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  1. ReGen

    +20 Brony Points.

    Oh, staaaahhhpp it yoouuu....
  2. ReGen

    I'm so sorry everyone. I am living proof of no loving god.
  3. ReGen

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    I won't lie that I have preferences that form my own vision of what physical beauty is for me, but I do know that preferences aren't requirements, and ultimately personality reign over looks. But that's just me.
  4. If someone's going to set themself on fire, then i'm not goint to stop them. It's a pretty well known fact that fire + human skin = a bad time. You say you aren't racist yet you needed to unecessarily point that out? That's pretty racist, dude.
  5. ReGen

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    The Crimson Cross x Not Discord Hahahahahaha
  6. ReGen

    Well, here we go again.

    You should make a blog about my love for ravioli.
  7. ReGen

    Movies/TV How do you think "anime" is defined?

    Animation from Japan. You could say something from "the West" not Japan is anime-inspired, but not call it anime. And I don't think that there can be an anime style, because anime is such a broad term with a loose definition that it can't really be a style. Not all anime (animes?) use the same style.
  8. ReGen

    Daily Questions

    I'd rather go to the past, somewhere around 449 BCE, so I could hang out with Socrates.
  9. ReGen

    Are our lives really our own?

    I don't see the correlation there, honestly. I assume that you're saying we don't have free will, but I don't see it. Our actions may always affect others, but we do have free will since we have the choice whether to make those actions or not.
  10. ReGen

    +20 Brony Points.

    [Doesn't have drinking buddies] +1 ManCard -4 Social Life
  11. ReGen

    Hola a todos los ponies!

    Hello there, @SilverComet! Welcome to the forums! Like @Dattebayo mentioned, the rules state that English is the only language acceptable here, unless i'm missing something. Just try your best to type in English, and i'm sure that the community will be more than happy enough to help you. If it makes you feel better, i'm trying to learn Spanish myself and i'm not good at it at all!
  12. ReGen

    describe yourself with 1- 3 music tracks =D

    Ech, guess i'll give it a go.
  13. ReGen

    +20 Brony Points.

    Yup, that is me. #sweggg
  14. ReGen

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    Just enough so that I can't see the bars to the right of the line. For maximum effect, y'know.
  15. ReGen

    Every Fan has had this moment.

    This could've hapened to me. If it was 2008 again.