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  1. Prince Midnight

    Boredom Art: Midnight Moon's Evil Nightmare

    looks pretty good to me ^^ thanks i like new and interesting art styles.
  2. Well....that went better than expected, the Midnight III-A rocket was a success, and considering the solid fuel we were using, (thanks to pinkey pie for finding THAT recipe....though sugar-cube corner will need repairs.) that is apparently VERY volatile, never exploded the rocket. Dusk and rough completed the first ever pony Extra Vehicular Activity, (gears tells me to just call it an EVA, and they will know what i mean.) which consisted of dusk (already in her space suit) to depressurize the capsule (nicknamed the Magic carpet by both crew-members), open the hatch, and float outside. She said it was the best feeling she had ever had, and that the earth below looked amazing without anything blocking her view. and soon, rough, (both securely tethered to the spacecraft) joined her, and both seemingly had the times of their lives, i had to admit....i was jealous, but i didn't have time to be, the huge success of Magic Carpet and the Midnight III-A paved the way for as many as 5 more missions, each more challenging for the astronaughts than the last, each one learning a new skill for the next mission to use to complete its objective. I was sitting on the roof of the VAB, when bubbly walked up, "Midnight, what are you doing up here? shouldnt you be downstairs celebrating with the others?" I smiled, "no, i dont have time to celebrate, i have alot to do." she tilted her head, "well....why are you up here?" I chuckled, "i come up here to breath, calm down, and get my head on straight," i looked up at the moon, and all the stars, then took a deep breath "i was in canterlot last weekend as you know, but i dont think i told anypony the reason." she sat down next to me "whats going on?" i smiled, "i poured alot of my heart and soul into this program, as your well aware, but in canterlot, the only ones aware are celestia and luna, they know it takes time to produce results, but some of the others on the parlerment, disagree." i shook my head, "they say were too expensive to maintain, with little to no results, luna and celestia have overridden their say, but they cant do it for long....we need a goal, something to shoot for, something to make it all worthwhile." i looked up at the moon, "and thats it, the moon." bubbly looked up, " sure? the moon is an awful long ways away...." i smiled at her "space was an awful long way away a year and a half ago, but WE made it possible to go up there, and i know we can do it." bubbly looked back "but we dont even have a rocket to get there....the Midnight III can only get to LEO and thats it." i grinned, "you leave that to me...ill have something soon."
  3. pfft, i dont think hes the kind of pony that likes being strapped to the top of a, what astronauts like to call, controlled explosion.
  4. as do i, since i really dont have it built yet XD, i have the Midnight IV which looks like a Soyuz, but the Midnight III needs to be built first.
  5. After reviewing the Midnight I, i got this neurotic itch to change and redesign the rocket, needless to say, each test rocket did a little better than the last, the Midnight I achieved a higher ballistic trajectory than the Twilight, thanks to its new fuel (Liquid Oxygen x Kerosene mixture) and rocket motor. Then the Midnight II was designed a little diffrently, with 4 long tanks surrounding the center tank, and each with a motor of its own, giving the Midnight II the ability to gain orbit. So we had the rockets, and the pony power to make the rockets in almost record time, but, we had one little problem, we needed more ponies to fly ON the rockets, at the moment, it was just Derpy and i, seeing how bubbly, gears, twilight, and jade had all declined. But trying to find ponies to be astronauts was harder than you think, plenty of ponies applied, but we only had 8 slots at the moment, so we had to make the rules stringent, endless medical tests, psyche tests, mock interviews, stress tests, Ect. soon At the end of 2 months, we went from 1000 to 8, 4 stallions, and 4 mares, each one excited, qualified, and ready to begin. (for the sake of record keeping, i will keep the list of all ESA astronauts here.) 1.Regal Masquerade, Male unicorn, Dark blue coat, Dark brown mane 2.Cobalt Charmer, Male Unicorn, Green coat, Dirty blonde mane 3.Rough Gunner, Male Earth Pony, Red coat, Black mane 4.Lightning Twister, Female Pegasus, Cream coat, Blue mane 5.Dusk Prism, Female Unicorn, Blue coat, Red mane 6.Thunder Flash, Male Pegasus, Brown coat, Blonde mane 7.Sugar Hooves, Female Earth Pony, Orange coat, Green mane 8. Lightning Chaser, female Pegasus, Red coat, White mane 9. Derpy Whooves, Female Pegasus, Grey coat, Blonde mane 10.Midnight Moon, Male Alicorn, Black coat, Black mane with silver stripe down the center (me) For months, we trained, how to use the capsules, how to use the RCS (a new invention by Gears, something to help us steer the craft up there, he called it the Reaction Control System) and the inner workings of the new suits the engineers had come up with, everything we did was in preperation for the next mission. Gathering together Luna, Twilight, myself, bubbly, gears, and celestia, we met in the conference room, and for hours, talked about who should go, and by the end, we had made our choice, and announced it moments later to the rest of the crew. the first Equined launch of the Midnight III would be crewed by Dusk Prism, and Rough Gunner.
  6. Prince Midnight

