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  1. Yes. In my drive to and from work, signal is too weak for me to listen to FM most of the time. I listen to AM radio for traffic/weather report, as well as sports games.
  2. Yeah, gonna have to agree with you there, despite what I said in my previous post here. Though, the way they developed Fluttershy's character earlier in the series has made me used to it, at this point.
  3. "Hi there, little fellow! Come out here, do you know a way out of here?"
  4. "Can you say 'delicioso'?" "Good luck"
  5. ChB

    Happy Birthday, Gestum! Hope you have a good one! :) 

  6. Ever had an episode where you have no complaints for (no flaws, no plot holes), but still didn't feel all that entertained by it?

    1. Tacodidra


      I'd say my least favorite MLP episode ("Apple Family Reunion") was like that. It didn't have anything I particularly disliked, I even liked a few things about it (Raise This Barn, Babs Seed returning) – but somehow it mostly bored me. :mellow:

    2. ChB
  7. Solid episode. The events that unfolded flowed naturally well, without ever feeling forced. Good acting from the villains. Their plans were well executed without making them look overpowered. They also achieved a milestone they have long planned for, giving us more to look forward to. All of the characters never acted out-of-character, and the festival was delivered exceptionally well. 9/10.