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  1. Narcissus

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I have the thankless task of protecting someone I care about from her own friends. Some people don't understand the concept of personal boundaries so, even if people are just being friendly I have to make sure it's kept within appropriate limits for the sake of her dignity and personal image. When I resolve to be someone's protector that means I protect them in EVERY way, whether they like it or not. If it gets unpleasant, so be it.
  2. Every minute of every day. I always leap before I look and do bad things impulsively. Then I feel like crap afterwards. I'm working on it though.
  3. I'm surprised I'm still here at all. But once in a while I still drop in to see if there's anything interesting going on.
  4. I don't like to stand out, ever. So I usually wear dark colors and wrap up in a cape, cloak or hood. No, I'm not affiliated with Batman.
  5. When I use them, which isn't very often, I like the Luna ones:
  6. I have a low, understated voice. I usually speak quietly unless I'm mad, in which case I swear loudly a couple of times and then communicate with non-verbal means.
  7. I'll skip the Twilight series. I tried the first one but it was not for me.
  8. I like the smell of ice. I don't mean sniffing at the ice cube tray in the fridge. I mean natural ice outside in cold climates, and believe me, it does have a smell. I also like the smell of pine, sawdust and the ocean.
  9. Narcissus


    But whether that's Heaven or Hell depends on the quality of the writers.
  10. Narcissus

    Disney chatroom

    I like the older Disney stuff, live or animated. But I always enjoy Tangled, Frozen (with some reservations) and some of their movies from the Pixar end of things. The theme parks are fun too, but again, their best stuff was from bygone days. I'd really enjoy taking a journey back in time and walking around Disneyland in the 1950s, that would be really cool.
  11. I like hand drawn far better than CG. It's broader and more lively, which is what animation is all about for me. If I want realism I can watch live action, but the squash and stretch of hand drawn is such a unique art form and it appeals on an aesthetic level. I think it far surpasses CG in every way.
  12. Star Wars is better on a big movie theater screen. It's convenient and more affordable though to watch series like Clone Wars, etc on the smaller screen so I don't mind it that way.
  13. I really liked it. It might be my favorite of the entire series but it's a close call. I liked that they made the movie they wanted to make without getting hung up on the obligatory board room checklist of what should and should not be in the movie in order the please the broadest range of demographics. It was different, interesting and felt like a whole new dimension of a universe that was already cool, and now was even broader and more fleshed out.
  14. I'd take the small part in a good movie. I don't like to be noticed anyway so a small part would be better for me regardless. If the movie is good enough, every role will be appreciated on some level, and that's more appealing than being the star of a movie that's generally reviled.
  15. I like to try new dishes. Eating the same old thing all the time is boring and I don't enjoy food that doesn't interest me or engage my imagination. If it's ordinary it's nothing more to me than a necessary exercise to maintain life. I especially prefer Asian cuisine for it's diversity and constant surprises.
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