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  1. Because it's Andrea Libman's birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday, Andrea Libman!! Thank you for voicing my 1st and 3rd favorite ponies!
  3. Movies/TV

    My Little Ariel, by Yukihyo
  4. Tomorrow is Andrea Libman's birthday
  5. Tomorrow is Andrea Libman's birthday
  6. Movies/TV

    My favorite part of the game
  7. @Baby Flyer What are your favorite Rainbow Dash moments? One of my favorites is when she snuck in the hospital to get the Daring Do book.
  8. Movies/TV

    Part of Your World PMV by nevergrowup
  9. Movies/TV

  10. Movies/TV

    Yes. I had to hear the chorus on the radio at least 20 times, before I even got a chance to watch the movie. I like the theme of the song, and I can see how it's well sung, but my chance of experiencing the songs emotional touch while watching the movie was ruined, because of it.
  11. Movies/TV

    Love that PMV. Both ponies are good fits for those two characters.
  12. Movies/TV

    Unfortunately, it's one of the songs I don't like: Let It Go
  13. @Totally Lyra What's your favorite Lyra moment? Also, nice avatar!
  14. Oh yes, she would definitely love that!
  15. @Sparklefan1234 Pinkies don't climb trees. They bounce. by merrittwilson