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  1. Well, I just returned to this series after being absent since the original Ruby and Sapphire, and I'm quite amazed by what I missed. So, here's my current team: Sceptile (Level 56) Swellow (Level 55) Manectric (Level 56) Azumarill (Level 56) Yeah, I have ones like Latias and Kyogre in my storage, but I prefer not to use them. Am I playing this game wrong? Got all 8 gym badges, and now the Pokemon League is left! Anyway, I might get X/Y just to finish off my Pokemon team, since I highly doubt I'll find any of the other region's starters.
  2. Nocturne of Shadow and Requiem of Spirit. Both rather dark-sounding, which I do enjoy for a series that doesn't go down that route often enough.
  3. Most favourite: >:c (It's usually used in a satirical manner, so I can't help but laugh whenever I see it anywhere) Least favourite: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (If you play TF2, you'll see why)
  4. Assuming they keep the anti-gravity mechanic, I would love to see GBA Ribbon Road and DS Rainbow Road. Or Wii Rainbow Road. That's the best one. Also, how about U Electrodrome and U Dolphin Shoals?
  5. Halfway through 2014 was when my life took a rather grueling turn when I started a year-long catering course at college, and even when I manage to endure it until the end, I have a dreadful feeling things are still going to get a whole lot worse afterward. That's my main fear about the new year. I just hope I manage to squeeze some productiveness into the things that I actually feel give my life meaning. But even so, as long as we keep getting political clusterfricks, missing airplanes and fatal diseases which we can't seem to contain, it'll be a pretty big bother for all of us.
  6. Eh, I've gone off of him. He's definitely one of the more reliable sources of tech-related news on YouTube, but... I actually don't know why I've gone off of him. Maybe it's just because of how awful you see his viewer base as the brief moment you slip into the comments for. I should probably give him another chance.
  7. My sister just gifted me this for Christmas! I'm still speechless! However, I want to start reading them chronologically, but I have no idea where to start and what the order is. Could someone please help me?
  8. I really want to say something...but I'm already plain speechless. All I can say is that I have grown to find hate directed toward other people to not just be very cruel, but cruel to the point where you can expect things like this to happen. I sincerely wish there was anything I can do, but the damage is already done. Rest in peace, Adam Smith.
  9. I swear there doesn't seem to be any middleground when it comes to common movie opinions. People will either treat a movie as the greatest thing since sliced bread, or revile it to the point where they say it "killed a franchise". Nowhere has this been more evident than Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc. It won't be any surprise to me how Star Wars Episode VII will turn out at this point. I think I actually saw Crystal Skull before the other Indies, and I remember falling in love with the series afterward, and I want to thank it for making me feel this way even more so after seeing the first 3 films. I may have no idea why people hate Shia LaBeouf, but I honestly have no intention to find out. I liked this movie, and I'm not ashamed to call it an addition to the series.
  10. All right, Sly Cooper! I remember playing Sly 2, then 3 when I was but a wee child, then I got the trilogy much later on to play the original. My favourite game in the series is a tie between 2 and 3, my favourite villain is Muggshot, and I have various favourite levels including Mesa City from the original, both Canada levels from Sly 2, and Australia and China from Sly 3. I unfortunately haven't played the 4th one for longer than the intro level, but it's more of a lack of opportunity rather than a lack of interest.
  11. I don't remember going anywhere unbearable, but I would choose Ely, England, simply because there isn't much to do there despite being a really pretty place, especially the cathedral.
  12. Has anyone else noticed that we haven't had another conquest online since last week? I've begun to think they've stopped because of how people have been abusing it by slyly letting themselves get KO'd by whoever is playing their side. I'll even admit to doing this, because there was no way my dear Yoshi would win against Charizard and his cheap Flare Blitz attack.
  13. Whaaaaaat! And here I am, stuck with this lame-o Dairy Milk calendar... Ah, well. I'm not an unpleasable little brat.