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  1. Sorry but i do not get what you are saying in this paragraph. all i got was we are barbaric and they are peaceful. not all of us are barbaric.
  2. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    Thanks and i will! i'll try to make some stuff (hopefully) either that or just be a great addition to the forums
  3. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    Thanks so much, guys! MLP is Best Fandom /)*(\ Thank you all so much and thanks especially to my good friend ApplesBrony for showing me this forum!
  4. Music is awesome 2013

    1. Soundgarden


      I haven't heard much good music this year, besides some collabs at Chestplate

    2. Soundgarden


      And Boards of Canada's new album

  5. First i would get purified, then i would serve as a guard pony for two years and THEN i would answer any questions anyone had about earth to the best of my ability. any possibility i may be able to see the mane 6?
  6. playin tf2 with friends :D

  7. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    i find this group to be so friendly already! thanks so much, guys!
  8. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    Thanks! i would like to get more into the community and make more friends
  9. Moonbase alpha. aeiou and sometimes football

  10. how come the equestria.tv link does not work for me? i can't seem to get into the site ans when i click it, chrome comes up with an error of sorts.
  11. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    well the clothes part. i got the other part from i think novaskin. and thanks!
  12. EnderDave

    Hello, all!

    My name is EnderDave and i would like to become a good addition to the forums! i like to watch MLP, Anime, play games, talk with friends and RP most of the time! if you want, you can add me on Skype but please tell me who you are from the forums when you do.
  13. I see you're new here, well, welcome to the forums. It's a rather pleasant place and hopefully, you'll enjoy your stay. :3

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