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  1. Summary After Cadence's death and RD's disappearance, Somepony is threatening the extended royal family, but who and why? Other Tidbits Im posting this story on here, mainly for archival reasons. Post feedback, if you want The story went through several ideas through its lifespan. One including Luna as a main character and an deleted scene with Starlight in the prologue
  2. Well I finally deleted my story for good. It was just sitting there getting more dislikes then likes and I figured if its going to do that,then delete it.  However, I  may post the chapters on here to get feedback

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    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I don't read fanfics am afraid so I wouldn't be the best person to evaluate it.

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      Then why were curious what it was about, if you don't read fanfics?

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Was just curious as to why it got so much hate.

  3. Calling it now 13th (14th, if you include the "War Doctor") Doctor reveal

  4. Mega Thread

    Nope and thanks heavens I haven't; Colorado FTW What is your favorite cartoon from the 2010s?
  5. Here are my Top 10 Cartoons of the 2010s Steven Universe Gravity Falls ( I dont why eveyone is placing lower on their lists) Over the Garden Wall MLP:FiM Samurai Jack Season 5 Rick and Morty The Looney Tunes Show Adventure Time ( Yeah I don't like it as much as others) Regular Show Legend of Korra
  6. Mega Thread

    No;; I have never heard of it so no motivation is what is stopping me Are you looking forward to the Duck Tales Reboot?
  7. Happy god damn Father's Day everyone

  8. What did you think of Moffat's run on Doctor Who?

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    2. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      "Hardly?" The Weeping Angels were rather overused in Matt's run. I'm glad the Vashta Nerada were in only one story; keeps the fear factor about them fresh. 

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      "Overused", noot really. They had only 3 stories and  dedicated to them  over a course of Moffat's five year run and they didn't appear in season 6.

    4. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      And the more they appeared the less of an impact they made. Honestly I found the Angels overrated.

  9. In my honest opinion E3 2017 sucked and failed and the reason why is because A LOT games were missing from this year's E3 that were teased over this past couple of years. So here is the list of games missing from this years E3. Im hoping that they make appearance next year's E3 Borderlands 3 Last of Us part II Bestheda's 2 New IPs Project Louisiana from Obsidian Untitled Visceral Star Wars Game Bloodborne 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Sucker Punch's New IP Dreams from Media Molecule Deep Down
  10. N/A
  11. They way it was before was fine. Having it in the bottom right hand corner in little text, why change it. Now it's complete opposite, its an annoyance.
  12. Mega Thread

    Nope What is your favorite anime series?
  13. E3  balls ass. Where's Last of Us 2, Project Louisiana, Bethesda's 2 new IPs, the Star Wars Open World Game,  Bioware's new game, and where the hell is Borderlands 3?  I better hope  Borderlands 3 doesn't become  the next Half Life 3. Jeez Man E3 2017 has all amount to is disappointment.

    1. K.Rool Addict

      K.Rool Addict

      Best things shown so far, imo:

      Shadow of the Colossus Hd

      Monster Hunter World

      Kingdom Hearts 3 

      Code Vein

      Black Desert Online Xboner edition

      Ni No Kuni 2

      DBZ Fighting game (forgot the name tbh lol)


    2. Someguyinablazer


      State of Decay 2.

      'nuff said.

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      All the games you mentioned,  not interested into. 

  14. I Checked it out what EA showed off.  The games LOOK good,  too bad EA is horrible company and give two shits less on what comes out of EA

    1. Kyoshi


      No Way Out looked really cool, though that was the only shining moment to me. Everything else was way too run of the mill.

  15. Mega Thread

    Digimon because at least the lore makes sense..looking at you Ash, who never ages for some reason Favourite song at the moment?