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  1. @, Flash gave a small smile to Grandfather Clock before shuffling inside, turning his music up a little louder to keep from focusing on the others. He quietly followed the stallion into the other room, going off and hiding by one of the walls for the time being.
  2. Flash had been walking down the trail for some time now. He wasn't sure how long it had been but right now it didn't that much to him. He continued on, a pair of headphones on his ears connected to an MP3 player in the pocket of the blue hoodie he wore. He danced slightly with the upbeat music, singing along with the lyrics in a soft whisper. He came up to the gates and entered them, going up to the manor. Flash didn't notice the two that were already waiting at the door as he continued singing and dancing up until he reached the door where he saw the two standing there and froze. "Oh..." he mumbled looking back and forth between the two.
  3. AAAAAHHHHHHH! THIS STARTED?! *Rushes to make post*
  4. @, What's your name? Flash Note Are you a stallion or a mare? Stallion What kind of pony are you? Unicorn How do you know Grandfather Clock? I was out in a park one day, my laptop with me and I was composing some music. He must have been watching me for a while when I'd turn to face him. Of course I was shy at first but he didn't seem like that bad of a guy. Are you related to Grandfather Clock? No Grandfather Clock is not always the most sensitive or sensible pony. Has he ever done anything to upset you? Of course he has. What'd he do? He had told me I wouldn't make it far in the music industry with my style of music Anything else? Not that I can think of... Link:
  5. @@C. Thunder Dash, Yeah, I don't think I went over the tail enough times unfortunately. However, I feel pretty proud with the eyes.
  6. Here's Scarlet, tell me what you guys think of this sketch-style? To me it feels a lot more natural to draw than to go back over each line to make it look smooth. I might be thinking of doing this type of style art with just solid coloring for $5 for 3 commission packs. I'm still thinking on that however.
  7. How do you like it so far? Tell me if you want anything changed.
  8. Another art is complete, really enjoyed doing this one~ And if you're interested in seeing it made: Pt.1: Pt.2:
  9. I tend a quick art of a character for a comic ive been wanting to do, and made a video out of it in the mean time. Hope y'all enjoy~ Picture: Video:
  10. I'm still fairly new to doing digital art, and haven't quite figured out the order in which to do stuff, and I messed up on the outlines. I accidentally did the color before finishing the outlines so I just left the rough outline to save on time to redo all the coloring and then smoothing out the lines. Slowly figuring it out though ^~^
  11. You feel cheated when someone gives you a task and then it's given to someone else

    1. thegoodhen


      Like when they offer you money and then say they will be there and then they are not and they tell you to be serious, I mean what?! WHAT? You are like: "Well, sir, you ain't too serious yourself" and they cut the connections.

    2. Emerald Shine
  12. Welp, here it is! Some feedback would be awesome, I always love reading it! Those of you who already have requests from me I'll be getting to those now that I'm back from camp and settled into work.
  13. What do you guys think so far? Comments? Ideas? Feedback?
  14. Here's the first 30 seconds or so I've thrown together. Never done progressive house so tell me how I'm doing Also, this song was inspired by a friend, so thanks to her!