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  1. hey luna look at me i'm a filly again

  2. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    well perhaps the word assistand would come to mind before servent. although we have never thought of an assistand. perhaps it could be usefull. well.. we have quite a lot of magic inside of us so we have to do it frequently.
  3. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    well of course we like chinese food. who doesnt? hm. well the guards normally take care of personal chores that we need to. although i hope you dont mean that you want to sleep in my room like spike does with miss twilight. well both have horns.
  4. Lunatic

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    its a unicorn secret.
  5. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    its ok. every unicorn or alicorn has to do it once in a while.
  6. Lunatic

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    u-uhm.. thats kind of private.
  7. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    we will suffer from a headache and then have to manually remove the leftover magic.
  8. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    fighting styles are all legal here in Equestria. some are hard to learn and some arent. but there are some spells that we do keep from the public. these spells are mostly to inflict pain or cause manipulation in the thoughts of other ponies. well... actually, it was MY castle. and my sister had the one in Canterlot. but after my... banishment. the wildlife and nature took over all feeding on the left over magic from me that was still left behind. a lot of the old books are stolen by ponies who came to loot the place. as for trap doors most of them work on magic and the ones that arent are set up by animals or other creatures that live in or around the building. as for structure, not much of it is left trough the years. GET HYPED! well first of all. we love playing video games. we have even put our hoof at creating some of our own. second, during the day we help my sister with her duties. make appointments, public apearences, send letters to other ponies, foreign communications. all that sort of things. although one in the three days, we rest. a pony needs her sleep. cant say we have, we will look into it however. as for my favorite pie, that would be apple crumble or blueberry. a servant? well that depends, what kind of servant. we have a few departments where ponies work. like the royal sheffs, the guards and the maids. we use our magic at any time. not specificly the holidays. we actually have to use it quite a lot to make sure the magic doesnt build up inside of me.
  9. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    no, it is in ruins and it holds no value.
  10. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    we think you mean saw, and there were no astronaughts. sadly... hm, we have not. it does look interesting tough. although we are not a big fan of facebook games because it floods our newsfeed. there isnt really a way to get rid of it to be honest. its to deep into the forest and having ponies go in there and removing the rubble would be much to dangerous with the wildlife around the castle. we do not think ourselve as "stuck up" as you call us. would you like to back up this comment why you think so? and we have nightmare moon perfectly under controle. some ponies do not understand sarcasm.
  11. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    its delicious!~ wait, she does WHAT?! actually, we also have a celebration today. (at least in holland ) we are celebrating a saint who helped small children have a good time. during this celebration we give children candy and presents. at least if they have behaved and dont get put on the naughty list. (the name of this celebration is called sinterklaas and christmas is actually based upon it. sinterklaas/santa claus.)
  12. Lunatic

    Ask Luna

    we would not mind that of course.