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  1. Oh yeah! By the way, I think the cheerleading squad needs more members. Maybe Cheerilee and Silverstream can join!
  2. How does it feel to lead to both the team and the cheerleaders, Pinkie? Must be a loooooot of work.
  3. Hi Rainbow Dash! Are you still leading the Cheerleading squad? If so, do you still enjoy it?
  4. ChB

    Ask Lucky Bolt!

    Excited to have Nick Foles on the Jaguars?
  5. @Totally Lyra @Sparklefan1234 Luna is the Bomb! She can do air bubble, body-warming, pressure-balancing, UV-protecting, anti-perspiration, hydration, and nutrition-supplying spells, all at the same time!
  6. It look like you two went shopping together! Nice new dress, Judy!