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    I love all things music, from band to drama. I play the French Horn, Trumpet, and some piano, as well as sing and act (and therefore love RP'ing). I love going whitewater kayaking, and I'm pretty dang good at it. I play an awful lot of videogames, mostly Halo 4, Minecraft, Skyrim, and Pokemon. I currently attend North Carolina State University, studying engineering and minoring in Arts Entrepreneurship. I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper and My Little Pony.

    Note: I have never performed an act of self harm or committed suicide (Obviously, but I've never attempted either), but both subjects are incredibly touchy ones for me. It hurts me in the feels to even think about them. Bad memories, you know? Try and avoid these subjects with me.

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  1. Steam is down! D:

    1. luftschloss


      I know, I was sad because I couldn't play Child of Light or Goat Simulator. :(

  2. North Arrow continued to peer thoughtfully at the door as ponies entered and left the tavern, on their daily business. Mostly zebras, just as the demographics for this area expected, but North knew these were just townsfolk, no more. A group of zebras escorted two unlikely looking ponies inside and seemed to direct them towards where he sat in the corner. The golden eyes narrowed, flitting over the two strangers who were now approaching him. One, the silver, he thought he recognized from the Princess' guard, and although he was much scrawnier than he would expect a guardspony to be, he was sure that this unicorn had strong defensive magical prowess, otherwise Celestia wouldn't entrust him with the responsibilty of securing her kingdom. The other, an earth pony dressed in the frilly garments of the Manehattan elite, looked utterly unprepared for the kind of adventure they were about to undertake. By her cutie mark, North guessed she might be good at navigation, but he really hoped she had more than met the eye. He would help how he could, but there was only so much he could do. Hopefully she'd arrive soon. She was much better at chit-chat than he was. He sat up a little more straightly in his chair as the two companions approached him, and inclined his head politely. "Welcome to the start of your quest," the pegasus said, his voice deep, slow, and reassuring. A tavern's waiter, a dark, sand-covered griffon, swooped over their heads, and three foaming mugs plopped onto the table smoothly in front of the three of them. "You have your letters?"
  3. Swole. Go ahead and post! Sorry guys, busy weekend. I'm still here, and I'm gonna make sure I'm active with this one!
  4. Sounds good. I'll update the OP to get all of everyone's stuff on it, and then I'll launch the RP. About time, huh? RP is up! I'm also gonna be turning this into a D&D campaign, maybe!
  5. OOC The desert. Sweltering, sandy, bleak. Across the desert the teal pegasus flew, followed by a streak of blue and green light that was never seen outside the arctic, except for where this pony flew. Ice crystals formed within the trailing aurora, and fell, only to disappear moments later, as they hit the hot, dry desert air. The Pegasus sighed with relief when his destination, a sprawling city centred around an oasis, within walking distance of the coast, came into sight. Finally, he had arrived at the beautiful Zebran city of Timbucktu... He landed in the hot desert sand just outside the city, and, as he was walking through the front gates, examining a piece or parchment from in his saddlebag, a small zebra mare approached him. "You are one of the Equestrians being sent to the Amblezon Jungle?" The pegasus nodded. "You are the first of your company to arrive. Your boat departs in a days time. I will take you to where you can stay." The pegasus curtly nodded again, and followed the mare as she led him to what must have been some sort of tavern. "You must tell me your name, so I may inform the elders that you have arrived." "My name? My name is North Arrow." The mare nodded, and exited the tavern where he would meet those ponies he would be travelling with. No doubt to inform the elders. Whoever they were. He took the scroll out of his bag again, and examined it. It was a letter from Princess Celestia, delivered to him about a month ago. North chose to reread it for what seemed the umpteenth time. Dear North Arrow, You have chosen, among the best and wisest of my subjects, to participate in an expedition to find the fabled Heart of the Jungle. If you choose to accept this invitation, you should travel to the city Timbucktu in the Zebran Desert, far to the south. From there, you and your fellow adventurers shall travel across the sea, to the dangerous lands beyond, the Amblezon Jungle. This is one journey you may not return from. But if you find the Heart, you will be recognised, in front of all Equestria, as one of the greatest explorers to ever live. Yours truly, and best of luck, Princess Celestia North Arrow leaned back in his chair, folding up the scroll and putting it back in his saddlebag, patiently awaiting the arrival of his companions. They would come.
  6. Yeah... Sorry guys, I know I've been inconsistent lately,
  7. Looking at getting into some D&D.

  8. I play a lot of Destiny and Halo and stuff on my xbox, but that's mostly about having fun with friends and messing with jerks who take the game too seriously. And although I'd argue that I'm starting to get to the point in Destiny where I'm successful and actually trying to better myself, doing Vault of Glass on hard and starting to catch up on Crota, I still consider myself a pretty casual gamer. Despite what my level 31 warlock and my two level 26s would have you know. Now, PC's where I'm hardcore. I've got 1.3 thousand hours logged into my favorite Paradox Interactive game. I"m trying to get into D&D now, but it doesn't really apply in any of the categories you have listed above. Tabletop and board games are a thing bro
  9. I don't think he left the fandom. But... Speaking as a musician and an entrepreneur, it really is important for him to branch out and away from ponies with his work. It's important to stress that, while we're an engaged market that eats up his pony music, there really aren't any other audiences that have any interest whatsoever in "Winter Wrap Up Remix". If he wants to be successful, he needs to reach out to reach other people, other audiences, and I think he's doing a good job of that. I mean, his 5NAF song has nearly 22 million views in four months, which twice what his Discord (Remix) got in over three years. I'm sure he'll come back to pony stuff eventually, it's important to recognize one's roots after all. He's not the only Brony musician that seems to be branching out either.
  10. *pops back into existance* Hey guys! Everyone still interested? The chaos of Christmas and starting a new semester is over, so I'm down with the clown to host now!
  11. @@aRegularPony,@@RainbowDashie, @@Rainbow Eclipse, @, @, *tags everybody interested in post* Sorry I was gone guys. Finals were intense. I've been almost dead for three weeks. Three all nighters in one week. Way too much studying. It's taken me like a full week to recover from finals this time around. I'm still interested in starting this RP up, if you guys are.
  12. Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification! You're accepted. I'll get around to updating the first post when I get the chance. Gotta put everybody on it. Doubt I'll be starting this for another day or two, I'm still fairly busy at the moment.
  13. I'm going to be busier than I think I've ever been in my life over the next couple of days, and that's honestly no exaggeration. If I find a free moment, I'll make a post, but more likely I'll be gone until at least late Tuesday evening.