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  1. CC_Maud_Pie

    Movies/TV Anyone else like Sword Art Online?

    The first episodes were heart-pounding excitement but after that, it got boring. Not to mention the second series, so boring.
  2. CC_Maud_Pie

    Confession Time!

    - I like Trixie more than Twilight. - I think the Homeworld Gems are cooler than the Crystal Gems (Not hating on the Crystal Gems. In fact, I think they're cool. But I think the Homeworld Gems are a little bit cooler than the Crystal Gems).
  3. CC_Maud_Pie

    Gaming Undertale Bronies

    Here's something interesting. I'm not a huge gamer (I might play more video games in the future since I got a new video game console). But last week, I decided to buy Undertale since a lot of people were talking about it. Needless to say, I enjoyed it and found myself playing through it for several hours. As for my favorite characters, I would say: - Toriel - Sans - Flowey (fighting against him gave me an adrenaline rush)
  4. Do you have questions about me that you are dying to ask? Well then here's the thread to do it. Don't be shy to ask if you're interested in knowing more about me.
  5. CC_Maud_Pie

    Food Cubed ice or crushed ice?

    I prefer cubed ice. It's more refreshing than crushed ice.
  6. CC_Maud_Pie

    Dislike the FIM intro?

    I myself am not a huge fan of the intro. It kinda makes me cringe.
  7. CC_Maud_Pie

    When do you cosplay?

    Right now, it's at conventions and maybe at Halloween. It's less awkward for me that way. Whenever I take a photo of myself with another cosplayer, I post the picture(s) on my Instagram page.
  8. CC_Maud_Pie

    If you died tomorrow, would you die happy?

    Nope, and my last words would be similar to this: I came close friendship-wise but it slipped away easy.
  9. CC_Maud_Pie

    What did this year bring to you?

    Positives: - Three conventions attended (2 anime and 1 brony) - Newfound interest in cosplay - New fashion interests (Converse shoes and long American Apparel socks) - Improv acting class in the summer Negatives: - Loneliness - Anger - Meltdowns and outbursts around my parents - Changed colleges in the middle of the year because I struggled to fit into the community of the first one - The constant struggle to fit in - Lost the only person I considered more than an acquaintance in high school to going to college in a different state - Losing feelings of kinship within my family. No, that doesn't mean I want to move out.
  10. CC_Maud_Pie

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm beginning to pursue cosplay as a hobby and I already did 2. But I feel under pressure and slightly tempted about getting into wearing contact lenses. I'm not too sure about them since I have never worn contact lenses in my life and I'm not sure about wearing them. I do feel left out and unsure about whether or not I can fit into the cosplay community seeing others wear contacts while I'm not.
  11. CC_Maud_Pie

    What day of the week you're born on?

    I was born on a Saturday. I actually thought I was born on Friday the 13th until now.
  12. CC_Maud_Pie

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Kind of crappy right now.
  13. CC_Maud_Pie

    What character of the OPPOSITE Gender would you be

    - Lucy from Elfen Lied because I sometimes think about having powers like her to release anger. - Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It's hard for me to describe.
  14. CC_Maud_Pie

    What Conventions are you planning to attend in 2016?

    So far, I am hoping to attend: - Sacanime Winter - Animation on Display - Silicon Valley Comic Con - BABSCon - Fanime
  15. CC_Maud_Pie

    Greatest thing to happen to you in 2015?

    Most of 2015 has been garbage for me. But two things that changed me happened that year: - First brony and anime conventions I've attended (BABSCon, Fanime, and Sacanime) - Newfound interest in cosplay. Only have one so far but I'm thinking of attending at least one day at Sacanime Winter 2016 and I have a new cosplay. Excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I enjoy conventions. Nervous because I am worried about the reception because I am wearing a wig and most likely some makeup for the first time and the character I am going as has a lot of haters.