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  1. Happy hearths warming eve everypony

  2. working on a new profile pic

  3. starting to get intrested in this site.

  4. hello everypony my name is microspark, I'm in need of some tips of vector art styles and techniques. that is all brohoof!
  5. well, i got started becuase i was watching my little sister and she was telling me to change the channel to the Hub and we just watch mlp and i got hooked! My favorite character? Hmm it would have to be vinyl scratch just a intresting pony to me honestly.
  6. thanks dr.pony i cant wait to seey what this place has to offer
  7. Hello everypony my name is microspark im new to this forum well to any forum sites to be accurate. So please tell me what people do here for fun and what you guys talk about. That is all, brohoof /)
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