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movies/tv Anyone remember Square One TV?


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Does anyone remember that PBS Kids show "Square One TV"? It ran from 1987 to 1992 and was made by the same company that made Sesame Street and is perhaps the only PBS Kids show to focus on math. It had funny sketches like "Oops!", "Mathcourt", various TV parodies, music video parodies, game show parodies, Pacman parody "Mathman", and of course "Mathnet". I was wondering if anyone else remembers Square One TV?

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2 hours ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:

Probably, is that the one with some characters who have a car and two motorcycles take off into the sky and outer space?  

Yes. It was in I think the last season. I think it was called "The Adventures of Zook and Alison."

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