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  1. awesome avatar!

    1. Alex Z

      Alex Z

      Thank you!

  2. The music video for In The End by Linkin Park
  3. No, while it’s a great show there’s way better animated shows out there.
  4. I have an Amazon Fire Stick that I use for movies and television
  5. The History of Journey Into Imagination by Defunctland and Yesterworld Entertainment
  6. The only news I watch is Philip DeFranco on YouTube
  7. Silent Rob/Face Destroyer Inc. Dude is hilarious, very underrated.
  8. I was more excited for the movie than I was Season 7. Is it better? No. This season has had some really top notch episodes. The movie was good, but not as good as some episodes this season.
  9. Face Destroyer Inc./LeisureSuitGaming2 (Silent Rob) Larry Bundy Jr (Guru Larry) Ashens Wiiviewer PIEGUYRULZ TheMysteriousMrEnter JonTron The Living Tombstone Caddicarus Nostalgia Critic RebelTaxi (Pan Pizza) Chris Stuckmann SomecallmeJohnny iDubbbz TheGamerFromMars Saberspark Jeremy Jahns Hotdiggedydemon there’s more but that’s all I’m gonna list