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  1. Hmm, that's highly unfortunate. In some ways this feels like an unintentional self fulfilling prophecy - everyone halts their work temporarily due to scheduled updates, but then the server shuts down due to a low player base...caused by the indefinite waiting period for the aforementioned scheduled updates.
  2. Heh, all of my structures have integrated mob grinders somehow. (Gotta' have form + function.) There is something fun about starting over though.
  3. That is the hard part...people don't really want to invest time if it's going to be blown away soon. I'm kinda' in the same boat - I'll play around here and there, but I won't be doing any big builds until the next rollover.
  4. Long time no see! I resurrected my account to get caught up on the last few years - I'd love to catch up at some point!

  5. Hello all! Returning fan here; I find myself in need of your reading recommendations: what are your favorite comic/fanfiction series from the last half-decade or so? After getting caught up on the series after a 5 year hiatus I'm seeing that there are a lot of fan-created works that I have missed out on. Like, a metric ton of them. I can't reasonably get caught up on 5 years worth of fan content, so I figured I'd open it up to suggestions! Treat this as if I were a blank flank slate - if you could recommend any fan series from any point in the fandom's history, what would it be? It could mys
  6. Out of curiosity: where was this poll? I don't recall seeing this anywhere.
  7. Just a quick suggestion: add a command to allow players to toggle TNT world damage within specific zones. This would be immensely helpful for large scale excavation, as I have around 150,000-200,000 blocks that I need removed, and I would rather build a redstone machine to blast it to oblivion than sit around and try and do it by hand. (Even with an EFV Pick and a full power beacon, it's taking an eternity.) As this would be on a per-claim basis, the only people who could place/detonate TNT (or TNT-purposed redstone machines) in a claim would be the claim owner(s) themselves (as block placem
  8. [Removed by user: bugs fixed] If anyone needs to get to their homes again, mods are TP'ing players as needed.
  9. Pretty nasty bug that messes up some end game material: Elytra can only be used looking down, making them a bit pointless. Any attempt to use firework rockets (from the ground or from the air) to gain a height boost will lock you into a single block space, and teleport you back to that block over and over until you are looking down at least slightly. Similarly, lilypads are still horribly bugged. Nobody can walk on them, and if you try it teleports you back to the block you jumped from. 5/28/2017: Another bug: Not sure if this is intentional or not, but both the Diamond and Diamond Or
  10. Haven't seen you here in forever. I hope you're doing okay.

  11. CloudFyre

    Music Making Programs?

    There are many programs out there: FL Studio Cubase Logic Reason Adobe Audition Ableton Live Sony Acid Avid Pro Tools Cakewalk Sonar LMMS (free) ...and the list goes on and on. The ones listed there are the most popular, and probably the best built. If you're just wanting to toy around with music, LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is free and has a Windows build. You'll have to find your own VST's (or Virtual Instruments), but those aren't terribly hard to find. If you want to go professional, I'd highly recommend FL Studio. The most expensive version is $300, and they'll give you lifeti
  12. This has been discussed before, and the general rule "bans aren't discussed" usually hold for a number of reasons. First off: the staff here are only human. Maybe on some other forum you can find infallible staff (I doubt it), but the moment you start talking about why someone was banned, then you get into a mess of things like "User X was banned for this, but why isn't user Y banned for __________?" In the end, bans are a judgement call. In general, taking time to explain bans just doesn't make for good community building, and in all honesty, some of the things members are banned for
  13. I've seen plenty - some of which I probably shouldn't have laughed at. TF2 is a great game for finding random stuff (since you can change your username on the fly), so things like: "Ronald Ray Gun" (one of mine) and "FedoraTheExplora'" are entirely possible. I love to rename my weapons in TF2, but that's a topic for a different thread.
  14. This has been discussed multiple times, and the decision has been that "bans will not be made public". The most prevalent issue is that the banning of a popular member seems to incite anger in friends/known associates/etc., and it creates a hurricane of backlash that simply isn't practical to deal with. Besides, some of the things people have been banned for were bad enough that people really shouldn't want to know why. A year or two back, there was a terrible storm of users either leaving (one every couple of days), being banned (in which users started being generally unruly if it was someon
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