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  1. Swiss What is your favorite superhero film?
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  11. My new blog is up
    My Top 10 Cartoons from the 2010s

  12. The 2010s had an explosion of animation for good and bad, but more so towards the better side then past decades. Today I'm going to countdown, my top 10 cartoons from the 2010s. Two rules, one is that it has been running through the 2010s, a cartoon that began in the late 00s counts as long as it concluded in some fashion in the 2010s. Secondly, the cartoon must have ended in some way, either by its own merits or canceled no later than 2020. So you won't be seeing the likes of Ducktales (2017) or Dragon Prince, sorry. Oh, also, there will be light spoilers, but I will try my best to keep at a minimum, so you all can watch with being spoiled. So with that of the way lets get started 10) Legend of Korra I wanted to put this show higher, heck I own the blu ray of it. However, there some glaring flaws that hold back. First of all, is season 2, in general, is just a mess. There are neat ideas in it, but it came out a clumsy mess in the end. It also doesn't help that cast is way too overblown for the story, and they could have gutted out a good chunk of character, and the story wouldn't have been affected. Heck because it's so over-bloated some character development gets sidelined for some of the cast. Yeah, just a few of the flaws of the show I can list without spoilers. However, I do feel sorry for the show for how badly it treated by Nick to the point of almost neglect. The animation is good, keeping that Avtar art style while also upgrading in some spots. This show does have proper character development for the main lead, Korra. Yeah, when she hits rock bottom, you feel it, and season 3 and 4 showcases that in spades. On top of that, it does have a good roaster of villains that philosophy; you can see where they believe what they are doing is right. Plus, I like it dives into what makes the Avatar the Avatar and question every detail of the Avatar. I know this show isn't for everyone, and it does have its fair share of haters, but it does its fans. I will say I'm on the fan of it and say it gets way too much hate that it doesn't deserve, some yes but calling the show terrible is a vast misjudgment of the show and at least watch the first season and see if it's for you or not 9) Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes If were to pick one superhero cartoon show that stood out in the 2010s, it is this one. Yes, Batman Brave and Bold came closes, but this one has an enduring legacy that people remember this show all these years later, and it doesn't it aired around the first Avengers movie. Yeah, season 2 was rushed, and it shows they were trying to wrap up that show before it got canceled, and it also sucks that they replace the awesome song that was in season 1 with unneeded narration. However, with that say, this show is fantastic and gives a reasonable interpretation of the Avengers, not as good as the MCU, but its close second. The stories are going throughout the show range from epic to just okay. Plus, this show handled some stories that MCU kind of failed it, in my opinion, Loki was more menacing than he ever was in the MCU. Plus, there was something around the corner waiting for heroes, which made me curious to check out the next. Its damn shame that show got canceled because what replaced was just ouch. 8)Looney Tunes Show Talk about a show that got a mixed reception because of its new take on such an iconic franchise when it was airing. I like this show's repetition is kind getting the opposite when it first aired because, like Korra, it had its haters. The critics had their points concerning some of the characters translating into fitting in the modern-day setting of the show didn't go over well. For example, the Tasmanian Devil turned into being Bug's and Daffy's dog, and I don't like how Sylvester and Tweety were almost completely sidelined. Plus, it did have a fair share of either dull or bad episodes as well, and two seasons show the terrible episodes are going to sick out more. One they come to mind is Reunion, it just felt so predictable that wasn't laughing at throughout the episode. However, with said when it's funny. I like the Bugs, and Daffy are set modern-day suburbia, and the shows full display is the episode "DMV," and it's one of my favorite of the show. Its just the Looney Tunes cast, going to the DMV, and that's all you need to know. I will Loola's interpretation in this show is one of the best ones we got, but that isn't saying much. They turned this character who was a sex object in Space Jam and turned into this dimwit creepy stalker, which means well. It is sad that this show only lasted two seasons and I, like many others, consider to be an underrated gem in the 2010 cartoon history line up 7)MLP:FiM & Equestria Girls I wished placed this higher, but if I'm going to include all MLP G4 in its entirety and I feel this where I'm going to put it. