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  1. I would say either JFK or Nikola Telsa Telsa: Just to see some of his,supposedly, lost inventions JFK: Cool laid back dude. What video games are looking forward to most this year (2019)?
  2. Doom(2016), ripping and tearing demons is really relaxing to me
  3. How do story telling RIGHT in video games: God of War, Boderlands 2, Spider-Man(2018), Bungie's Halo Trilogy

    How to do story telling WRONG in video games: Fallout (4 and 76), Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic 06

  4. Saw Into Spider-Verse today loved it.

  5. "Everyone will be better off if I stay far away from them"- She-ra
    "Well thats just stupid"- Swift Wind (her horse)
    *Immediately thinks of Luke from TLJ*

  6. Yes, yes it does Do you believe there is other intelligent life in the universe? Explain your reasoning
  7. Roses What upcoming movie are you most looking forward to?
  8. I was awarded a white diamond.... oh no.