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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I was optimistic for the opener but now i'm kinda worried. I had a feeling they would go down the "OP Flurry" route but i didn't think it was going to be this bad. She seems like she's gonna be a Deus Ex Machina, and hinting that she is the main series antagonist raises some red flags, because, come on, NOBODY cares to see an alicorn baby as the main villain of Season 6. I'm more excited for the Starlight Glimmer/Sunburst plot than Flurry Face. I hope her powers have to be taken away by then end of the premier. But, i'll judge it when i see it, and i'll stick with the show until it completely jumps the shark.
  3. I'm obsessed with this game, and i love the theme music for it
  4. I eat as much as Kyoko Sakura I'm a masochist Sometimes i act bitchy for the sake of being bitchy As much as i love chocolate, i get sick of it pretty quickly because of how thick it is. Whenever there's an assembly at my school, i always imagine me hijacking it and showing back to back episodes of MLP
  5. Life in Equestria shimmers, life in Equestria shines! And me jumping around constantly proves everything is gonna be fine!
  6. Animation: While nice, it doesn't suit the Powerpuff Girls New voices: Okay i guess New opening: Horrible I'm really worried that the reboot is just going to constantly shove the whole girl power thing in our faces until it becomes a mere parody of the original. Judging by the new promo, it looks like this, with a sexist dude calling Buttercup a princess and then exaggerating how she doesn't fit the gender norm. That is not the Powerpuff Girls. That is feminist pandering at the very best. I just pray it won't be as bad as Teen Titans Go.
  7. Gonna hold this stick while looking sexy and slightly confused at the same time
  8. This is a better recording of my voice. I'm singing "In A World of My Own" from Alice in Wonderland
  9. For some reason i've been obsessed with cheese lately....

  10. .Steal that time travel spell off Glimmer so i can go back and destroy the Elements of Harmony .Conquer Equestria .Enforce new laws that all citizens must wear the odango hairstyle and eating a cake a day is mandatory That's about it really
  11. Whenever i play Minecraft minigames i usually commentate everything that happens. Then people are all like "Who are you talking to?" when i scream "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT GUY KILLED ME"
  12. I fully expected Shining and Cadence's foal to be an alicorn, so seeing Princess Flurry Heart wasn't a big surprise. She seems cute ") Nope. In the Journal of the Two Sisters it's stated that there is such thing as naturally born Alicorns, and according to Lauren Faust Luna and Celestia were naturally born (at least in her book). Something does feel kinda off about Flurry Heart though. TBH, i'm more concerned about her MASSIVE wings and powers than anything else. Remember that episode where Pinkie Pie had to babysit the Cakes foals? They were a handful for Pinkie, and they were only a pegasus and unicorn, imagine how difficult and Alicorn foal would be to handle?
  13. I despise the stereotype that Bronies want to clop horses. It's disgusting, and puts the fandom in a negative light