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has, in its entirety, has some most excellent highest, but even bigger drops. Let's get Equestria Girls out the way first, it's a spin-off show of FiM set in high school and that there is the problem. Translating a fantasy to modern-day high school just doesn't work, and no wonder why, as the show went on, the length of its each got shorter and shorter until it's got canceled leaving the show in a cliffhanger. The character designs also dont help by them looking almost rejected Doug characters. It does have one good highlight Sunset Shimmer and she becomes a really likable character but other than that, its mostly forgettable show and its guilty pleasure to me, nothing more. Now to core show itself, which has some glaring flaws that I feel need to be said. One of the most significant issues for the show is how much Luna and Celestia are damsels in distress. Every time Equestria is endangered, they most like fall first, and it's up to Twilight and her friends to save them and Equestria. Another glaring flaw is that, for the most part, because the show had a mostly female cast, the male shorter end of the stick in terms of character writing. A good chunk of the male cast is either bullies, lazy, rude, or combination of the three. Since the show has over 200 songs, a good at least fourth of them are generic pop songs.Another huge problem is that this show had is awful of habit redeeming characters. Every time characters need to redeem, and it's done in a very rushed matter, not throughout many episodes. Still, it's usually done in the same episode where the character is really at their evilest. Yeah they are a lot of flaws in the show However, with that said, there some great heights. The main cast of characters are likable, and at least half of them have their own story arcs. The comedy in this show is also spot-on in a lot of places. Twilight going completely insane is one of my bits of comedy that was throughout the show. While a fourth of songs are genetic pops, a good majority are really, and even some are even good as some Disney songs. A couple of my favorites are Winter Wrap Up, The Smile Song, and The Goof off song. Plus I like near the end of the show, we got some non-redeemable villians, which became a massive problem in the show to the point of being laughable. Each of the villains had their own motivations, and I like seeing bouncing off each other Plus, how it handled its guest starts was very well. Heck William Shatner started in this show, and I barely recognized his voice in the episode he started in. So yeah MLP: Fim or Generation 4 has its pitfalls but also has fantastic peaks. This one cartoon I will forever like, and it raises above it stereotypes of it being just a little kid show, and I can safely it was mostly a good show from being to end. 6) Amazing World of Gumball If I were to give an award the most equine cartoon this decade, it would go to the Amazing World of Gumball. The show doesn't utilize one animation; it uses several from CGI to anime to even Claymation. Yeah, each character has an equine style in this series. Unlike some comedy cartoons this decade, this one touched some real issues some kind of political and some more along lines commentary on media as a whole. It wasn't afraid of holding its punches. Plus the Gumball has a cynical comedy edge to it that reminds me a lot Futurama's comedy at times. So there's a lot good stuff to like in this show However, there some pitfalls that show does need to be addressed. First, is how the show does end in a cliffhanger and is still hoping for a movie to wrap its loose story up that it had throughout the show. Plus, when Gumball has a bad episode or missing a joke, it misses it, hard, and that is a big issue. Plus, the show does some romance in it, but it's just there the relationships don't develop all that much. With that said, though, its pretty funny and unique show that I do recommend if you want a good laugh. 5) Steven Universe Before any of you go nuts, this outstanding show and I enjoyed it, but there some severe flaws that this show has. On the flip side, it this high up on the list mainly because of how groundbreaking it was, and I have feeling it will remember for years to come. Let's get flaws out the way, and there are plenty of them. First of all, it Beach City citizens side of the show. The majority of the citizens pretty get written off as the show goes on and has the most annoying character in the show, Ronaldo Fryman. This guy every time he's on-screen brings down every episode his in. It also doesn't help most the citizens of Beach City are forgettable and really don't go anywhere, outside of Sadie and Lars. Another huge flaw is how rushed each of the finales. Yeah, they are technically three finales, which is double edge sword. On the other hand, it gives the audience a choice on which finale is for them. On the other, it drags out the show past its intended ending point. Another down is each of villains even the tyrants are redeemed, and the villains that are redeemed are jokes villains at best. Plus, the show's technical starting point with its story didn't story way late into season 1. Yeah, they are some serious flaws with this show. Being the show is terrific and worth its praise. It talks about issues that other show would be afraid to tackle. The show addresses grief, loss, and mental problems like PSTD, identity, and relationships. Most of its songs are powerful, memorable, and having something to say. Plus, each of the gems is well written three-dimensional characters, each of them with their struggles and wants. On top, they are some good twists in this show that have clues before it's revealed, so they don't feel like they come out of nowhere. I can go about the good this show is, but I will conclude and say its makes stand out amongst cartoons this decade All in all, this show is mostly worth praise its gets. It just that when focusing on the gems, it's fantastic, but when it is focusing on Beach City, it drags this phenomenal showdown by a lot. I do recommend this show very much, just skip the Beach City episodes. 