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    persona and danganronpa are the bee's knees

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  1. hi my favorite pony

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    2. Zen


      BLUE you can’t swear this is a kid friendly site get your butt back on discord, sinner

    3. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      D: SHIT MY BAD

    4. Zen


      B L U E

  2. 6/10 Not bad! But it's not really my thing, sorry !!!
  3. Ah man, the Silent Hill games are some of my favorite horror games! Silent Hill 2 is my personal favorite cause I think it has the best story and best soundtrack! Silent Hill 1 is really good too, and holds up surprisingly well for an old PS1 game. The atmosphere is 10/10. Silent Hill 3 is probably the scariest of them all, and I haven't played 4 yet, but I plan on it. If they ever make another Silent Hill game, I'd def be interested, but I'm not holding my breath with Konami. I'm still salty over Silent Hills! >:0
  4. heya! just checking in, and wanted to see how've you been!

  5. hey!! hope ur doing alright! :0

  6. oh dang, you're back !! how've you been??

    1. Twiliscael


      Heya. I pop my head in here from time to time here, heh. I’m doing quite well myself, and hope the same can be said of you :kindness:

    2. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      good to hear ! it's been like years since i last saw u here !! ive been pretty good as well! i don't really come on here too often tho :0

    3. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      also 10/10 avatar aeugh

  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      thank u !!

  8. I like your cover photo thing, nice power lines and effects.

  9. You're back!!!!!!!! I thought you were gone forever

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      yup !! just wanted to check in for a bit, how are you doing??

    2. Cwanky


      Good! Just passed a hard ass Discrete Math course with a C+. Are you leaving again so soon?

    3. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      nice !! and not sure yet ! I'm not too huge into mlp anymore but who knows ?!