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  1. Would you like to see an M rated MLP movie?

    I think it would be really interesting. The main drawback is that in order to earn such a rating, they'd almost have to rewrite the characters and setting and pretty much lose the identity of the show, thus defeating the point of making the movie at all. Still, I think it would be fun to see the ponies getting a little more raw. It just sounds cute to me.
  2. When did you first feel like an adult?

    I've felt like an adult since the age of 6. I sometimes feel I was born into adulthood. I have a serious and grounded personality with very little frivolity. I used to tell my parents to 'grow up.'
  3. What Colour(s) Are Your Eyes?

    I have very dark brown eyes, almost black. They match my hair.
  4. What Would Your Magic Power Be?

    I'd go with Time Travel. I know it's stupid choice because there's almost no way to do it without ruining the world in one way or another. I think I'd enjoy the challenge of doing it without causing disruption. And if I screwed it up, eh, I'm still okay with it.
  5. Yes, I have a central A/C unit in the apartment. I like it cold, freezing cold, at all times. My roommate likes it warm so I have to compromise, but I keep a window open in my own room, even in the winter.
  6. I was reading a letter from my girlfriend. I savored it almost all day before I opened it. It was worth the wait.
  7. I don't post in Welcome forums because I'm not that outgoing. I'm not the most sociable person in the world unless I sense there's something that justifies my coming out of my shell and saying something.
  8. What were you scared of as a child?

    I'm afraid of animals of all kinds. Dogs are especially scary to me. I guess I won't be getting a pet anytime soon.
  9. General Do You Like Mondays?

    Mondays are Mondays. It's just a day like any other. The name Monday doesn't make it any more special or bad for me. They all end up more or less the same.
  10. General What is your religious orientation?

    I'm Catholic and very religious. I may not be a model Christian or a perfect human being, but my shortcomings are a work in progress. At least I have something to work toward. Religion matters, and life without it would be pretty empty.
  11. General Liberal or Conservative?

    I'm extremely conservative. Most people might not think so if they meet me, but perceptions can be deceiving. I am not liberal at all.
  12. Do you really care about what people think about you?

    Why on earth would I care what someone else thinks of me? I'm the one I have to live with, not them. So if I think there's something wrong with me it's up to me to fix it. Otherwise it's not an issue.
  13. Hobbies/Special Talents

    I can sing really well (not trying to brag, I'm just honest). I can also yodel (which isn't always as easy as it sounds) but I seldom do it because it makes me look too happy.
  14. Make up a lie about yourself

    I'm unbelievably sweet, kind and outgoing. Thinking about expanding my social networking.
  15. If I told any of the ponies, "In the world I came from we have enslaved ponykind and eat them as a delicacy," I would get a reply from said pony of, "That's okay, in this world we have enslaved humans and eat them as a delicacy. That's why you never see humans in Equestria." And so we are all connected in the great circle of life.