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  1. Heyya I consider myself a furry too but hey what to do, the media and some people always like to see the bad stuff about people and they would do really full on research too just for that. But despite all that there's always the good people in there and everywhere, just not shown or such. And probs most people hating just like to follow hate trains. Plus usually the hate groups get more attention then the good ones too.
  2. Heh I tried a lil video making of my Mass Effect Andromeda experience if anypony wants to see "">w<



    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Good to you see you again :rarity:

  3. When you don't stop to think, memes are the way..... Ahh, you're a man of culture as well..
  4. Dreaming about fictional situations while on the train or such and then smiling for no reason.
  5. Drawing and just running ( especially when it's raining >w< )
  6. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!!!!

  7. Have a nice day everyone !!!! :D

  8. What is this mind, thy speakest of ? :/

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    2. NOX33


      Heyya Dusk !! ^w^

    3. Ember Crescent

      Ember Crescent

      How are you doing?

    4. NOX33


      Been doing great but it's been sometime since I've been on the forums, how are you tho?

  9. *drops a care package* x3

    1. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      What's inside of it? O~o

    2. NOX33


      Cork grenades XD

    3. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      D: *throws them at you* X'D