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  1. Why did you unfollowed me, if its ok to ask. just wanted to know if i did something wrong

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      Hi! Sorry, I was just going through my list of people I follow and unfollowing the ones I don't recognize. Sorry !

    2. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      Well, yeah,been a while i think we interacted, years likely XD Its fine, im not mad, just always wondering when i see a friend less, its ok^^


  3. Blue Moon

    Greatest thing to happen to you in 2015?

    Banquo, Felicity, Simba, and BB-8 all came into my life.
  4. Blue Moon

    Movies/TV Am I the only one who likes Minions?

    They've never annoyed me, so I'm fine with them. I've gotten a few laughs from them.
  5. Blue Moon

    Do you ever forget MLP is a "little girls show"?

    MLP has generally been marketed towards young girls, so it's not too far off to say that it's a little girl's show. However, that's not a criticism of the show, nor should people think it is. It's wonderful that people outside the intended demographic can find enjoyment in it.
  6. Blue Moon

    G4 or Previous Gens?

    Entertainment is subjective, so you can't really call any incarnation of anything relating to entertainment objectively the best. What you value in a show may differ from what others value, and with that said, saying that G4 is the best is not a fact. However, I can definitely agree that it's my favorite incarnation of the franchise.
  7. Blue Moon

    Gaming Under-appreciated Platformers

    Rayman: Legends is probably the best platformer I've ever played, but I still don't see a whole lot of praise for it. The game itself is filled to the brim with content, and it's full of personality. The art direction is gorgeous, the animation and character designs are whimsical, the music is great (especially with the music levels), and the levels are excellently designed.
  8. Blue Moon

    Males in the show.

    Eh, it's never really been a huge deal to me on the male to female ratio in this show, or any other show for that matter. Genders have never been a huge, if any, factor in my enjoyment of characters, and if I can relate to them. I'd say MLP:FiM is fine as is.
  9. Blue Moon

    Can guys and girls be just friends?

    Of course. People are too diverse to cut down the list of possible friends by half just for something biological.
  10. Blue Moon


    The subject of this topic has little potential to spark discussion between many members and, as such, would be better suited to a status update or a blog. When creating a thread, please remember that the goal is to start a conversation with room for many people to chime in and give their own viewpoints on, and that sharing events of an anecdotal nature would be better done elsewhere.
  11. Blue Moon

    The Hiatus until Season 6

    @cider float, To keep things organized, we have created a thread dedicated to the wait for the new season over here. Please try and keep all discussion related to the break over there. Thanks!
  12. Season 5 is finally over! With a season containing so many great and memorable moments, it isn't hard to imagine why some of us may feel a little down with the lack of new episodes. But fear not! Season 6 is just around the corner, and I'm sure it'll be just as, if not more, grand as the last one. Feel free to use this thread to express your thoughts on the wait for new episodes, and to share any news regarding the new season.
  13. Blue Moon

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum: The Image button in the post editor. Pony Crush: The one with the bright mane. IRL Crush: Banquo
  14. Blue Moon

    Rate song, then post another!

    4/10 Not for me.
  15. Blue Moon

    Rate the above posters OC Pony!

    6.5/10 Here's my OC.