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  1. Happy birthday, Scootaloo! :) 

  2. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    Animation Could the Loud House dethrone Spongebob?

    I love the Loud House. But as much as I’d seriously love it if they beat Spongebob in the ratings at this point I really don’t see it happening anytime soon. Maybe by the time of the Loudhouse movie comes out it’ll be different.
  3. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    General Favorite Things to do in the Fall/Winter

    One of my favorite things to do is gripe until summer starts up again. I absolutely love summer. But, I guess I do enjoy wearing hoodies and sweat pants etc. and watching movies inside etc.
  4. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    Food Do you like popcorn?

    I like popcorn with butter and salt I eat way too much of it though. (I work at a movie theater we get free popcorn and free movies, anyone wanna take a guess what my broke ass is always eating? Lol)
  5. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    Brony things you haven't done (yet)

    -worn a mascot costume - drawn a pony -made a video -created a fanfic -went on to Equestria daily -signed up for derpybooroo or whatever
  6. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    The very first one was pinkie pie because I got into it fro a video of “pinkies singing telegram”
  7. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    If the Kirin stayed silent, would you pet them?

    Kiren can answer yes or no questions with a head shake or a head nod right? If I had the courage to introduce myself it’d go something like this. me: hi, would you mind if I pet you?
  8. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    Top 8 favorite Ponies?

    -princess luna -princess celestia -Rainbow dash/Fluttershy/twilight -cozy glow(I don’t know why but I really like her) -scootaloo -sweetie belle -buttomash -Trixie -vinyl scratch/maud/autumn blaze
  9. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    One day to spend with your favorite pony...

    24 hours with Dash I’d just hope I wouldn’t bore her to death. We’d probably play video games together and maybe watch sports or wwe together then I’d take her to a baseball/football game
  10. I could never beat up a pony even if I can’t stand them if I can’t stand them I just wouldn’t hang out with him/her. Simple as that, other then maybe a short “sup” Every now and again. Then I’d go hang out with people I like and complain about said pony to them
  11. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    First MLP episode you watched?

    Think it might have been the return to harmony part two
  12. Yeah........Rarity im pretty sure would either yell at me and have a complete meltdown or I’d look so unpresentable she’d just faint. Perhaps even both lol
  13. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    What is the stupidest thing you have done after drinking alcohol?

    - threw up on a friend’s sweater - Threw up on Sweet and Sour chicken - lost balance and pretty much crawled to the bathroom. -sat on a toilet backwards - stood up on a picnic table and screamed “woooooooo” - got out of car thinking it was my friends house. - woke up next day never wanting to eat or drink anything ever again. I am what some people may call a “light weight”
  14. Scootaloo Is Best Filly

    General How Old Do You Feel?

    I am a 35 year old man who feels like he’s anything between 50-100 years old most occasions