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  1. All this time - fox Stevenson. Beautiful song haha
  2. Well if you want to pop some tags and only have 20 dollars in your pocket. You can hunt and search for a come up. Its pretty awesome *boos in the distance* in all seriousness. Thrifiting in pretty fun and a great way to find some good stuff for cheap!
  3. I actually just came out as Bisexual a month ago. Very happy for finally doing it
  4. Rams vs Vikings nfc championship. Rams win reason: rams are a pretty solid team and play good when a lots on the line. Finally playing teams like they played the nfc west all these years pats vs steeers with pats winning reason: pats are the best out together team and are pretty unstoppable. Probably will be the best game of the year. Rams win super bowl
  5. I think back when I was active in 2014 I was semi popular (people knew my avatar, but didn’t nerd out over me) now id say I’m pretty much a nobody 😂
  6. 1987 Ford tempo with 500K on the engine for 200 bucks. Thing ran like a champ till we sold it off. Still ran for 4 years after too. It was amazing to see. For people who say fords don’t do good that thing ran like a champ for probably another 150k miles!
  7. Hello and welcome! Nice people here and fun stuff to do! Hope to see you around
  8. PASSED OUT IN MY HOUSE?!?!?!? (NOT CLICKBAIT PLEASE WATCH!) Driving my car to work
  9. Applejack because a country girl with strong family roots hits at home to me. Also that southern drawl
  10. Cause we’re trying to remember every moment so we forget to watch the now then suddenly we’re fat old blobs of ourselves how do you door?
  11. Ah. Let’s see if I can remember this right. I had a dream the mane 6 were in our world it was cool for the first few days but because of our world some issues popped up (can’t remember them all exactly. Just remember rainbow taking steroids for some reason ) eventually I got pissed and kicked them out. I’m modestly regretted it and tried to make things right. Saw a bright light and they were all gone. All that was left was applejacks hat. Then woke up and asked what was wrong with me haha. Weird one one I know but dreams can kinda do that!
  12. Already has! Been looking over some of the things I posted and messages me and friends sent back and forth!
  13. Thanks. Yea went through it pretty bad but I’m doing way better now so that’s th good part! Thank you for the welcome
  14. Wow it’s been a long time. So I figured I’d post on here. Names XC brony. Used to be a very active user but fell out of the show (mainly because depression and lack of caring about anything.) but started watching some old songs on YouTube and went “damn I miss this” so here mainly because of nostalgia. Could use a refresh of what I’ve missed. Side note. Could use a new profile pic mainly because my current pic includes an ex that I haven’t been with for 3 years :/