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"does anyone remember homestar runner?"




random but one day I was feeling a bit bored a few days ago I didn't know what to watch but something popped up in my mind so I decided to watch homestar runner again :proud: so I watched some December ween shorts (the equivalent of cristmas to the homestar runner universe basically) I feel like the homestar runner shorts have a special charm to them and if your wondering the brothers chaps (the people who made homestar) are actually still active even on the website I also binge watched the strong bad emails shorts the premise of the shorts is basically strong bad gets emails from fans and answers them usually rudely to fit the character of strong bad he was supposed to be the sort of villain to homestar as shown in the original books of homestar runner but I think homestar and strong bad grew on good terms the more I watched the sbemails I actually kind off ship them lol:muffins: there's also a bunch of other characters like marzipan bubs coach z the cheat and the brothers of strong bad strong sad and strong mad :catface:in one emails strong bad accidentally makes some sort of strong bad multi verse like the spider verse strong bad also makes comics like teen girl squad with cheerleader so and so what's her face and the ugly one also the brothers chaps made collaborations with they might be giants I love there music :sunbutt:even though homestar is the name of this internet flash cartoon strong bad prominently gets present around the cartoon because the sbmails are the reason why homestar runner was popular which is very interesting to me me personally my favorite characters are strong sad the cheat and like a couple of others I'm not going to name them all though because I don't wanna spoil it all for you if you wanna watch these cartoon you can go on the web site or on YouTube I recommend go on the website or you can get dvds to watch its on your tv so that's all I got to tell you now im tired of writing this bye :3





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