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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Your OC is so cute! =^_^=

  3. :o missed your birthday. Happy late as hell birthday ^^
    1. ~Starlight~


      Thanks! ^_^ Weird to think I am 16 now...! :D

  4. Any people with Pokemon X or Y? Add me! :D 0533 - 4188 - 8908 But your friend code bellow! :D

    1. Potato Sprout

      Potato Sprout

      I would add mine here if I had my 3ds here atm. I guess I'll just add you a bit later. I'll make sure to post mine here as well :)

  5. Hey Snaps (Yeah I am calling you Snaps now, deal with it) so here is my OC. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/starlight-r4371 Reply to me if you let me join! Thanks I am going to be the chef guy XD
  6. ~Starlight~

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    7/10 Haven't seen you in a while! (This is not going to go well, I have had a name change...)
  7. I really like these drawings! They are much better than the pony generator images. Just don't forget to make shines in the eyes! But otherwise great sketches!
  8. I think the show producers and everyone apart of the show think of the ponies as animals rather than people, maybe this is why there equestria girls wear clothes and the ponies don't, because they're more just put down as animals. And for special occasions dogs sometimes where outfits and that is what hasbro e.t.c think. (Obviously we see them as humans who we can interact with but whatever! )
  9. I love gaming personally, and this question is tricky, to be perfectly honest I am not to sure, I do like playing solo games for example skyrim. But I do enjoy games where multiplayer is available. I think the best type would be Resident evil 6, as well as being able to play split you also get to play online, and play with and against in a DLC. But you also get to join games as a zombie! So I think I like options rather than just solo or just multiplayer!
  10. I love camping and been camping loads! This summer alone I have been camping 3 times! My main helpful tips about camping are... Bugs - There are 2 types of bugs that love camping territories, Mosquitoes and wasps, so make sure to not overreact to wasps and spray midge spray for mosquitoes! But remember you are in there home, not the other way round! Food - There are no Ovens when you go camping, this makes cooking harder and take longer, good ideas would be, barbecues, campfires or hot pots! Rain - Depending on where you are going rain will follow, it will deprive you of sleep and
  11. Thanks! I can see it does look a lot like her mane, I may have to alter that, so thanks! Thanks! :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 Thanks I am very glad you like her!
  12. Thanks! I really like your OC too, I may PM you about that role play later! Thanks! Starlight was supposed to look a bit like fluttershy, so I am glad that worked! Thanks Dawn! Thanks! I just love the gradient in her mane, I could not decide whether I wanted blue or pink, so I thought why not both!
  13. Hello everyone, As I have said in my latest status update I am changing my name and main OC. I think I am just bored of Frozen to be honest.. So here are 3 artworks I did of Starlight! Enjoy! Cutie mark Chibi pony Sleepy Starlight Squee! Thanks for taking a look, if there is anything wrong with her character, the drawing or if you want to know more about feel free to ask! Thanks! EDIT - I forgot to erase a few of the colours from her mane, sorry! -_- (Fail)
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