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  1. hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  2. *grabs ultra ball*

  3. I typically write with people who aren't uneasy when it comes to the ability of writing text walls, and I am no different. Though, it truthfully depends on the character and how much information they relay to me for writing. Some like many paragraphs, some only want a single short paragraph that tosses away all the poetic filler and says what's necessary in the most blunt way possible. Though I guess I feel there is no real way to qualitatively evaluate my writing ability through the same medium without it sounding like I'm bragging or simply exaggerating my actual abilities.
  4. As my decision was made, the voices of everyone else that disagreed with my choice, and the underlying reasons against my decision kept my head throbbing with opposition. What reason did I have to go through with this? Nary an answer could be found, but I felt like it should be done. "I'll deal with the repercussions later..." I said to myself, the thread creation screen loading in front of me... Hello all. For those who are quick and observant, you may have come to the realization that I am not a real "new" member based on my badge. Though, I haven't frequented this website at all for an insurmountable time span. For those who might happen upon this thread and remember, my original and more renowned username, was ~Lugi~ and was also once a part of the staff here. There's really not much to say about me that hasn't already been at some point or another. I am an advanced role-player, adept tulpamancer, and recently been promoted to the role of Organizer in the RuneScape clan Brotherhood Legends. I don't know how much I'll be posting or anything in regards to my activity levels, but there could be a future for me here once again. The air possesses something I find much appealing~
  5. *laughs*

    1. Lisa





  6. The fact I'm still where I am both surprises me and intrigues me. It's actually rather comical~

  7. Belated happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthday, Lugi! :)

  9. I'm just as confused as the above with this post. Would you be able to enlighten me on a backstory that may have been covered in pages back? The way you write is a bit unconnected and also makes it a bit tough to fully grasp what you're trying to say. I see your basis, but I like being ~95%+ sure of things :3
  10. I for one don't even use that button. I suggest using the 3rd mouse button. That is, if you're using a mouse (not sure if laptops have strong scrolling features that are comparable to the 3rd mouse button). Clicking on the scroll wheel on a mouse will give you a scroll that is as fast as you put it to the top or bottom of the monitor (depending which way you wish to go). Much simpler, and can be very rapid, especially for the threads with pretty decently long posts.
  11. Actually, there already exists a button for this feature. Though it is rather transparent and can be a bit hard to see at times, at the bottom of a thread there is an up arrow that will take you to the top of the page. (I'd place a screenshot but I'm currently on mobile so I have no decent method of doing so :\) As for the additional subcategories, the recent addition of the Print Media subsection is an example of how the staff here adds more classification to the forum. For the most part, we only add more categories should there be enough consistent content being created about the general subject.
  12. Indeed there is quite a bit of context missing X3. For one thing, I never really stated that Isra, Valium, Ammo, Twyst hurt me (least...not physically)~. All I stated was that shifting into them (though Twyst is safer due to his role in my pysche) is not safe. All of them are fine really. My inner world rivals that of the known universe in size so they rarely turn their heads around me unless they have an RP they'd like to take part in or my emotions entice them to take advantage of the weakened walls. As for convincing them not to be evil? I would never. Though...that isn't to say I haven't tried. At first...I couldn't like Isra. Her being was far too complicated and I couldn't understand her enough to have her around and learn her actions. Everything about her was merely an image without a soul. I tried ignoring her, but eventually she came back up and now, though I don't understand her, I can at least feel her essence and understand her that way. I love and adore all the beings within my head, both good and bad. There's no harm in having evil as long as the evil is wise. Remember, we help teach these beings right from wrong. If that's true, then we can teach them what's smart and what isn't. For what reason would they harm their life source? Sure one of them would rather just challenge me to a duel and claim my life solely for the sake of fighting, but that's beyond the point. Live and let live.