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  1. Octavia and Lyra ~ Tugging at the Heartstrings By deathaura40s
  2. Don't know who drew this, but it's awesome!
  3. Yes! Sept 26th: the release date of Anthropology! Thanks for the reminder, BFFFF!
  4. Dodgers have finally clinched the West Division! :yay: 

    1. Princess Aurora Wolf

      Princess Aurora Wolf

      I know. I was watching it last night.

  5. Sunset Shimmer- Element of Empathy by Infernapelover Sunset Shimmer Day 2017 by DoppiaD-DoubleD Sunset by Brok-Enwings
  6. Hey! That picture was drawn by one of our EQD Forum members that had a SpongeBob avatar (not me). Awesome!
  7. You know me well.
  8. What did I do?
  9. Mega Thread

  10. By Wubcake Happy Sunset Shimmer Day!
  11. Anyone else liked Sesame Street? I loved Sesame Street, when I was very little. There were a lot of good songs, but there were also quite a few songs that I really underappreciated, for I didn't know what they were references to, until I got older. Examples include "Letter B," a beautiful reference to one of the most famous Beatles songs: "Honk Around the Clock," a nice reference to Bill Haley's song, "Rock Around the Clock" "ZZ Blues" a possible reference to ZZ Top's song, "Sharp Dressed Man" "We're All Monsters," a reference to racial diversity: "Frazzle," a possible reference to people with mental disabilities, and social acceptance thereof. ...and so on and so forth! My favorite character is Cookie Monster, and these are my favorite songs, sung by him: What about you? What are your favorite songs, characters, and/or moments? Any songs that you once disliked at first watch, but then came to like more, later on?
  12. That's a very interesting story-arc that I haven't even thought of. As a FlutterMac fan, I like this idea. Not to mention that there are already multiple ships involving Big Mac, not just FlutterMac. They can't please the whole fandom anyway, so why try?
  13. Mega Thread

    @Leere Nice avatar! And I'm sure that @Sparklefan1234 would agree.
  14. To everypony living in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere: 

    Happy Winter Wrap-Up Day!


    1. Valencia Chalcis

      Valencia Chalcis

      hope everyone in the southern hemisphere has a nice spring and summer ^w^ 

    2. Babyyoshi309