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  1. I imagine Evil Applejack would have told Big Mac a particularly terrible lie about Sugar Belle cheating on him with Feather Bangs. I can also picture her telling Sugar Belle that Big Mac is cheating on him with Cheerilee. That might cause some real damage. Evil Pinkie Pie would be absolutely bored at the family rock farm and also say that Maud and her sisters are boring.
  2. Let's say that the Evil Mane 6 clones created by Chrysalis managed to get out of the Everfree forest and into Ponyville. Imagine the sort of damage to the reputation of the real Mane 6 they would have done. What sort of evil do you think they would commit in Ponyville? What sort of lies would Evil Applejack have told the other Apples? How would other ponies as well as Discord have reacted to Evil Fluttershy's bullying? How would Spike among others have reacted to Evil Rarity's greed? How would others have reacted to Evil Pinkie Pie's grouchiness and boredom, particularly with Maud, Limest
  3. My favorite episodes were the Season 3 episodes focusing on TMNT, Power Rangers, MLP and Wrestling. Of course I have an MLP collection, but I also have a few Power Rangers figures and WWF Hasbro figures. Here's my Red Ranger figures from the Super Megaforce line. I have Mighty Morphin through Wild Force. Here's my SH Figuarts Armored Red Ranger figure. Here's my WWF Hasbro figures. I have the official ring and more hidden in my attic.
  4. I got a webcam, a New York 4D Cityscape puzzle, a few old WWF Coliseum Videos not on the WWE Network, a Sailor Mars wall scroll and Kansas City Chiefs plush fleece throw for Christmas.

    1. Megas


      Sailor Mars :wub:

    2. BrawnyCharger


      I also have a Sailor Moon wall scroll, one of the whole Sailor Senshi and one of two versions of Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

  5. Considering it's Christmastime, I figured this would be a great opportunity to discuss the Netflix original documentary series "The Toys That Made Us". It covers the stories of the various toy franchises throughout it's ups and downs. I thought it was a fantastic series. The toys that are covered are Star Wars, Barbie, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers, Lego, Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Professional Wrestling, and of course My Little Pony. What are your thoughts on the series? I also posted a poll asking which episode do/did you have toys from. You can
  6. There are a few I would save: Owen Hart: I'd have safety inspectors and police officers at the arena well before the PPV starts and convince Owen not to do the stunt as well as have the inspectors confirm the harness to be unsafe, and threaten Vince McMahon and Vince Russo with arrest if they do not comply. Take it a step further. Have the WWF pay Owen all of whatever he has left to earn before retirement, then fly Owen safely back to Calgary that night and have Edge take his place in the match. I'd also have him convince Davey Boy Smith not to get back into the ring for at least a year u
  7. This is particularly hard for me to choose just one of each but I'll try. Favorite Female Wrestler of all time: I'll go for Natalya. Favorite Male Wrestler of all time: Too many to name. Favorite Legend: Again there are several to name, but I'll list 5 of them. Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect, Randy Savage, Booker T. Favorite Current Wrestler: I'll go with Daniel Bryan. Favorite Tag Team: Bulldog and Owen. Favorite Royal Rumble: 1992. Favorite PPV: Tie between SummerSlam 1992 and In Your House: Canadian Stampede. Favorite TV Match: Bulldo
  8. It's Ice Hockey. NHL.
  9. Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are here, both teams with one Stanley Cup each, Which team are you going to root for in the finals? The Tampa Bay Lightning, or the Dallas Stars?
  10. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  11. Although they didn't get the position for Vice Headpony in A Horse Shoe In, How likely is it that Big Macintosh, Octavia Melody, and Dr. Hooves could still be hired to part time teaching positions at the Friendship School? Dr. Hooves could teach science to the students. Octavia could teach music. and Big Mac could teach manual labor classes among others. What do you think of this possibility?
  12. This would be a perfect time for them to release more of the classics onto the WWE Network. Such as some more of the Coliseum Videos like Best of WWF Volumes 1-20 or Hulkamania Volumes 1-6. Episodes of Wrestling Challenge, older episodes of Superstars before 1992, or More Prime Time Wrestling. May I also recommend adding the matches that were released on WWE DVD's but not on the Network as well.
  13. I'm a fan of Owen Hart's King of Harts/Slammy singlet.
  14. Undertaker Rock Brian Pillman Jim Cornette Miss Elizabeth Rick Martel Vader Dynamite Kid I would put Owen Hart there but considering the Dark Side of the Ring documentary, I'm going to respectfully leave him off. Besides he's already inducted into 2 legitimate Pro Wrestling Halls of Fame so there's that.
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