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  1. lalalala

    1. Determination


      LOL I love your avatar and the pic in your Bio. XD


      Let's all sing the Doom Song! DOOM DOOM DOOM...

  2. I take it that you like Invader Zim? Me too. :)

    1. Fluttershy_babe


      Yup! I love Invader Zim! So sad it's cancelled :(

  3. Sometimes. The most I say is probably "Eeeeyup!' And when I'm with my friends and they tell me a secret, I do the Pinkie Pie promise.
  4. I think It will be strange. I'm excited for Equestria Girls, but seeing them human is just not right for me. And has anypony thought about the voices? I hope they are still played by the cast. I don't want anything to change, really. Anypony else thinks this will impact how they feel/think about MLP?
  5. I live in Australia and this is mine. I'm slower than 63% of AU ... Wow. xD That sucks Dx :c Mine isn't that good. I'm D+ ! My internet is just fine.. so i dunno.
  6. Hi guys! It's Pinkie Pie! Ask Me ANYTHING! We are going to have so much fun!!!
  7. Well when I watched the very first episode, I'm like 'This show is great!' But when I saw DragonShy, I realized I truly love mlp and I became a brony!
  8. Fluttershy! :)

    1. Fluttershy_babe



      :D i love fluttershy. who is ur fav pony?

    2. Scootalove


      Rainbow Dash. :P

  9. Vanilla. But if we are talking cake, I would prefer chocolate. Chocolate sometimes makes me feel sick. and really thirsty. And for me, vanilla ice cream flavor is way better than chocolate.
  10. Yeah, i'm catholic, but don't go to church or much. But i love god and all that. I also went to a catholic primary school. And my high school is catholic, too.
  11. I know, I was just saying my opinion. That's all. All i'm saying is that i dont have a problem with alicorn twilight, but i also understand that some people will disagree.
  12. nopony will let me keep a topic! Stop merging them to others!!! :/ cant i post anything without someone saying it already exists and deleted my topic?!

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    2. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      That's why you're supposed to use the search function before you start a topic T^T

    3. Fluttershy_babe


      i know... but the its always the SAME PERSON who does it to ALL of my topics! It's really annoying. >.< :/

    4. Nohbdy


      Chigens and Kay: I personally find Google to be a much more effective search tool.

  13. nopony will let me keep a topic! Stop merging them to others!!! :/