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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday, Narcissus!  :kirin:

  3. Singing, especially in public, is something I actually need to do sometimes. It clears my mind and helps me purge my poisonous emotions.
  4. Worry seems to suggest giving a s**t. I don't, hence I don't worry.
  5. I look like my so-called personality. I'm quiet, grim and understated and it emanates from me like a radioactive fog.
  6. I don't do social. I have someone I'm close to, but it's nothing fancy. I don't do fancy either.
  7. I'm slender but strong. I don't have a lot of meat on my bones but what i have is toned and tight.
  8. My bed is in the corner with the head of the bed against the wall under the window and the side of the bed against the wall that separates my room from the living room. The door is facing the foot of the bed.
  9. Some cities already have nicknames (The Big Apple, The Windy City, Biggest Little City in the World) but most cities don’t. Does your hometown/city have a nickname? And if it doesn’t, what nickname would you give it and why?
  10. I've heard ghost stories and personal paranormal experiences here, but I'd like to know if anyone here has been on any 'official' Ghost Tours. If you have, where was it? Did you encounter anything ghostly or unexplained? Were there many others on your tour? Why did you go and what did you hope to find? Let's have some details!
  11. I'd like to know everyone's favorite movie in each individual genre. Here are some categories, if I leave any out, feel free to add them in as desired, and if you don't have a favorite in every category, you can skip over it. Fantasy Comedy Romance Action/Adventure Sci-fi Animated Horror Musical Western Suspense Mystery
  12. Never Been Kissed (1999). It's a really funny movie and Drew Barrymore does a great job with it.
  13. I watched this show and it was alright. It probably would have been a better with fewer episodes and less filler. But I liked the characters and I like the original movie, which is what got me interested in this. If you like the original movie it's definitely worth a look.
  14. I usually eat alone, but if my 'adopted' family is around I'll eat with them. Sometimes I eat with my best friend.