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    Credit for Avatar goes to http://derpskittlez.deviantart.com/

    I love all things music, from band to drama. I play the French Horn, Trumpet, and some piano, as well as sing and act (and therefore love RP'ing). I love going whitewater kayaking, and I'm pretty dang good at it. I play an awful lot of videogames, mostly Halo 4, Minecraft, Skyrim, and Pokemon. I currently attend North Carolina State University, studying engineering and minoring in Arts Entrepreneurship. I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper and My Little Pony.

    Note: I have never performed an act of self harm or committed suicide (Obviously, but I've never attempted either), but both subjects are incredibly touchy ones for me. It hurts me in the feels to even think about them. Bad memories, you know? Try and avoid these subjects with me.

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