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  1. Happy B-Day Brain! (comeback) D':

  2. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    thank you both ill check it out for Rainbow dash shirts
  3. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    the mc donalds toy of RD looks like derpy only blue i noticed also thanks fox i thought they had me
  4. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    were do you find these shirts ?
  5. Brian589

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    she had 2 big episodes this season way to go fluttershy
  6. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    i love RD but twilight is more like me
  7. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    mine is already yours RD
  8. Brian589

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    all is for Rainbow dash
  9. Brian589

    Rarity Fan Club

    its true Rarity hasnt had much of a role lately i hope she gets an episode before the seasons over
  10. its official twilight is my top fave she is boss and amazing
  11. Brian589

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    no there babies do you like cake ?
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