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  1. CloudFyre

    PoniArcade Changelog 01 - Goodbye Dynmap, hello voting!

    Out of curiosity: where was this poll? I don't recall seeing this anywhere.
  2. Just a quick suggestion: add a command to allow players to toggle TNT world damage within specific zones. This would be immensely helpful for large scale excavation, as I have around 150,000-200,000 blocks that I need removed, and I would rather build a redstone machine to blast it to oblivion than sit around and try and do it by hand. (Even with an EFV Pick and a full power beacon, it's taking an eternity.) As this would be on a per-claim basis, the only people who could place/detonate TNT (or TNT-purposed redstone machines) in a claim would be the claim owner(s) themselves (as block placement/removal is already protected via claims).
  3. Do claims have an expiry date?
  4. [Removed by user: bugs fixed] If anyone needs to get to their homes again, mods are TP'ing players as needed.
  5. CloudFyre


    Pretty nasty bug that messes up some end game material: Elytra can only be used looking down, making them a bit pointless. Any attempt to use firework rockets (from the ground or from the air) to gain a height boost will lock you into a single block space, and teleport you back to that block over and over until you are looking down at least slightly. Similarly, lilypads are still horribly bugged. Nobody can walk on them, and if you try it teleports you back to the block you jumped from. 5/28/2017: Another bug: Not sure if this is intentional or not, but both the Diamond and Diamond Ore shop signs have no text on them, making it a guessing game if you want to try buying or selling. (I tested it a bit just to see; Diamonds sell at 250 per diamond, and you can buy the ore at 4000 per block.) 5/29/2017: Yet another bug: EF III/IV/V shovels are useless right now. The server already has issues with block change requests not going through (requiring you to break the block again), but EF shovels multiply that exponentially. About 9 out of every 10 blocks will turn into a glitched block that has to be replaced and broken by hand, or else you'll get caught in a shaky falling animation if you touch the space where the block used to be (and still is, technically).
  6. CloudFyre

    Music Making Programs?

    There are many programs out there: FL Studio Cubase Logic Reason Adobe Audition Ableton Live Sony Acid Avid Pro Tools Cakewalk Sonar LMMS (free) ...and the list goes on and on. The ones listed there are the most popular, and probably the best built. If you're just wanting to toy around with music, LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is free and has a Windows build. You'll have to find your own VST's (or Virtual Instruments), but those aren't terribly hard to find. If you want to go professional, I'd highly recommend FL Studio. The most expensive version is $300, and they'll give you lifetime free upgrades to their next editions, and they'll include any new plugins that they create. For example, I bought FL Studio 9, and I now own FL Studio 11, all with no extra cost to me. Some other people prefer Cubase, Pro Tools, etc., but their software is almost twice as expensive ($600+ in some cases), and if a new version comes out, you'll most likely have to buy ANOTHER copy of the new software if you want to stay up to date. Long story short: some of these can get very expensive, and fast. Should you choose to buy FL Studio, DO NOT buy their $50 or $100 versions. They're not worth the money. You can upgrade to the more powerful versions later, but it will cost you more in the long run. Their $200 and $300 versions, however, are as good as gold. It is relatively cheap compared to other programs, leaving you with more money to buy virtual instruments to use. I personally use FL Studio, and it's served me very well.
  7. CloudFyre

    General Questions Banned members...

    This has been discussed before, and the general rule "bans aren't discussed" usually hold for a number of reasons. First off: the staff here are only human. Maybe on some other forum you can find infallible staff (I doubt it), but the moment you start talking about why someone was banned, then you get into a mess of things like "User X was banned for this, but why isn't user Y banned for __________?" In the end, bans are a judgement call. In general, taking time to explain bans just doesn't make for good community building, and in all honesty, some of the things members are banned for should not be talked about. People just don't need to know what was happening. The moment you start talking about it (especially with a more popular user being banned), all of their friends start rallying for a crusade against the mod/admin that made the final decision. Long story short: bans aren't discussed since it has led to messes in the past.
  8. I've seen plenty - some of which I probably shouldn't have laughed at. TF2 is a great game for finding random stuff (since you can change your username on the fly), so things like: "Ronald Ray Gun" (one of mine) and "FedoraTheExplora'" are entirely possible. I love to rename my weapons in TF2, but that's a topic for a different thread.
  9. CloudFyre

    MLPforums Ban Survey

    This has been discussed multiple times, and the decision has been that "bans will not be made public". The most prevalent issue is that the banning of a popular member seems to incite anger in friends/known associates/etc., and it creates a hurricane of backlash that simply isn't practical to deal with. Besides, some of the things people have been banned for were bad enough that people really shouldn't want to know why. A year or two back, there was a terrible storm of users either leaving (one every couple of days), being banned (in which users started being generally unruly if it was someone they liked), or just were difficult to deal with. I remember talking to some of the mods/admins who were having to deal with it, and it was insanity. It was part of the reason I left for 6 months+; the whole community just turned sour for a long duration of time. This also leads into stuff like "well why was my friend X banned when user Y posted something similar?". In the end, it has to be a human that makes that call, and humans are inherently flawed. judgement calls are hard to make, and someone is bound to disagree with them. As for me, I'm not sure where I stand. I probably tilt towards the "keep bans silent" side of the fence, since there's no real reason to promote ideas of negativity.
  10. CloudFyre


    Agreed. This is the textbook definition. WolframAlpha actually says that in it's definition (and also makes the point that there are two different definitions that circulate, a generic "square root" which most people think of as the positive value, and the algebraic square root, in which there are 2 answers).
  11. CloudFyre


    XD I totally thought you meant "if you mean (or average) the answers". tl;dr version of this thread for those just joining us: mathematical definitions are important. Define everything before working on a problem.
  12. CloudFyre


    I was stating that generally, but yes, I suppose that's true in this case. I see what you're saying. There have been many, many debates on this topic (and I'm just playing along for fun), and thus I'll return to a previous point that had been made: x^2 (and other higher power functions) have multiple answers, x and -x. And while we have some speculation on the square root function, remember that the square root is merely a function of the power 1/2. So if we're using another power function x^(1/2), there very well could be 2 answers. The square ROOT (singular) has one answer, but the function of taking a square root has 2 answers.
  13. CloudFyre


    Yep, I'm...positive. (Insert the "AWWWW YEEEEAAAAH" sunglasses here.) To be precise: a square root function that gives ONLY a positive result is known as the principal root, while in practical cases, the square root is assumed to have 2 unique answers. (Your Oxford dictionary will give the principal root definition.) I suppose you said it right: the operation has two answers. But that's exactly what it means: two answers. Until the problem is defined further, you have to assume that either one is valid (perhaps the event does indeed occur twice, in which both of them are acceptable). And I'm not quite sure why you're talking about taking the mean of the answers. The mean is entirely different, and you wouldn't want to take an average when you need exact values. Yes, however we weren't given this, so we can't assume it.
  14. CloudFyre


    Unless I'm missing something vital here, 1/i does not equal i. There is a difference. 1/√(-1) does not equal √(-1), in the same way that 1/√(9) does not equal √(9).
  15. CloudFyre


    True. I'll edit the post to reflect that.