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  1. Jim Henson created a sprawling universe populated by the Muppet characters. From Sesame Street to the classic Muppet Show, the movies of the '90s and '00s and so much more, there are countless Muppet personalities bringing those worlds to life. Among these, who are your favorites and why?
  2. She looks good as a human with the bow, but as a pony I like her better without it.
  3. Fluttershy is the only one for me. She's sweet, feminine, gentle and compassionate. She's also damn beautiful to look at (I don't care if she does use tail extensions).
  4. Narcissus

    Would you live in Equestria if it smelled like a toilet bowl?

    Exactly. The ponies may be animals, but they're cartoon animals and just as civilized as humans. The fact that there are outhouses shows that they are aware of a need for both privacy and waste disposal, so the likelihood that they have normal pony-styled restrooms should be the obvious conclusion. Nobody wants to smell shit everywhere, their own included, so I'm sure they have facilities and make full use of them.
  5. Narcissus

    your opinion on thriftshopping

    I like to buy some of my clothes at thrift shops. The stuff on the racks at mainstream stores are limited in their style and imagination, so I go to where I can select from a wider range of styles. If I need a big ticket item I like to check the thrift stores first before resorting to paying full retail.
  6. Narcissus

    Facts About Yourself Thread!

    I'm a big Barbie fan, I'm introverted, I love to sing and perform in community theater, Asian food is my favorite, I'm fiercely loyal to the ones I care about, and will protect them no matter what, I am good at self defense, I love cold weather, I'm nocturnal, I believe in Santa Claus, I'm not a very good person but some very good people in my life are helping me to improve.
  7. Narcissus

    When was the first time you visited the MLP Forums?

    I officially joined on October 8th, 2017, but didn't start actively posting until about a month later. When I moved in with my cousin she encouraged me to give it a try so I did, and here I am.
  8. Do you personally identify with a particular fictional character? One that thinks, acts and does things just as you would? Are you similar to them in personality, appearance or in some other way? Please name as many characters as you wish as well as how and why you feel you have a similarity to them.
  9. Narcissus

    What Was Your First Profile Pic?

    I've still got the same one I started with. I might change it sometime if I'm not feeling too lazy.
  10. Narcissus

    Things that make you feel young/old

    Things that make me feel young: Innocent pursuits like watching kids shows, especially cartoons. Things that make me feel old are when there's an absence of childlike pursuits. I have an old personality so watching cartoons and doing similar things are necessary to keep the balance.
  11. Narcissus

    General How "Pure" are you?

    I've always been pretty messed up. I used to follow my instincts rather than any moral code, which I now realize was a serious problem. I have better influences in my life now and I'm trying to change my ways, but it'll take time and effort; a challenge I fully intend to accept and, if possible, conquer.
  12. My childhood friends were never like siblings. And developing a romantic attachment as time and maturity developed seems pretty natural. Friends are friends, and whether or not it becomes romantic is subject to experience and personal taste, not upbringing.
  13. Narcissus

    Food Foods You Shouldn't Eat but do so Anyway

    I love anything deep-fried. The best thing I've ever eaten was some sort of spring roll from a Vietnamese food cart on a college campus. It was swimming in hot oil and was delicious.
  14. Narcissus

    I love MLP but hate real horses/ponies!

    I don't like animals at all. I'm afraid of them so it's a no-brainer that I'd choose the cartoon ponies over the real thing.
  15. I sing quite well, and always get the more challenging songs at the theater group I work for. I have a broad range and can sing with little effort.