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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    And Happy Nightmare Night! 

  2. I'm uncomfortable with some past posts of mine, I'd like to remove them but I don't how to delete them. Help?
  3. Yikes, that bad? I was thinking Fluttershy, Discord, or Gaz from Invader Zim
  4. How much does somepony normally spend on cosplay costumes? Is it like $300? $500? (Stories about personal experience is much appreciated! Cuz I love reading!) And is it okay to not seem the same weight as the character you're cosplaying? Cause I've heard people judge people who are overweight and they say they 'ruin the character or the costume', my mother being one of those people…
  5. You like Markimoo? You are officially my best friend! Name: Medley Chaos (I'm not going to mention my first name because I despise it) Age: 13, I was born October 31, 2001 Gender: Female Country: USA, Indiana Likes: Musicals Theatre Opera Museums Libraries Art/Sketches/Drawing Books Music, can't say on what genre I like, cause I can't decide Vast, immense words Markiplier (Youtuber) Game Grumps (Youtuber, just started watching them so don't ask me about them) DisneyFanactic2364 (Youtuber) Gravity Falls Invader Zim(! Oh my Celestia, I love this show, I really wish it was still on!) WordGirl (it's a kid show on PBS) Littlest Pet Shop (though I'm really behind on episodes) Dan V.S. Hey Arnold! (I just watch the Helga eps) Video Games; The Sims 3, FNAF (then again, who doesn't?), Outlast, The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead, Alien: Isolation, Sly Cooper, Skate 3, The Evil Within and a lot more I can't list. Daredevil (A Netflix Original) Anime/Manga, still working on becoming a anime nerd, only have completed one series, working on finishing three; Vampire Knight, Yamada's First and ugh, I'm blanking on the name but it has incest involved. Non-cartoon shows I like; Forever, Castle and I do watch NCIS and CSI: NY now and then. LGBT (you love who you love, through if you hold a grudge because somepony won't have your wedding, than I am not gonna side with you, they have rights too) Ponies & Rainbows (duh!) Rain & Wind Winter & Fall The internet Google! The Sims 3! Fox News (some things they say on there is so true it's funny) History Grammar/English Immortals/Vampires/Other Supernatural Beings Movies & TV Star Trek: The Next Generation (still trying to get into it) Dislikes: Bad grammar, Summer, potheads/druggies/junkies, racists, hypocrites, spiders (but I love you Spider-Man!), Microsoft, Internet Explorer, greedy ponies, snobby ponies, business men who think they're better than any pony else, uneducated ponies whom can't speak proper grammar, bad story plots, girls whom can't grasp the meaning of chastity, dirty cops, terrorists, morons/idiots/fools/pinheads (need I go on?) Hobbies: Writing, reading, baking, singing, voice acting/acting, gaming, sleeping, swimming, talking/debating, sewing (though it's usually just mending), drawing/sketching, cursing, joking, searching the web, reading a thesaurus or dictionary Other Info: I love words, and learning, I'm a gothic redhead with anger issues and a mindless mind. I feel like crap after every (in-person) social interaction I have (mostly because nopony gets me or my jokes) and every bad moment in the day seems to plague my mind throughout the week and into insanity. I'm mentally unstable and really self-conscious, so if you fancy talking to a mental patient, feel free to PM me. If you didn't agree with some of my things or whatever, it doesn't matter to me, I couldn't care less, love and tolerance. And I think that’s about it.
  6. Oh my god! I love it! I love it! Yes,my goodness, I love it, I'm gonna try to develop it a bit more, and such, I think I might make it a story! Oh my god, thank you! I probably wouldn't have been able to come up with this on my own, thank you for your ideas and feedback!
  7. I plan/might on going to BronyCon (2016) next year, and my sister wants these things (because she's not coming); Rainbow Dash Pajamas Cowboy hat with Apple Jack on it Rainbow Dash Baseball/Trucker Hat Rainbow Dash plastic face mask (like what those cows wore during Pinkie's and Cheese's goof-off in "Pinkie Pride") or ears with a tuff of hair on the headband or whatever it is Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Tirek Action Figures Apple Jack Jeans Breezy/Kuledud3 Plushie Do even half of these things exist? And if they do, how much are they? And what/who's booth sells them? Does somepony carry a Discord plushie? (for me ;3)
  8. I'd like to state that my curfew on the internet is 8:00-10:00,11:00. (Thanks Mom!)

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  9. While I agree that Chaos stands out and might alert somepony and Disarray is a little more.... how should say this? Hidden? Not very obvious? Doesn't stick out like a sore thumb? I like Chaos better and it might scare ponies away from her but she has this aura around her that draws them near her and leads them to their doom.
  10. Thank you! (All of you) I heard about some brony who said didn't have lunch and when he had breakfast or dinner, he got Subway Thank you everypony for being helpful! Could some of you maybe look at this post I made that's also important but didn't get a lot of feedback? https://mlpforums.com/topic/128149-bronycon-is-confusing-me/#entry3741134
  11. Yeah, now, though how does she escape the hospital or wherever she is? Escaping in the middle of the night would is overused and not exciting. Now, I like my abandoned found by a professor idea and maybe he felt like father her, and felt guilty about causing her to go insane let her free, may be a little predictable but it's sweet.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking about taking $500 off of vendor money. But, what I'm doing about going to get the money is probably going to barely add up, any suggestions?
  13. Oh my yes! And it could have gone wrong and made her insane. And since I'm sure no parents would be okay with this, she's probably an orphan or abandoned and was found by a professor whom was testing this experiment on her. And after the experiment happened the insanity didn't take action right away, the experiment was successful but after a little while she starts...um, well, I'll think on that, help me if you could. And what do mean by "a vast knowledge of spells academics and history."? Like she knows so many things of the past? Things normal filly should know? And has power as powerful as Discord's?
  14. Is spending $2,174 at BronyCon too much? Or is it just average? Why is my amount so much? I'm taking a train, not a car or airplane. (And I'm coming from Indy) Train (Amtrak - 50 Cardinal) - $174.00 ($87.00 + $87.00) for round-way. Checked Bags - Free, I'm only taking 3 bags, 2 are carry-on, it'll be 4 on the way back. Registration - Silver: $500 Money for Vendors/Food (only 2 meals a day) - $1,500 Hotel - I plan on sharing with somepony else. Should I bring more for vendors and food? Advice and stories of previous experience is greatly appreciated.
  15. Well, I don't think my computer likes PNG, it's using a different program to view the image (I did download it), than my computer usually opens to view photos (I think it's just because it's PNG, and not JPG), but it's okay, it doesn't matter, I can view the photo, it's cool (My original thought was that the site was making it PNG, and you might have in JPG, sorry if I caused any confusion)