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  1. Glacier Blitz.... Long time no see... :P

  2. The thing I do is I just try not to worry about it too much, I feel like if I do I'll end up in that sort of situation. In this post, however, this is just my opinion. I'm definitely not saying to abandon relationships as a teenager altogether, I'm saying that I feel like it can kind of ruin the meaning of love and have a negative affect on your life as well if you become too entangled in it. I have had two relationships before, and I like to say I was really satisfied with them, even if they didn't last. I'd rather not see people get into relationships just because "everyone else is in one" or some sort of pressured reason like that. I think it should be something you find on your own, at your own pace.
  3. I guess for me I'm kind of pointing at the fact that it really has affected the way my sister's life is unfolding. It's practically ruining her life, and I've seen plenty of other cases of it. Not necessarily getting into a relationship in general, but more of just jumping in and out of them and ruining their self-esteem. It can definitely have an effect on people's lives. And not with just girls, guys too!
  4. The reason I thought of this thread is because my sister is exactly that type of person. Running into one relationship and getting her heart broken, just to repeat the process over and over again. This seems to be a thing among most younger teenagers like myself, and it seems kind of dumb to me. This is kind of my general reaction whenever my sister gets a new boyfriend whom she says she loves. But really, this has come to affect some people's grades and become a way bigger part of their lives than it should at such a young age, or at any age! Do you agree, disagree? I like to hear opinions!
  5. Time for bed for me, stayed up too late as is! Seeya.. Uh, today??*#*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) $(*

  6. My life has had struggles lately, but everything's about to be all better! I was homeschooled previous year, and I didn't like it. This year I'm going into a new school that seems absolutely perfect for me. I shadowed there and loved all of the students and teachers, and I'm so excited to go! Also just had a commission finished up today, and it looks great! I'm excited about that too! All the negatives in my life are turning into positives, most of them more personal than for me to share here. But I really couldn't be happier to get out and make some new friends this year. And now, have some random funny gifs!
  7. Well my friend threw this together in a matter of minutes. The thing that got me is that he looks like he's judging you so hard. It just kinda makes me laugh.
  8. Places in South America especially. You do NOT want Montezuma's Revenge. I had a family member dealing with it when we were in Costa Rica, accidentally swallowed some of the shower water. It's really bad.
  9. I... This is just.... I'm never leaving my house again.
  10. I completely agree with you, I do this a lot sometimes. I have a seat in my shower so I like to just sit there and kind of drift off for a while. It's nice and you feel extremely refreshed when you get out. It's really almost an indescribable feeling.
  11. -Banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. I don't know why, but apparently everyone I've ever met hates them, but I love them for some reason. XD -MLP, obviously! People around here who like it are assumed as gay, and you're hated on when you're gay. Even though I am technically bisexual, people don't know that for sure, they just assume it because I like ponies. :okiedokielokie: Why. Just.. Why. -Essays, on anything really. I just enjoy writing them. Getting together all the information and putting down your own thoughts on something is really satisfying to me. -Psychology. I absolutely am fascinated with it and would love to have a job as a psychologist when I'm older and settled down.
  12. Yes, I do think it's dying. This is why I like to focus on the older episodes and hilarious they were more than the ones they have now.
  13. I came into the brony fandom first, but found the furry fandom soon after and have been on and off about it ever since. I used to be one of those guys who didn't like the furry fandom, but most of the people there are fairly nice and I'm pretty fond of it I must say!
  14. I've been having a pain in my right side in the area where my kidney's located today, I'm starting to get a bit worried about it. I:

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    2. Glaci


      Water, I mean.

    3. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      Not only am I wrong, I've spelled appendicitis wrong. Don't I feel smart!


      Oh, well. That is why my parents are medical experts and not me.

    4. Glaci


      @Squigly, No worries, I appreciate the concern in general, it means a lot!

  15. I know that I would love to do something like that, it sounds like a lot of fun! Although it would partially be for the education you get there, it's in all the areas I want. As far as the language, that's important too and I imagine in the military you would be forced to learn the basics so you could communicate while you were stationed there. Which I actually like language, so even if they didn't I'd love to take some time and learn some! Also, one of my dream trips has been to go to the UK. Partially because of some of the great stuff they have there and also because of some of the great friends I've met who are from there!