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  4. Often referred to as "Dragon Buses" or simply "Chinatown Buses are services offered by companies founded by Chinese American or Chinese Canadians which offer low cost no frills transportation from a Chinatown District in one city to another. (Boston Chinatown <---> NYC Chinatown <----> Washington DC Gallery Place Chinatown) Despite the efforts of larger companies like Greyhound (Bolt Bus) and Coach USA-Stagecoach Group (Megabus) to capture some of this market Chinatown buses remain a fixture of any major city on the East Coast. Here are the major players:
  5. Nearly 400,000 people rely on Metro Transit in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area as its the largest transit network in the State of Minnesota. Metro Transit Gillig Advantage Type: Public Union Representation: Metro Transit employees are represented by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005 Fleet Size: 679 Low Floor Transit Buses, 169 Articulated Buses, 60 Highway Coaches, 86 Light Rail Vehicles, 6 Heavy Locomotives paired with 18 Rail Coaches Routes: 132 Bus Routes, 2 Light Rail Lines, 1 BRT Express Route, 1 Commuter Rail
  6. Providing Transportation for the Mexican State of Baja California Transportes de Baja California Flxible Metro B Type: Public Union Representation: Not Unionized Fleet Size: Unknown, Approximately 250-300 Routes: Unknown, Service adapts as demand changes Manufacturer and Powerplant: The State of Baja California acquires used American transit buses and school buses to be used in its bus fleet as purchasing used vehicles is more cost effective than buying new units and as such the organization does not hav
  7. For over 20 Years rain or shine the LLV has kept the Mail moving and become a staple of American Suburbia USPS Grumman LLV Manufacturer Quick Facts: Founded: 1929 (Merged with Northrup in 1994 to form Northrup Grumman Corporation) Headquarters: Bethpage, New York Industry: Aerospace, Airplane Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment, Delivery Vehicles Notable Product: Apollo Lunar Module, Grumman F4F WIldcat, Grumman F6F Hellcat, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, LLV, Grumman Olsen UPS Package Car
  8. Depends on the company you work for, some are better than others but after 1 year you get a week of vacation time, then another week for each year so im at 3 years i have 3 weeks all then way up to 5 i believe. Plus your sick days and personal days. its not a bad gig.
  9. I've been through a few times recently, its an adventure each time.
  10. A traditional right of passage for nearly every bus driver who must enter New York City, The Lincoln Tunnel is the Gateway to the Big Apple The Lincoln Tunnel Type: Tunnel Management: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Construction-Completion-Cost: 1934-1937, Project cost $85 Million ($1.52 Billion 2017 Inflation Adjustment) Termini: Weehawken, New Jersey <-----> Manhattan, New York City Traverse: Hudson River Access: NJ Route 495 (Weehawken Helix), NY 495 Length: 8,0
  11. One of the most successful privately owned bus enterprises, Peter Pan has been in the industry for 75 years Peter Pan Bus Lines MCI J4500 Type: Private Union Representation: Peter Pan Bus Drivers are represented by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1512 Fleet Size: 132 Highway Motorcoaches in both Long and Medium Distance configurations Routes: 10 routes linking major cities in the Northeastern Corridor such as Boston, NYC, Washington DC and Baltimore Manufacturer and Powerplant: Peter Pan procures its fleet pri
  12. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Bus Driver? Lets Find Out! NYCT/MTA New Flyer D60 Overview: Many people in the job market will come across job postings for the position of bus driver and consider doing it for a career. However most people are very unaware of the challenges this career path brings. I am always asked by my friends, family and even my passengers what the best way to get started is. I will get into that as well as what this job is actually like in great detail. After 3 years experience as a Fixed Route Transit Bus Driver in Washington D
  13. ​(Been Away Helping Family in Japan, Now Lets Start The Countdown to 200!) ​A perfect example of how a private entity should serve the people, Kokusai Kogyo is well known in Tokyo for its public transportation services. Kokusai Kogyo Isuzu Erga ​Type: ​Private ​Union Representation: ​Not Unionized ​Fleet Size: ​500 Isuzu Erga Low Floor buses, 150 Isuzu Gala Highway Coaches, 50 Toyota Century Limousines, 20 Subaru Legacy Sedans ​Routes: ​400, covering both Metropolitan Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture ​Man
  14. An iconic visonary of the modern era, Ken Block is often credited with making the sport of Rallying more popular among youth in North America and worldwide. Ken Block with the Team Hoonigan Ford Mustang "Hoonicorn" ​Driver Quick Facts: Name: ​Kenneth Block Birthday: ​November 21, 1967 Hometown: ​Long Beach, California, United States Series: ​World Rally Championship, FIA European Rallycross Team: ​Hoonigan Racing Division Sponsorship: ​Monster Energy, Subaru, Ford, GoPro, DC Shoes, Toyo Tires, Alpinestars Victories: ​23
  15. I have always loved the auto show, it comes to Washington DC every year in January and I always miss it. This year I got my tickets early and made it. I thought it be interesting to share my thoughts on what I saw​. Noticeably absent this year were Volvo, Tesla and Mitsubishi Here are my top picks from this years auto show ​2018 Volkswagen Atlas Volkswagen: ​When Samsung was facing difficulties with its Galaxy Note 7 and issued a global recall it was largely assumed that Samsung would no longer be dominant in the cell phone manufacturing marke
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