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  1. I would say either JFK or Nikola Telsa Telsa: Just to see some of his,supposedly, lost inventions JFK: Cool laid back dude. What video games are looking forward to most this year (2019)?
  2. How do story telling RIGHT in video games: God of War, Boderlands 2, Spider-Man(2018), Bungie's Halo Trilogy

    How to do story telling WRONG in video games: Fallout (4 and 76), Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic 06

  3. Saw Into Spider-Verse today loved it.

  4. "Everyone will be better off if I stay far away from them"- She-ra
    "Well thats just stupid"- Swift Wind (her horse)
    *Immediately thinks of Luke from TLJ*

  5. Yes, yes it does Do you believe there is other intelligent life in the universe? Explain your reasoning
  6. Roses What upcoming movie are you most looking forward to?
  7. I was awarded a white diamond.... oh no.