    Rarity Fan Club

    does nightmarity count?
  7. Prince Midnight

    What gun would you love to own?

    Main Arm: AN-94 Akaban as acurate and percise as an M-16, with the punch of an AK-47 Side arm: Pfft, as if there was any doubt in anyones mind, the best semi auto handgun in the world. if i had to choose alternate main firearm, i would probably go with this
  8. Entry 6 After returning to earth unscathed, i had so many ideas, so many things to change, to make the rocket, bigger, better and ultimately, more powerful. i pulled gears and bubbley into the conference room, "woah midnight, whats gotten into you?" gears had a worried look as i shut and locked the door, "yeah, youve locked yourself in here for days after you came back, even your wife hasnt seen you....whats going on?" I smiled, "guys, while i was up there, seeing the earth from a different perspective, all the stars, everything....we need to build bigger and better." they looked at each other, "Your Higness....while i want to go further...i just dont know if we have the technology to do..." i smiled, "we MAKE the technology, bigger capsule, bigger windows, a hatch for ponies to go outside....ill fund it if i have too, Luna put me in charge of cape caneighvral, and im not going to dissappoint her." they looked at each other than back at me "how do we get a bigger capsule into space? the Twilight 1 and 2 are only big enough to support a single pony capsule...." i smiled and walked over to something i had been working tirelessly on for the past 4 days, a model of a rocket i wanted to see happen. "ponies.....i present," i pulled the cover off the model, "the Midnight 1." both of them blinked and trotted closer to look at the model, "hmm, i suppose this is feaseable, with your highness's funding, i think this might actually work..." bubbley looked up, "yes, though it will require a more powerful propellent, espically for the boosters...." i nodded, "you both know what to do, i want status updates on anything your working on, got it?" they both smiled, "of course sire."
  9. Prince Midnight

    539 OCs Needed- For A project Government

    im very excited to see what happens with this x3
  10. Prince Midnight

    539 OCs Needed- For A project Government

    cant wait to see whats gonna happen ^.^, and thanks for putting me in the luna section :3, i wubs wuna after all
  11. The worst thing that could happen....right now, would be if season 4 was cancled.... *looks around* what, its what everyone is thinking.
  12. Prince Midnight

    Cars, all of you have a car right?

    1999 BMW 323iS it is the most beautiful car i have ever seen, and will ever see, BMW's are the best cars ever made in my honest opinion.
  13. Prince Midnight

    Why is there a castle in the Everfree Forest anyway?

    The Elements of harmony book that you can get off of states that it was luna and celestias home before the everfree took it over after luna was banished to the moon.
  14. Prince Midnight

    539 OCs Needed- For A project Government

    feel free to use my OC Midnight Moon an alicorn with no knowlage of magic use, (so i suppose a pegasus with a horn X3) anyway, your free to use him however you want.
  15. Prince Midnight

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian