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  1. @@Snowflake Frostflame Lets talk this out more in a PM, in the beginning I want to limit exactly what everyone knows, hit me with the other version of Snowflake there too.
  2. I can except the knowledge of other planes and a basic understanding of how other magics work in theory but actually actively using them all even on a basic level would be too OP. Your character may grow over the course of the RP but for now limit yourself to necromancy and simple magic. As for the knowledge be careful what claims you make since it is my story and I don't want you to accidental get something critical wrong and doom the party. You can always shoot me a pm to ask a question for knowledge. That all sound fine?
  3. Sorry for the delay, yesterday was my last final. @@Shadow Dancer @@Snowflake Frostflame The two of you have builds as assassins, and while your history's will need some slight tweaking would you be okay with being two of Twilight's inner guard? Any violence in your past would need to occur outside of Equestria with you perhaps coming to Equestria for the peace it offered and forget everything about the royal princesses just replace it with Queen Twilight. Your specialization powers would probably complement each other but no being too over powered, know your strength limits you in other more normal forms of magic. This okay with you both? @@Dji Approved! @@Alex Kennedy I'm okay with probably two prisoners, more would start being too much but right now you could be the second; hit me with your civilian and send a pm to talk about a prisoner position. @@Midnight_Aurora Your first OC wouldn't exactly fit, very interesting though if I did a sci-fy I would love them. Your second OC doesn't exactly fit the prisoner role, maybe she could be reworked to fit as a citizen if your still interested I'd be happy to work with you to figure it out. @@Gloomfury I'm actually going to approve you as a citizen; this might change your backstory a little bit but I find your backstory and potential in this story very interesting. Some restrictions on your necromancy abilities, that first rat you brought back has been the only thing you've ever brought back that seems to be sentient and have it's own soul. Also the only thing that has stayed stable and preserved, everything else the magic degrades or it rots. The bigger the creature is the hard it is to bring them back fleshy, small creatures can come back like zombies but by the time you get to Ponies you can only raise skeletons. Sound fair for now? Your power may develop as the game goes on. @@Scribblegroove First approved prisoner, get back to me on the little things I mentioned. But if you want that or not he's approved.
  4. Sooo... No other replies? Well in the meantime I'm going to see if I can run something new You guys are welcome to apply or I'd appreciate opinions.
  5. Save a Soul OOC [dark adventure] An epic journey through the prison of Tartarus, down into the fog of limbo to venture into the hellscape of The underworld itself to confront Hades. All for a chance to make the journey home, bringing a single soul back to the realm of life for each mortal to best him. *************************** The time of the show has long past, over a millennia or two since the battle against Tirek. Many important characters to us have faded from the scene, the names of Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Discord have been completely forgotten while the mane six are mostly whispers and legend. Except Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash; Twilight has become an Alicorn with magic unrivaled, she is the Queen of Equestria, during the troubled and turbulent times it was her strength and will that held the kingdom together. Twilight is celebrated and loved, her rule while strict has seen nearly a five hundred years of peace. Rainbow Dash ever loyal serves as the head of her guard, ageless by Twilight's magic she is unparalleled in flight and dedication to the ponies of Equestria. In these centuries of peace Equestria seemed to be a utopia until last night everything changed. A dark cloud swept forth from Tararus to the royal palace, Hades lord of the underworld came and plucked Twilight from her throne. Even with all her magic she was helpless before him and was dragged back to the nether realm. This is where you will be joining the story, the morning after with all of Equestria panicking and rioting, as hungry foreign eyes turn uncertain on the leaderless kingdom. Equestria needs it's leader back, and you are joining the party into hades to reclaim a soul, if you can. CHARACTER SUGGESTIONS • Guards, selfless royal guards seeking to save Twilight ready to sacrifice themselves, only one pony needs to see the journey through to the end to save all of Equestria • Citizen, personal reason to join, a lost loved one, the guilt of some horrible accident in your past? You feel responsible for a soul in the land of the dead, it's up to you to undo what happened... Survive no matter what, no one else could right your wrong. • Prisoner, locked in Tartarus for so long you have forgotten your crime and past. You can't escape on your own... This group and a trip through hell might be the only key to your freedom... Memory... and maybe even redemption? (Check with me if you are interested in this one) RULES • No Alicorns or God Modding • While it is the future Advanced Tech is not likely, do to troubled times the world has not advanced. (You may ask approval) • Romance is allowed, try to bond with the other players it might save your life; just keep it appropriate • Be active, try not to leave people waiting on you. Approved Characters - - -
  6. So I'm going to wait on people to show up for this RP still, I'll send Squirlz a message too. But I'm also thinking about running a new pony RP, figured I'd let you guys know. So what about all of you? What have you guys been up to? Anything fun?
  7. @@Shadow Dancer @@RunsWithSquirlz @@Dji @@Alex Kennedy @@Flying Ace @ @@Sanctified Absence *pick up the microphone taps it a few times* This thing still on? Still working? Can you hear me? Testing! *feed back screech* Aww damn my ears! So good to see a few old faces, glad you all are still around. Happy to be back, might not mean "we're" back though... We'll see
  8. I'm back baby

    1. Drago Ryder

      Drago Ryder

      Good to have you back

    2. Shadow Dancer
  9. I could use a little sol and a relaxing RP. This one still happening? If so how do you feel about a griffin joining?
  10. @@Sanctified Absence I'm really sorry to hear that, I'd hate to lose Zaddion as a character. If you can manage to play a little bit at least until we reach the next part of the story (out of the woods) then that would be good still. I'm sure Squirlz and I could work something out for you until you figure out if you want to stay.
  11. @@Shadow Dancer @@RunsWithSquirlz Indicus took off sprinting, he ran from the dead end and the dead creature taking turns at random in the hedge maze. He didn't even see it as the leaf maze but instead a blend of back alleys from past towns and jobs. This lasted until he came upon a new dead end with a young girl and a red lizard sitting in it; Ashford and the hedge maze reasserted itself to his vision and mind, he couldn't hear the creature behind him anymore. Instead they heard a yell, "Whisper if you want to catch up with us we're going to go hear stories at the tavern!" **************************** @@Dji Clarke nodded at Helena's thought, though he said, "but how is that possible? I don't understand... How could our entire lives be lies? I remember growing up with you, Abigail, Adrass and Indicus; I remember how much work Father and Mother spent raising us...." He stared at Helena's face focusing and looking hard at her, "... You said that thing looked like me, I recognized it as being my real dad... Helena, none of us look like Mother or Father, we're supposed to look like our parents right? They are really powerful mages, do you think they did this too us?" He slouched into his seat and stared at the books around them, "I wish there was some clues about Ashcreek and the fog but I've check so many books." ******************** @@RunsWithSquirlz @@Alex Kennedy @@Flying Ace @ Abigail nodded at her little lordly sweetheart, "yeah I'm sure Whisper will be fine, but if you're so worried..." She turned back to the maze and cupped her hands to her mouth, shouting "Whisper if you want to catch up with us we're going to go hear stories at the tavern!" She smiled at Dresden, "there." She took ahold of Robert's elbow and practically dragged him through the mansion. They only stopped for a moment for her to curtsy to her Father who was at a desk teaching her eldest brother Adrass. "Father," she said respectfully, before trying to hurry past, truthfully she didn't like her eldest brother much. @@Sanctified Absence
  12. @ Father gave one of his hearty laughs and was beaming from ear to ear under his thick but well trimmed mustache. The ruffled Adrass's hair, "a fine beginning son, crude but effective!" He rapped the ice sleeve with a knuckle, to test the strength. "Never forget that simple tends to save more lives than flashy in a pinch." Father held his own hand forward with his palm up and gentle waves his fingers a globe of white light formed to brighten the room. "So now I, like you, have a base to work from. For elements like ours gathering it is the hardest part, a heavy drain on our magik; but that means this next part can be easier. You decide what you wish to do with it, see it in your minds eye and will the element to follow. You already have all the magik concentrated there in your ice, you need only the will to shape it. Believe that." The globe of light about father's hand turned to a glowing silver and stretched out to form a floating dagger as an example of this lesson. **************************** @@Shadow Dancer The gravestone rumbled and quivered as the name on it shifted to Indicus Vencule; a grown man pulled himself from the dirt with a self-fulfilled grin, he was rotting with his belly spilled open and some intestines hanging loose, his left arm half torn away with shattered bone exposed. A haggard husky voice spoke, "Did you think we were done, assassin? Think you can just keep burying me?" Thick black ichor bubble from his mouth with each word. "Now look at you, you don't even remember who you are and you're in a place were the past can kill you... Just a helpless little boy, this time you die and I'll live for sure." The living corpse reached out its one good arm for him meaning to drag him down into the grave too. **************************** @@Dji "Of course you aren't the only one thinking that Helena..." Clarke turned his glare to stare at the table now that the librarian had gone, as if it might give him answers. "... That, that was really fucked up okay." His voice cracking at the end as he tried to wrap his mind around what had happened. "The adults in town are lying to us Helena. When I was out in the fog I met people that thought they knew me and... And I felt like I knew them too. Then that t-thing... I recognized it... Helena, I don't think Father is our dad cause that thing I saw, it, it made me remember my dad's face." He was clutching his temple like he was having an intense headache. "I don't know what's going on, what else is lies?" **************************** @@RunsWithSquirlz The girl in Whisper's dream grinned widely, "Thank you. I'm glad you agree." The girl was upon her now, a hug that was too tight, it was crushing and draining at the same time. She whispered into the princesses ear, "We can save everyone, but it takes sacrifice and I've sacrificed so much already. Now you have to sacrifice and I am taking everything. Thank you for understanding." The girls grasp got tighter and tighter, Whisper couldn't breath, her vision was fading and full of sparkles; all she could think of was the image of a snake coiled around a mouse and squeezing it before swallowing it whole. ******************** @@RunsWithSquirlz @@Alex Kennedy @@Flying Ace Abigail started to hum happily as she led them to the exit of the maze, the smell of cookies was in the air. "Oh! Mother must have made ginger snaps! They're my favorite. We'll have to get some when they're done, but first the tavern... Oh too bad we didn't see your sister Whisper, maybe she's lost in the maze? I'm sure she'll find away out sooner or later though." She gave her bell like laughter. @@RunsWithSquirlz Whisper woke in the maze, she was groggy and felt weak... had she fainted? Memories came back to her lowly, sluggish and muddled as if they didn't want to. She was in Ashcreek for a visit, the oldest of three siblings... But she wasn't special... She was shy, quiet and hated creating a fuss... She wasn't very interesting and she knew this... But she was happy being a normal boring little girl. A hiccup stirred Whisper from these strange overwhelmingly bland thoughts, a little red winged lizard laid in the grass close by. Well maybe little wasn't the right word for it, the thing was the length of her forearm but it's head as too big for its body and wobbled as it tried to look about. It stood only to lean unsteadily back and forth before siting back down, it hiccuped again and let out a little puff of smoke. The strange sight awakened the rest of Whisper's senses, she could smell fresh baked cookies in the air and she swore she could hear her brothers just around the hedges. The little lizard thing let out a little meep like cry. @@Sanctified Absence