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  1. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    ....sunscreen? .-. Oh, and some cool shades! Yeah, depends on what I need help with, though.
  2. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Sure thing, come here! Oh yeah? That's pretty cool.
  3. Dude wait what you like cyber security? That's what I'm going to university for! :D

  4. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    I'm the best at it, duh! Also it's pretty fun to take a break from flying around everywhere. Huh? He's cool...what more do you want? I, uhh...I'm not sure I'm the best for advice at that. Chocolates? -_-
  5. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Pfft, sure. I've seen the Nascar ones, they ain't that fast... Nah... I mean, look. I've known her for a while. She can be kind of a jerk, you know...but also nice at time. I think she's got a good heart, personally. The one where people smash into each other just to get a ball? Totally. AWESOME! The violinist? Sure, been to a couple of concerts.
  6. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    Heh, not bad. Though ah prefer stayin' mahself. Well, they're, err...bats. Bats don't eat us. Nope, though mah hind legs are 'bout as tough as rocks now. Say what now?
  7. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Super cool, what do you think? Not everyday you get to do stuff like that! Psh. Train. What else would I do, sit around and eat ice cream? ...actually, that sounds pretty cool too...hmm. Pssh, sure. It looks dumb. The best what now?
  8. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    Heheh, thanks! Err, ah suppose it's alright! Heh, ah never knew ah had so many fans... A bit! 'bout as much as ya'd expect from a tiny dragon!
  9. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Just the rush of adrenaline is good enough for me! But I do like to win, too!
  10. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Uhh...that, uhh, wasn't me! Totally! Oh, knock it off. It's a sisterly bond thing, that's all. She's just a kid, sheesh. Oh jeez, that's a hard one. My FAVORITE one is the sonic rainboom, of course, but it's not my best... Born this way! ...can I fly in space? Aww, that sucks...I'm sorry. :-(
  11. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    *groans* Ah hate bad puns.
  12. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Sure! Like, uhh, your sidekick or something, I guess. Not sure how to really explain it... And, I mean...you just ask. It's really not that big of a deal.
  13. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    Aww, ah can't choose, that'd be bias... Err...ah'm not sure the weather patrol 's gonna like that too much.
  14. Aureity

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Hehe, yep! Wh-what!? Eww, no!
  15. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    Seems ah've got a bit of a problem on the forum today, ah can't see the last page! If ya'll have questions ah haven't answered, ask em again. Sorry! Err...nah. From just a buck? Ah don't think so... And what's, err, soccer moms? o.O Ah figure if ah ever get too old ta be bucking trees, might as well take care of the young'uns. In summer!? Ya got a screw loose or somethin'?
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