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  1. How very, very sad. Huge inspiration for me. I will never forget him, he's up there now with Big Bossman, Randy Savage, Mr Perfect and Andre, among others. He will always be remembered, and he will always be a legend. Rest in piece, Ultimate Warrior.
  2. We'll miss you, Ultimate Warrior.

  3. Brock Lesnar.... could be worse.

  4. That "The Evil That Mares Do" sig was GOLD

  5. Madchild, Tech and Hopsin. You got good taste in music :)

  6. For the first time in my life, I don't feel asexual. I don't know anymore.

  7. This is really late, but thanks for the message, and for knowing about the Million Dollar Man :)

  8. Thanks for the message :)

  9. I remember you... Hope you're enjoying yourself, wherever you are~

  10. Happy birthday, Swordfish. :) And yes, I remember Ted Dibiase.

  11. 3/10 Barely seen you around. But I ain't so active anyway.
  12. Remember Ted Dibiase? I remember Ted Dibiase...

  13. I love these things. I was considering going for the speed run on the original Silent Hill game a few years ago. Maybe one day, I'll do it.