4) Adventure Time If it wasn't for this show a lot of cartoons, this decade won't be made or take into consideration being greenlighted. If it weren't for Adventure Time, it wouldn't kickstart Rabacca Sugar's career into her making Steven Universe. So yeah Adventure Time kicked off this 2010 cartoons. Plus, it is that good for being an almost decade run long show. As the show went on, the characters, mythology, and world-building also grew. We didn't even know Ooo was a post-apocalyptic Earth into well later into the series and even later what happened to the humans in the apocalypse. As the show went, the characters also deepened and a good example is the Ice King. He went from being a joke character or joke character into a tragic figure as the show went on. So yeah Adventure Time is good on developing its mythology and world as it it went along. However, developing the show as it goes own is a double edge sword. What went form straightforward display in the beginning almost became like homework keeping up with it. By the end of the show, it had way too big of a mythos to comprehend. For example, unlike Avatar, where recreation is a thing right from the beginning Adventure Time introduces its that concept in later seasons. Even that recreation is just there, its never really explored. It's just there. That is a considerable drawback. However, Adventure Time is still a phenomenal show that kickstarted this whole decade of animation off. Thanks to its unique world and story, it will be remembered for years to come heck it having spin-off on HBO Max proves that in my eyes. 3) She-Ra: Princesses of Power I didn't think I would rank this show high on this list and barely makes it starting in 2018 and ending in 2020. When this was first announced, I had the lowest expectations for this show. Out of all 80s shows they could have rebooted, they choose She-ra. So I watched it all the way through and superb it's , but it does have some flaws. Some flaws it does have is that some characters are introduced and then quickly dropped, such as Double Trouble and the kid recruits from the Horde. On top of that, Bow, the male character from the main cast, hardly has any development in the show. Yeah, he pretty much the same character from the beginning to the very end of the show. However, that's all the flaws I could think for this show that's on top of mind. Everything else is just perfect. Mostly each of the characters very dynamic, we see them push to their breaking points, and we got to know them and see each of them interacting with one another. I love Carta's, Adora's, and Bow's journeys throughout the show. I'm not joking when say Carta's character arch is as good as Zuko's from The Last Airbender, and that was quite the surprise. Plus, Adora's journey is single handly on the best female lead show hero's journeys I have seen in a while. Glimmer's journey is that of a person whose life goes downhill and is pushed to the breaking point. They are some scary imagining in the show, but I won't spoil it. I also love the world-building for this show. It's fantastic and makes the world feel alive and feels alien for lack of a better term. What is sad about this show is how little attention it has gotten since it's first aired back in '18. Yeah, hardly any reviews on this show from Metacritic and its puzzle. I don't know if it's because of its early conservatories or because it's a She-ra reboot. Therefore, I'm going to say She-ra: the Princesses of Power is the most underrated show of the 2010s. 2) Over the Garden Wall This one cartoon that for how short it was left a huge impression for a lot of people, and this could have easily been a movie, but it decided to be a mini-series, something Infinity Train took note of or looks like it did. It also doesn't help that Elijah Wood ( a.k.a Frodo from the Lord of the Rings) plays one of the main characters. If I were to describe the show in both atmosphere and look, it would Halloween and Autumn. There is a also browns, oranges, black, and dark yellows throughout the show. Plus, as the brothers go throughout their journey, the more ominous, as the brothers continue their journey. Plus, every episode is in a different location, so each one just their fair share of screen Speaking of which of the characters just flesh out enough for this ten-episode series where get to know them just enough, but not too much. Which is the point because this designed like a scary short story kin like Are you Afraid of The Dark? or Goosebumps. Plus, I love the twist at the very end of the show, and everything just clicks together, but I won't give it away here. Its shame that cartoon is kind of being forgotten about, and it could be the fact that as quickly as it came, it went, not giving enough time for publicly or to form a following around it, and this the perfect series to watch around late September to early November. 1) Gravity Falls No other cartoon was treated like an event this decade. Some came close, but not to scale Gravity Falls was gathering during its run. I remember when the showed ended, it was treated as an end of an era. Plus, this first show where you have to outside the actual show to solve the mysteries within it. The cartoons are now rememberable, and I dare as much as Pinkie and Brain or Tom and Jerry. Plus, the cartoon did what Lost and X-files failed to do, deliver an excellent logical conclusion to a mystery. Plus, its admirable for the fact this cartoon was done by a small team and heck even the creator voiced some of the characters in the show, which you hardly ever see. This show has the right balance of both comedy and drama. Gravity Falls is single handly one of the darkest properties to come out from Disney since Hunback of Norte Dome. I will say for sure Gravity Falls will be remembered for years, just Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  13. I have not read the Wheel of Time series. Its just way too long for my tastes Have you watch She-ra:Princess of Power? If so would you recommended others to see it?