, plus one that I am working on), that there are different takes on these characters, different variations of Equestria, different art styles, different stories. The list goes on. What do you all think? Should Hasbro explore the idea of a Pony Multiverse...or Ponyverse for short?
  13. If there is a Series Finale to Pony Life, it should be a Pony Multiverse 3-4 parter.

  14. And it doesn't just have to focus on the Mane Six. Other characters would be perfect in the series.