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  1. I'm a teenager living in California with my cousin and her husband. I have an introverted personality and often come off as cold, which is why everyone uses my nickname, Frosty, instead of my real name, Natalie. I enjoy martial arts and parkour, but I'm not very good at the latter yet because I injured myself pushing the envelope farther than I should have as a beginner. I sing a lot and often perform in community theater, which is a better alternative for relieving stress than fighting, which I always used to do (and enjoy). I have a part-time job at a bakery and it sucks. I like to explore places I'm not supposed to go and far prefer doing strange things by myself than normal things with others. My dad works overseas and I don't know where my mom is. I have a different family group now and they get me, which is something I never thought possible.
  2. I'm December 5th too. So, birthday triplets I guess. I'm surprised.
  3. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, but I live in California now.
  4. It depends on the context, but generally speaking...
  5. A painting of some zebras my girl friend made for me when I had to go live in another state. I haven't seen her since but looking at that picture brings her back.
  6. Usually I just eat the chip straight away. But I don't like corn chips so I sometimes just take the flavoring off of those and toss the chip.
  7. A girl I once knew was always bullied by another girl and her friends, so I hung around the ringleader and acted like I was her secret lesbian friend, which embarrassed her and broke up their little clique. Looking back I shouldn't have cast false aspersions. There are better ways to deal with things. I also hurt someone who hurt a friend of mine. This was physical injury and I overdid it. That was one of my darkest moments and I hope I never sink that low again.
  8. I have no use for it. Debating is just a pretty word for arguing endlessly and ignoring the point being made by either side. It usually ends up getting ugly and solves nothing.
  9. I'm a none-of-the-above person. If I had to pick one, I'd go with a cat, but don't like animals of any kind, especially dogs.
  10. I think they look great for girls. I don't care who wears them to bed but I think they'd look dumb on a guy in public.
  11. For hiding acne or other facial blemishes, yes, it's fine. But for decoration it looks stupid on a guy.
  12. If being a man means to stand up on your own two feet and suck it up, then I'm fine with it. Self pity and constant complaining doesn't evoke strength or self-control, so telling someone to man-up is often good advice. Powdering everyone't butt and coddling them all the time doesn't help them to grow or strengthen as a human being. So if someone is man enough to tell someone else to be a man, I applaud them. Personally I'm female, but if someone told me to be a man I'd take it in the proper spirit and take it as good advice.
  13. Why not? A lot of guys won't make the first move because a lot of girls make it pointlessly hard on them when they do. So it's only fair that girls should take some of the pressure off once in a while. A lot of guys would probably be happy if a girl expressed interest. And of a girl likes someone, why shouldn't she do something about it?
  14. I like tight clothes if they're flexible and don't restrict my movement. I prefer clothes that are tight in some places and loose in others for optimum fit, rather than all tight or all loose.