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  1. logging in just to say that i hope your having a wonderful. Be the positive change you want to see. Love you all. ~Regen

  2. ReGen

    +20 Brony Points.

    Oh, staaaahhhpp it yoouuu....
  3. I am living proof of no loving god.
  4. Maybe three packs of ramen in one day isn't a good idea.

    1. Zygen


      Probably not the best idea ;p.

  5. Back after a quick break from this place. How goes everyone?

    1. Rivendare


      I'm doing aight, you?

    2. ReGen


      Fine enough. I recently started to go to school again, which is why I haven't been able to go on.

    3. Zygen


      Glad to see ya again.

  6. First days of school are always fun, eh?

    1. Zygen


      Yeaaaa ;p.


      I guess mine wasn't that bad, of course it was like 2 weeks ago, so i don't remember it very well ;p.

    2. LZRD WZRD


      Not gonna lie I'm enjoying them quite a bit. I'm having more fun in school (minus the HW) than I was over the summer. I have great classes and teachers too

  7. So I started watching Samurai Champloo and.... Holy crap, guys. I think i'm in loooove.

  8. I won't lie that I have preferences that form my own vision of what physical beauty is for me, but I do know that preferences aren't requirements, and ultimately personality reign over looks. But that's just me.
  9. If someone's going to set themself on fire, then i'm not goint to stop them. It's a pretty well known fact that fire + human skin = a bad time. You say you aren't racist yet you needed to unecessarily point that out? That's pretty racist, dude.
  10. Found a Nine Inch Nails CD in my room. Thanks older brother!

  11. I think most users here are in the eastern portion of the U.S. I can't be too sure on that, but the most active times of day are during the afternoon for me.

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    2. Joker Q
    3. ReGen


      By the way, what do you think about the pedestrianization of Norwhich City Center?

    4. Joker Q
  12. Guess I gotta get off for the night. See you all later at an unpredetermined date! :D

  13. Hey Jeric.

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    2. Jeric


      Good overall, just looking over some rental agreement form for a cello. How you?

    3. ReGen


      You play the cello? Or are you learning it? Either, that's pretty cool. I don't think I could handle any stringed instrument, honestly!


      And i'm well, just hungry.

    4. Jeric


      No ... my kid. And hungry? Well ... Cello makes me think of Jell-O ... so me too.