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  1. Undertaker Rock Brian Pillman Jim Cornette Miss Elizabeth Rick Martel Vader Dynamite Kid I would put Owen Hart there but considering the Dark Side of the Ring documentary, I'm going to respectfully leave him off. Besides he's already inducted into 2 legitimate Pro Wrestling Halls of Fame so there's that.
  2. This summer they are going to announce season 5 for SFV with 5 new characters. My hopes for who they will be are T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Makoto and Dan Hibiki. I'll throw in Sodom and Dudley as wild cards.
  3. This makes me think there's probably a promotion up in Heaven. Can you imagine the many title reigns and spectacular matches of Savage, Owen, Bulldog, Vader, Hennig, Rude, Vader, Piper, Yoko, Pillman, Andre, etc. Monsoon and Heenan on commentary and Mean Gene giving the interviews in this Heaven promotion.
  4. Quite a few episodes had memorable songs, The one I remember the most is "There's a Mouse in the House" in which Jon sings about getting Garfield to chase a mouse, and Garfield countering about wanting to sleep instead. US Acres episodes seemed to have a song in every episode.
  5. If I may discuss the Owen Hart episode of The Dark Side of the Ring, It's this very episode that makes me hate the guts of Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, Jerry McDevitt, and Kevin Dunn. And may I keep asking this as well, "What's the worst that could have happened had the WWF not gone through all that trouble with the stunt and better yet, not bothered to put Owen back in the Blue Blazer gimmick?" I do not have a high opinion of WWF 1999, and this is one of the reasons why. I also imagine that a number of current WWE talent have watched the episode and are going to give McMahon and Dunn hell for what happened to Owen.
  6. Big Macintosh. The big red stallion was always a favorite of mine.
  7. Anypony remember the Buddy Bears? I remember fans hating them for replacing Binky on the show, as well as their always agreeing, anti individualism rhetoric. Though I think that was the intention on the creators part. I can imagine Starlight Glimmer having something to say about the Buddy Bears.
  8. Among my favorites is the the SummerSlam 1997 intro. "Life isn't fair". I also like the 1997 In Your House: Canadian Stampede intro, talking about the greyness of the world, in relating to the Austin/Hart Foundation feud.
  9. I'd say a combination of all of them, from the moment the intro starts till the show's opening pyro goes off.
  10. For those who have the WWE Network, or at least have seen enough of the PPV's, Which WWE PPV intros of all time do you consider the best?
  11. There are actually quite a few episodes that I can recall from when I was around 4 to 6 years old. There were also quite a few episodes I remember from the Nickelodeon re-airings. One of them was the time Garfield wished all the Mondays disappeared and it comes true. There was another in which Garfield has a nightmare about Jon getting married and being tortured by his children. I also remember one where Garfield has to contend with an intelligent boy who subjects his robot to him and Odie. Among my favorites was the one where both Jon and Garfield tell their own biased side of how their house got filled with yogurt. The one where Garfield and Odie are stranded in the desert and see mirages is also funny.
  12. I recently started watching some old kids shows from when I was younger. One of them is Garfield and Friends. I remember being a Garfield fan when I was younger. I read the comic strip books, my parents recorded the prime time specials, and of course I remember the Garfield and Friends Saturday morning cartoon that ran from 1988 to 1994. I remember a number of the episodes very well, though some more than others, but I just recently got the DVD's for the show. So now I would like to ask what everyone thinks are the greatest Garfield and Friends episodes. I'm referring to individual segments as they did 3 segments per episode. These can include both the Garfield and US Acres segments. So. which episodes do you think are the best?
  13. At the very least, I can still watch the older classics on the WWE Network. Maybe during this time they could add more classic episodes to the Network.
  14. Pretty fitting, since the Bulldog's best moment happened at SummerSlam. I'm also guessing the ceremony will be held at a performing arts theater in Boston.
  15. If this effects the Hall of Fame ceremony, does this mean that the potential inductees won't be inducted after all?