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  1. Fear Moonscar

    Ask Luna

    Does luna play Super smash bro's brawl? XD
  2. Heres my Brawl Friend Code for anyone who wishes to fight the Divinity of FEAR. SSBB FC: 5156-6683-9517 im sorry, i was wrong. i thought you ment your wii code. its come to my attention that brawl used its own coding. i apologize for the mis-understanding. heres my FC 5156-6683-9517
  3. XD Just add me every pony! My profile has wii code! If you think you can best me while i use Sonic, Link, Wolf, or Snake (like i said, i have been T. R. A. I. N. I. N. G.) then please feel free to brawl against me. and why would this thread be shut down? its where it is suppose to be, right? Theres a line of code missing.. its four sets not three (unless your like 100% with it and your is only three codes. mine is 4. like this xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
  4. Wait, were you the one who was really, really eager in telling me about his Furaffinity account?

  5. poop....... and here i have been training to get back on the ropes this whole time....
  6. XD well add my wii code and we can go brawl right now. Wii Code: 7559 6220 1447 0106
  7. To those of you who didnt like Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary you BEST Realize its the EXACT same game from 10 years ago with an HD layer overlapping it so it looks like how bungie DREAMED of it. at the current time they were unable to do what they wanted but 343 SHOWED them what there image was 10 fold. The controls were the same, the script was the same, and so were the enemy motions, voices, and AI. So if you were expecting it to be Halo CE made diffrent, maybe you shouldent play halo ever again... now for the game i was let down on... Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5... Zombies... zombies zombies zombies! NOT LAS PLAGAS OR URUBOROS!!! Thats NOT Resident Evil... granted, yes, i played RE4's story line about (and this is the best i can recall) 47 times, but thats because its all i had. RE5 was just disappointing.
  8. Super smash bro. released in 1999 ( i was 9 years old) Super smash bro's Melee released in 2001 ( i was 11) Super Smash bro's brawl was released in 2008 ( i was 18) its now 2012 and im 22. thats a grand total of 13 years of me and link destoying my friends and CP's XD and ill do any type of match you want. Friendly though. not hardcore.
  9. @ Swordfishtrombone: Well, if you ever do get it/rent it/ or borrow it from a friend, look me up and lets fight! I get a feeling your a worthy opponent @Kirby: You think you can take my record?! Once your un-grounded, you will see what 13 years of playing Super Smash will do to you! HAVE AT THE!!!. XD Nah im kidding about the whole "im a serious uptight gamer" thing XD but it WILL be fun regardless Hope you get un-grounded soon!!
  10. BLARG ON SNAKE! Counter with fox. Reflector trump card... Up for a few rounds if you still have the game?
  11. Looking to kick some arse on Super Smash bro's brawl or Tatsunoko vs Capcom (when i get TvC that is)

  12. Hey everypony, im curious as to how many of you have SSBB (Super Smash Bro.s Brawl) If you do and would like to play with/against me, please let me know. i JUST got it after losing it 2 years ago and if my memory serves me correctly, my record with Sonic is 43-2 and my record with link is 178-3 and those are the only two i ever use. Samus when im wanting to just play around. so, if you want to play let me know! and if we get enough people we could make a tournament out of this! 5 stock or most KO's. maybe even stamina! My Wii friend code is on my profile in case your interested.
  13. piracy... pfft... i purchase my things thank you... warning points and deleting post's... the nerve...

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    2. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      Buuuuuuuut cobalt creates dirty nuuuukes. /Whining.

      And half-life is some where in the millions years. :>

    3. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      And upper atmosphere detonation EMP's everything anyway.

    4. Fear Moonscar

      Fear Moonscar

      blarg.... im done. im off. to much aggravation....

  14. Ignoring me is not exactly making you seem like a great guy. LOL Eric never ignores me. :)