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  1. Gone :c

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Jokuc


      Yeah, it's the same for me. But I'm still around :P


      most people form back in the days went to this other forum but I like it here :)

    3. Ezynell


      I still love the show and think that the community is still around, but it felt like such a great new thing when everyone on here knew one another and the community grew as a group. I dunno man.

    4. Jokuc


      Yeah I know what you mean :P

  2. I honestly think its a great game to just hang out with friends and play, but I almost certainly wouldn't play (at least to the extent that I do now), if I didn't have a friend group that played with me. I find its appeal in the social aspect of the game and enjoy when I can sit down and just play around a bit with people I can talk to.
  3. Back in anticipation of season 4

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    2. Retired Commissar

      Retired Commissar

      You haven't been on in a long time :P

    3. Mephala


      Ermhagerd it's been ages WB!~~

    4. Ezynell


      Ikr, it's been forever, but the urges that only ponies can satisfy always come back

  4. Haven't seen you around for a long time. I hope you have a happy birthday! o:

  5. Happy birthday! :P

  6. Happy birthday bro!

  7. Happy birthday, Ezynell. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Ezynell! Hope you have a wonderful day today, and to see you around again sometime!!!! :D :D :D

  9. Happy birfday mister inactive person :c Hope to see you around again sometime.

  10. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ezynell aka Ice aka Vanilla Ice... Happy birthday tooo youuuuuu!

  11. Last time I saw you post something was like... I don't even remember. Where did you go? D:

    1. Jokuc


      I even still have this on my computer, haha


    2. Ezynell


      I've been working my ass of in school, hopefully I'll be able to be on here for parts of spring break

    3. Jokuc


      Ah. Yeah I've been very busy with school stuff too.

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