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  1. How would your world be if MLP never existed?

    Life would be 20% less cool.
  2. You just got kissed by your favorite pony. What do you do?

    I'd kiss her back so hard it would turn her head inside-out.
  3. Twilight: Renaissance Pinkie: The roaring '20s Fluttershy: 1950s America Rarity: Ancient Rome AJ: The old west Rainbow: The Space Race of the '60s
  4. If you could marry a pony from MLP, who would it be?

    I'd love to choose Fluttershy but I don't think I'd want to impose someone like me on someone I care about, like her.
  5. Would you like to be the fastest pony ever in Equestria?

    ^Exactly this^ It's fine to be the best at something if the whole world doesn't have to know about it. I'd personally enjoy having great speed and ability, but I could live without the notoriety.
  6. Should Chrysalis be reformed or not?

    I think Chrysalis is the last holdout that hasn't been forced through the apology machine. It would be nice if the show could keep at least one active villain, just to try something different.
  7. If you could be any pony from MLP, who would you be?

    Nightmare Moon. No question about it.
  8. I like Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake. I love MLP but I still like Barbie better.
  9. Midnight snacks

    I like chocolate and tea. Sometimes I'll peck at the leftovers.
  10. General Do you wear pajamas to bed?

    It depends on my mood and the temperature. In the winter I sometimes sleep in a nightgown or pajamas. In the summer I wear just a pajama top, over-sized t-shirt or nothing at all.
  11. General What do you eat when you are sick?

    Mashed potatoes and gravy. It's warm, soothing and has nothing harsh to it.
  12. I can't imagine a celebrity encounter that would be anything but boring. I may admire their work for one reason or another but I doubt I'd want to know them personally. They're really just strangers that I don't know and will never know. Being celebrities doesn't make them special to me any more than someone I might bump into on the street. It would take more than a screen, music or sports credit to grab my interest.
  13. General Which pony would you spend an entire day with?

    Luna, and I wouldn't spend the day with her. It would be the night because we both appreciate the value of a nocturnal existence.
  14. If you were a food, what would you be?

    An old banana turning black and spotty...or possibly a burnt piece of toast. It would be something unpalatable like that.
  15. What is your "Policy" on Following Other Members?

    I usually just stick to myself and don't make a point of following anyone. If someone follows me I usually follow them back unless I forget to. I don't have the best set of social skills so I could probably do better if I tried.