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  1. Imho the super Nintendo was better.
  2. You’d have more of a chance with dashie nuzzling you. Something tells me dragons aren’t used to nuzzling that much . Xd! Anyway would I allow a pony to nuzzle me? I’d insist on it especially if it was dashie or Fluttershy
  3. Give me the old dash any time but, since I’m supposed to choose . Slight edge to the destroyer of pies just because I am very intrigued about her back story
  4. McCarthy is a part of this project seeing as she works for fim something tells me this will at least be good-great. FIM was kind of lightning in a bottle it would be hard to do that again. No one ever expected it would become what it did. as long as they don’t try too hard to make it fim version two and make it a show that people just enjoy watching they’re gonna do fine I think.
  5. Nucleur family! It’s just me, my parents and my dog. My relatives that I see ever so often(some holiday’s, special occasions) live kinda far away
  6. Quite a bit actually. No job, no responsibly, I didn’t have to constantly worry about stuff, even holidays and other things actually mattered more then
  7. I have so many happy moments of being a brony. Twilight becoming a princess and the crusaders getting cutie marks(I still cry when Rainbow Dash says how proud she is of scootaloo)Starlight changing her ways are really high up on the list
  8. ^ qftt trust me I was/am in the same situation as you nightmare muffin. I have been going to bronycon by myself for the past hmmmm..... going on five years now I think. I’m a very socially awkward guy myself, I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is for me to strike up a conversation especially with a group. but, you know bronycon has helped me make quite a few friends and has been able to make me a little bit less social awkward. And seeing as this is the last one I happen to think it will make your experience even more memorable. That’s just my opinion though.
  9. Definitely! I’m not gonna be at the hotel I wanted to be at and I may not even have any other bronies at this hotel but I’m hoping to be there. I need like 1400 bucks all ready saved up like six hundred got my badge the only thing I didn’t get is my train ticket
  10. Now, I know I posted here before, but as of now I have about 600 bucks(me and “saving” are not two things that really go hand in hand) I need 1400 to go to bronycon. Feels like a stretch but I think I can do it
  11. Happy birthday, Scootaloo! :) 

  12. I love the Loud House. But as much as I’d seriously love it if they beat Spongebob in the ratings at this point I really don’t see it happening anytime soon. Maybe by the time of the Loudhouse movie comes out it’ll be different.
  13. One of my favorite things to do is gripe until summer starts up again. I absolutely love summer. But, I guess I do enjoy wearing hoodies and sweat pants etc. and watching movies inside etc.