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  1. I get sad a lot for whatever reason, here’s what cheers me up. -listening to music and singing along - Writing small stories - going on to Discord or a forum I like -watching my little pony - Watching baseball - going on the internet and buying things -Eating candy/ junk food etc.
  2. Never really had to hide it, everyone finds out about it at some point. Nobody ever really has given me a hard time about it.
  3. I totally agree with this. I love Christmas and all the happy feelings I get around that holiday. But, I don’t feel the same way about Christmas as I did when I was a kid.
  4. This is gonna be a long list I think - the whole episode of Crusaders of the last mark and when Rainbow Dash sang about how proud she was of Scootaloo even more crying - The Final Problem - The beginning of the end (parts 1 and two) - The cutie remark part two. (Twilights talk with Starlight plus the ending really had me crying a lot) -magical mystery cure - The Last Crusade. (OMG from the beginning to the end nonstop crying. This episode came out soon before I had to move from my state. So, I really related to Scootaloo and felt the same way she did) - the fault in our cutie marks - Pinkie Pride - The last Roundup - Hurricane Fluttershy - amending Fences -the perfect pear
  5. You’d have more of a chance with dashie nuzzling you. Something tells me dragons aren’t used to nuzzling that much . Xd! Anyway would I allow a pony to nuzzle me? I’d insist on it especially if it was dashie or Fluttershy
  6. Give me the old dash any time but, since I’m supposed to choose . Slight edge to the destroyer of pies just because I am very intrigued about her back story
  7. McCarthy is a part of this project seeing as she works for fim something tells me this will at least be good-great. FIM was kind of lightning in a bottle it would be hard to do that again. No one ever expected it would become what it did. as long as they don’t try too hard to make it fim version two and make it a show that people just enjoy watching they’re gonna do fine I think.
  8. Nucleur family! It’s just me, my parents and my dog. My relatives that I see ever so often(some holiday’s, special occasions) live kinda far away
  9. Quite a bit actually. No job, no responsibly, I didn’t have to constantly worry about stuff, even holidays and other things actually mattered more then
  10. I have so many happy moments of being a brony. Twilight becoming a princess and the crusaders getting cutie marks(I still cry when Rainbow Dash says how proud she is of scootaloo)Starlight changing her ways are really high up on the list